MARCH 2010

KI Products: 18 Items To Improve Operations
It's year six of the Kitchen Innovations program, and the products honored by the National Restaurant Association continue to impress in every way.

MARCH 2009

NRA Rolls Out Another Group Of Innovators
Now five years into its Kitchen Innovations program, the National Restaurant Association continues to turn a well-deserved spotlight on unique, efficient solutions for commercial kitchen challenges.

MARCH 2008

Innovators Answer NRA's Call
Once again, the National Restaurant Association's Kitchen Innovations program shines a spotlight on products that promise to alter the way your kitchens function. Think efficiency and better ways to approach common challenges.

JULY 2007

Kitchen Innovations Products
If you've got equipment sporting condenser coils—and who doesn't?—read on for tips to keep up with basic maintenance.

MARCH 2007

NRA Calls, Innovators Step Up
Boasting smart technology, next-gen capabilities and some surprisingly simple solutions to everyday challenges, 17 products make Kitchen Innovations history.

MARCH 2007

NRA readies to welcome 19 ground-breaking products to the 2007 Kitchen Innovations Pavilion.


MARCH 2006

NRA Touts the Latest in Innovation

Manufacturers heed the call for smaller, faster, more efficient equipment in the first annual National Restaurant Association Kitchen Innovations Awards, and 19 products get the nod.
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