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MAY 2009

Culver's Condensed
A condensed new prototype—with an upgraded kitchen package and totally revamped exterior and interior—helps Culver's operators cut costs and improve the customer experience.

MAY 2009

Wings Machine
The compact kitchen at the Buffalo Wings & Rings in Cincinnati serves as a testing ground for new equipment and a hands-on training facility for new franchisees.

Equipping Buffalo Wings & Ring
Buffalo Wings & Rings relies on these 10 key equipment items to keep wings and other products coming.


Happy Houli-days
Ongoing operational and design upgrades to the Houlihanís prototype keep the restaurant chain at the top of its game.

Equipping Houlihan's
Oil filtration and order-taking systems are among the key components of the Houlihanís prototype.


Baja's Fresh Approach
When Baja Fresh whipped up a smaller, speedier prototype to power its expansion, the company generated a whole host of additional perks.

Equipping Baja Fresh


Enter Abuelo's—update!
Equipping Abuelo's

"Phat" Frenzy—update!
Equipping Fatburger

High Steaks—update!
Equipping Montana Mike's

How Sizzler Got Its Groove Back—update!
Equipping Sizzler

MAY 2008

Deli-cious Ambition
A new prototype, more efficient equipment layout and growing emphasis on sustainability propel Jason's Deli forward.

Equipping Jason's Deli
Seven key equipment items keep the Jason's kitchen humming.

APRIL 2008

Harvard Reaps Green Rewards
A renovation of Harvard University's Dunster-Mather main kitchen contributes significantly to annual energy and water savings and earns the school a LEED Silver certification.

Equipping Dunster-Mather
Eco-awareness and cost savings carry the day with these products installed by Harvard's dining services.


High Steaks
A new prototype for Montana Mike's is taking this mountain-lodge steakhouse to higher ground and increased revenues.

Equipping Montana Mike's
Eight key products—including a charbroiler—keep the Montana Mike's kitchen humming.


Enter Abuelo's
A quick-service kitchen and mentality provide ay caramba! speed at the full-service Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy.

MAY 2007

"Phat" Frenzy

With a loyal customer following firmly in place, Fatburger stays on its game by implementing energy-efficient equipment and ventilation.

Featured Products

APRIL 2007

French Evolution

Tweaking its bakery-cafe prototype leads to faster service in a more efficient building for La Madeleine.

Equipping La Madeleine

A speed-cook oven, rotisserie oven and step-up range anchor the kitchen of this French bistro concept


How Sizzler Got Its Groove Back
Sizzler's really cooking now, thanks to a new prototype that puts the spotlight on the salad bar and the open kitchen.

Sizzler Product Gallery


Maid In America
Maid-Rite’s extensive concept makeover converts an 80-year-old regional chain into a fresh new brand with national expansion plans.

Equipping Maid-Rite
Check out key equipment items, including the crucial braising pan, that helped Maid-Rite make itself new again.

Driving Ambition
A soupled-up proto helps Quaker Steak & Lube rev its engine for expansion and “wing” its way into new markets.

Equipping Quaker State
Killer wings call for a killer fry battery. Then there are the menu-crucial griddles, and the cook-and-hold. Some core items drive an 800-hp kitchen.

Tijuana Time
Tijuana Flats, a 44-unit up-and-comer in the Tex-Mex segment, sports a new prototype that doubles meal output with a minimal increase in equipment costs.

Equipping Tijuana Flats

What would a Tex-Mex concept be without a goodly portion of fryers, a burly steamer for big retherming and a very serious cheesemelter? Take a look at the pivotal kitchen pieces here.

Kitchen Simple
’Za-Bistro! runs a full menu and wine bar, powered only by four key pieces of production equipment. FER investigates to see how it’s done.

Equipping 'Za Bistro!
Can you build a truly sophisticated concept around just a stone hearth oven, a range, a boilerless steamer and a blast chiller? You certainly can.


JULY 2006

Damon's Goes To College

As the first full-service chain to open in a university setting, Damon's Grill finds that campus foodservice calls for extra flexibility in design and operations.

MAY 2006

IP's High-Speed Revival

After Hurricane Katrina, Biloxi's IP Casino underwent a phoenix-like reemergence in only 100 days. Behind the renovation: the 24/7 work of dedicated design, supplier and construction teams.

APRIL 2006

Morongo's Ace Kitchen

Stellar foodservice in a sophisticated setting helps SoCal's Morongo Casino "out-Las Vegas" Las Vegas.

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