Energy Star Report 2009
Welcome to our first-ever Energy Star Equipment Guide, wherein you'll find background on each of the eight 'Star categories, listings of qualified models, and guidance on rebates and incentives.

Refrigeration Report
There's a first time for everything. In 2001, why was refrigeration the first foodservice category for Energy Star?

Steamer Report
Steam itself is very efficient. Steamers, however, run the gamut. Here's how the steamer standard came to be in 2003.

Fryer Report
In the same year as steamers, energy-heavy fryers, too, had a new standard to meet.

Hot Cabinet Report
Given the nature of hot holding, Energy Star was able to stimulate huge advances in a hurry, and you're the beneficiary.

Warewasher Report
All that water and heat. Warewashers were ripe for a new efficiency standard in 2007.

Ice Machine Report
With water and energy efficiency hot topics, the ice machine spec took center stage in 2008.

Griddle Report
A long road navigated with the help of the Food Service Technology Center ended this year with 'Star status for griddles.

Oven Report
The most recent category to earn the 'Star, ovens launch this year with a spec for convection models.