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The biennial Paris show spotlights 10 innovative new products in the Prix Apria Awards.

Tracking the Cutting Edge
Unique refrigerated drawers, upgraded "impingement" technology and UV for ventless hoods make it into our column on innovative technology now coming to market.

Operators Face Growth Challenges
Hampered by a slowing general economy, operators must rely on managing costs and delivering value to maintain positive growth this year.

Perspectives 2007
With no natural disasters to recover from this year, operators say they'll focus on fine-tuning everything that gives them an edge.

E&S Industry Growth to Ease
Despite materials pricing, an ongoing sore spot, the E&S market should eke out positive growth for its fourth straight year.


FSTC Celebrates 20 Years In The 'Test' Lane
In 1986, Pacific Gas & Electric green-lighted an equipment test program that changed the foodservice industry forever.

Fryer Makers Crank Up R&D
Keeping up with high-production, high-efficiency gas fryer advances is getting harder, thanks to the research and development efforts of the top fryer makers.

Gas Fryer Gallery
Turn here for six gas fryers all introduced or significantly updated in the last 24 months.

Energy Star Expands Program
The 2007 To-Do List for the EPA's Energy Star team includes qualifying two new equipment categories, researching a third, and updating specs for cold equipment and steamers.

Tracking The Cutting Edge
This month's hot new products include a unit to stop fats and grease from entering water lines and a new, unusual way to light alternative spaces.

MARCH 2007

NRA Calls, Innovators Step Up
Boasting smart technology, next-gen capabilities and some surprisingly simple solutions to everyday challenges, 17 products make Kitchen Innovations history.

NRA readies to welcome 19 ground-breaking products to the 2007 Kitchen Innovations Pavilion.

New-Think Products Meet FCSI Challenge
Ten finalists run the Innovation Showcase gauntlet with creative new approaches to combi cooking, warewashing, icemaking and more.

Editors' Picks: A Second Look
A review of the equipment we saw on last year's trade show cicuit turns up 10 unique designs and efficient products you should also see, or see again.

APRIL 2007

Tracking the Cutting Edge
A roll-in blast chiller, smart combi-oven and panini grill make their debuts.

Drawing the Line
Time to upgrade your serving lines, or maybe add some new ones? Turn here for the mind-boggling array of options offered by today's serving line specials.

Serving Line Gallery
Six serving line makers show off their waves.

Equipping La Madeleine
A speed-cook oven, rotisserie oven and step-up range anchor the kitchen of this French bistro concept.

NRA 2007: Where It's At
Chicago's National Restaurant Association Show may be the biggest show in town next month, but the pre-show meetings will pack plenty of punch.

MAY 2007

Internorga 2007
With three new halls dedicated to equipment, Germany's Internorga is rolling out products galore.

Blenders Bulk Up
Today's high-efficiency drink blenders can take on more volume with superior results every time. We review power, containers and the latest models.

Blender Gallery

"Phat" Frenzy
With a loyal customer following firmly in place, Fatburger stays on its game by implementing energy-efficient equipment and ventilation.

Fatburger Equipment

Your NRA Show Planner
Turn here for details on the National Restaurant Association' big event this month.

Steamer Care 101
Connectionless steamers may seem less labor-intensive than boiler-based models, but that doesn' mean your stores can allow maintance to slip.

Take Control Of Your Future While You Still Can
Big Brother is looking in on you, but he's not looking out for you.

A Full Life, Well-Lived
Harrison Holman helped create this industry. We’ll miss him.

JUNE 2007

Coffee, Fast Food Lead In Europe
New McDonald' s initiatives and chain growth in Germany dominated the agenda of the Int'l. Foodservice Forum in March.

Rack Up Savings
The latest rack conveyor dish machines pump out more clean dishes using less water and energy than models of just a few years ago.

Rack Conveyor Gallery
Turn here for seven of the newest rack conveyors now on the market.

Nonomms Equip For Conferences
HACCP management, simplified equipment and kitchen renovations are some of the topics the noncommercial meetings will tackle this summer.

Featured Products

After The Burn Out
Recycling your spent fluorescent lamps can be easier, cheaper and more efficient than you realized.

A new way to reuse waste heat, a fryer with continuous filtration and a talking menu (literally) round out this month's column.

'Green' Light Won't Get Any Greener
Since 1957, U.S. population has grown by 77%; world population by 227%.

Why We Went Back To China
Want to know how much influence China has on chain development? Talk to McDonald's or Yum! Brands.

JULY 2007

Figuring The Value Of Equipment
Why equipment placement and proper operation amount to a value proposition.

