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From The Field - Beth Lorenzini


Beth Lorenzini, Editor-in-Chief, is a 26-year veteran of the hospitality and foodservice equipment industry. She spent nine years as an editor on Restaurants & Institution magazine before she took over as manager of custom publishing for Reed Elsevier’s Food and Lodging Group. She joined FER in 1998, initially as an editor and eventually as manager of custom publishing where she produced specialty publications including Food Safety Illustrated for the NRAEF, NAFEM in print and NAFEM for operators and FCSI The Americas Quarterly.

Smart and Small

June 01, 2013

I love a website my friend and colleague Janice Cha turned me on to. It’s called Small Cool, and it’s an annual contest that judges the best living spaces under 1,000 sq. ft. Categories are teeny tiny (400 sq. ft. and under), tiny (up to 600 sq. ft.), little (up to 800 sq. ft.) and small (up to 1,000 sq. ft.). You would not believe the creative ways people manage to fit what they need to live comfortably in these small footprints. 

That kind of innovative use of space is exactly what the hosts of the International Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Show are looking for as they coordinate a Design Competition for the New York show, Nov. 10-12, at the Jacob Javits Center. Professional foodservice designers are invited to submit their ideas for a Creative Foodservice Concept. The goal: Come up with a revenue-generating foodservice idea that any foodservice operator could install in a nontraditional space (think lobbies, concourses, courtyards, atriums, any under-used space) where customers collect. Water and electricity? Yes. Ventilation? No. Space? Limited.

A panel of judges will choose a winner from designers who submit a concept narrative, a rendering, a generic equipment list and rough floorplan; the winning concept will be built as a working “set” right on the IHMRS show floor. It will be outfitted with whatever ventless equipment the design calls for—along with furniture, tables, lighting, bars,the works—all from show exhibitors. 

Show attendees will be welcome to come and relax in the concept, connect to Wi-Fi, network and hopefully get inspired by experiencing the products they see throughout the show put to use in a creative foodservice concept. This year, coordinators are hoping to actually serve food and beverages from the winning design, but that’s just a plan at this stage.

Foodservice Equipment Reports was invited to join IHMRS and Project Coordinator Marsha Diamond as the media partner in this year’s competition. We’ll be on hand at the show and plan to interview and writeup the winning designer/concept in a future issue. If you are a designer interested in submitting a concept idea, there’s still time; entries are due July 2, and the winner will be announced August 5. If you’re interested in submitting a concept, contact Phil Robinson, vice president and group show director, at phil.robinson(at)  Industry recognition, publicity and a free trip to NYC await!

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