JUNE 2008

Best Practices: Fryer Care
Some simple, ongoing steps can keep your greasiest equipment running reliably for a long time.

APRIL 2008

Improve Your Frying I.Q.
Fryers are getting smarter about saving your stores money. Here’s how you can cash in with today’s high-zoot, high-efficiency models.

Fryer Gallery
Check out 10 fryers that were introduced or upgraded for 2007, including a few honored in industry competitions.


Spotlight: Handling Trans Fat-Free Oils
While the switch to trans fat-free oils isn't that complicated, there are some things to know about how to handle the new products.


Fryer Makers Crank Up R&D

Keeping up with high-production, high-efficiency gas fryer advances is getting harder, thanks to the research and development efforts of the top fryer makers.


Gas Fryer Gallery

Turn here for six gas fryers all introduced or significantly updated in the last 24 months.


JUNE 2000 (updated March 2001)

Frequent Fryers
When your fry battery's going full-tilt all the time, you can't afford not to dress it out right. But what fryer to choose? Check out these leading high-liners with differences that'll suprise you.
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