Power Play
Failed deregulation efforts, hurricane-ravaged infrastructures and increasing energy demand leave you one choice: switch to an energy-managed business model. Read how some chains are doing it, and how utilities are lending a hand.

Cool Running
If you've got equipment sporting condenser coils—and who doesn't?—read on for tips to keep up with basic maintenance.

Kitchen Innovations Products
If you've got equipment sporting condenser coils—and who doesn't?—read on for tips to keep up with basic maintenance.

Time To Install 'Chief Energy Officers'
Despite huge gains in efficiency, Americans use 38% more energy per person than they did 50 years ago.

Put These Dates In Your Calendar
We've got two forecast meetings and a MUFES technical symposium coming soon.


The Cold, Hard Facts
Today's ice machine makers take water- and energy efficiency to the next level, tweaking the four Cs: construction, components, cycles and controls.

Ice Machine Gallery
Seven of the newest, most efficient ice machines line up for your perusal.

Enter Abuelo's
A quick-service kitchen and mentality provide ay caramba! speed at the full-service Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy.

Equipping Abuelo's
An impingement-style conveyor oven, high-efficiency convection oven and wood-fired grill keep the Abuelo's menu cranking.

Spotlight: Handling Trans Fat-Free Oils
While the switch to trans fat-free oils isn't that complicated, there are some things to know about how to handle the new products.

Help Energy Star Help Foodservice
In real terms, Energy Star has lost 40% of its budget since 2004.

The Power And Reach Of Foodservice
Feeding people is a sacred and honorable thing to do.


The New World Of Combis
More options and easier-to-use models make it simpler to navigate your menu with a combination oven steamer.

Combi Oven Gallery
We line up 12 of the most advanced combination oven steamers on the market now, and bring you technical details.

The Way To Better Ice
Suffering from cloudy or smelly cubes? When your ice tells you something's not right, these tips will get your ice machine back on track.

Tracking The Cutting Edge
A water-saving high-volume warewasher; a half-manual, half-automatic drive-through window; a defrost detector for your refrigerators; and an energy-efficient steamer make it into our feature products column this month.

When Good Materials Prices Go Bad
Prices will come down by the end of 2008, but not the way you d hope.

What Big Operators Want
Help assessing lifecycle costs, alternatives to pricey stainless and aluminum, and consistent after-sale service top the list.


Tracking The Cutting Edge
A new conveyor oven, an ozone-enhanced water dispenser and a flatware-wrapping machine join the ranks of innova-tive products now coming to market.

Grade Expectations: Life After 304
Cost of 304 stainless got you down? Here's a guide to reli-able alternatives you can choose now when spec'ing your kitchen equipment.

It's A Smallwares World
Jazzy cutting boards, a quick-stop scale and a foamed milk dispenser light up the field of Smallwares winners.

The Tabletop Challenge
Functionality and good looks win the judges' hearts during this year's Tabletop competition.

The Paths To Better Service
Looking for the secret to better equipment service? Think of service agents as partners invested in your success.

Measuring The Speed Of Change
It used to be that equipment improved slowly, and in ways hard to measure. Now it clearly improves every year.

Watching NAFEM Evolve
NAFEM is moving more than show dates going forward.


Keeping Up With Drive-Through Technology
New menu boards, payment solutions and communication systems are emerging at a fast and furious pace. Are you and your unit managers ready to embrace them?

The Essence Of Speed
Whether you're looking at traditional microwave ovens or combi versions that add other cooking components, today's microwave technology makes short work of many cooking applications.

Microwave Technology Gallery
Turn here for a look at eight of the newest microwave and combination microwave ovens.

High Steaks
A new prototype for Montana Mike's is taking this mountain-lodge steakhouse to higher ground and increased revenues.

Equipping Montana Mike's
Eight key products—including a charbroiler—keep the Montana Mike's kitchen humming.

Testing Your Own Training Program
Define tasks, prescribe training methods, certify profi-ciency and document thoroughly.

The Challenges Of 2008 And Beyond
The long-term prospects for foodservice remain bright.


A Guide To Global Shows
Go anywhere in the world and you'll find a foodservice exhibition. Go to these particular exhibitions and you'll find the best in international equipment development and technology.

Tracking The Cutting Edge
Technologies from Canada, Denmark, England and Japan are spotlighted in this month's feature product gallery.

Water, Droughts & Kitchen Equipment
Start putting all the drought reports together, and the picture demands urgent attention.

The Worldwide Outlook For 2008
Another year of real growth in nearly every single major market



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