APRIL 2009

McDonald's Presses Energy Efforts
The global chain opens four more test stores in four countries to track energy and water savings in real time.

MAY 2008

Profiting From Waste Heat
Simple technology can help you recover waste heat and save energy.

The Many Goals Of Green
A chain exec, design consultant, equipment testing pro and manufacturer explain the myriad upsides of green initiatives during a NAFEM Show session.

JULY 2007

Power Play
Failed deregulation efforts, hurricane-ravaged infrastructures and increasing energy demand leave you one choice: switch to an energy-managed business model. Read how some chains are doing it, and how utilities are lending a hand.


Energy Star Expands Program

The 2007 To-Do List for the EPA's Energy Star team includes qualifying two new equipment categories, researching a third, and updating specs for cold equipment and steamers.