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December 2008

Upgrading Your Temperature Management
Here�s how to make the latest temperature measuring, monitoring and recording systems work for your stores.

Temperature Management Gallery
Turn here for eight devices that track temps from receiving to service.

Happy Houli-days
Ongoing operational and design upgrades to the Houlihan�s prototype keep the restaurant chain at the top of its game.

Equipping Houlihan's
Oil filtration and order-taking systems are among the key components of the Houlihan�s prototype.

Easy Solutions In A Tough Market
Lots of things are out of your control. So pinpoint and control the ones you can.

Good News In A Downturn
You have reasons to be hopeful in the current climate.


Green Tales From The Field
Here's where you need to be next year to track equipment and supplies market developments in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

11th Annual Supplies Awards
As the world focused on the Olympic Games in August, a small band of editors was assembling entries for a different kind of competition.

Smallwares Go For The Gold
FER's annual kitchen-tools competition saw seven products from four companies earn top honors.

Web Exclusive: Smallwares Finalists
Learn about the 26 smallwares finalists by popping over to

As The Tabletop Turns
Shapely condiment holders and a sleek induction chafer were among the seven winners on the tabletop/servingware side.

Web Exclusive: Tabletop/Servingware Finalists
Looking for details for the 48 tabletop/servingware finalists? Navigate to

Hanging Onto Energy Star
It's hard to get the best out of service when you don't know how it works.

Flogging Equipment With Verve
Jerry Wachholz did more than sell mixers and make friends.


A Global Show Perspective
Here's where you need to be next year to track equipment and supplies market developments in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

Tracking The Cutting Edge
Technologies from Denmark, Germany and the United States get the spotlight in this month's feature product gallery.

Understanding Your Service Providers
It's hard to get the best out of service when you don't know how it works.

Challenges And Opportunities
Foodservice and E&S markets are slowing everywhere, but there's still a world of opportunity.


R&D Expands Chilling Choices
When demand for greater efficiency pushes refrigeration manufacturers to develop new technologies, you—and your company�s bottom line—reap the rewards.

Baja's Fresh Approach
When Baja Fresh whipped up a smaller, speedier prototype to power its expansion, the company generated a whole host of additional perks.

Equipping Baja Fresh

Super Sellers
As more cash-strapped consumers look for value meals, now's the time to make sure your outdoor menu boards are working hard. Think bigger pictures, more flexibility, separate daypart menus and digital technology.

Changing CapEx Strategies
Expansion is always sexier. But now's your chance to improve operating efficiencies.

The E&S Market Downturn Gets Personal
The equipment and supplies market is indeed slowing, and friends are losing jobs.


Enter Abuelo's—update!
Equipping Abuelo's

"Phat" Frenzy—update!
Equipping Fatburger

High Steaks—update!
Equipping Montana Mike's

How Sizzler Got Its Groove Back—update!
Equipping Sizzler

You Can Jump Now
You know that story about the frog and the pot of hot water?

Corn For People, Not Ethanol
It's time E&S folks work with NRA to get rid of Federal corn-to-ethanol subsidies and mandates.

JULY 2008

Liquid Assets
If you're concerned about rising water bills and sewer charges—not to mention reports of drought in various areas of the country—start using the latest water-efficient equipment and technologies to your advantage.

Ask Not What Your Industry Can Do For You
Contributing your insights and experiences creates a smarter, stronger industry for all of us.

Why We're Optimistic About The E&S Market
Financial markets are signaling that foodservice—and E&S—are havens in the economic storm.

JUNE 2008

Best Practices: Fryer Care
Some simple, ongoing steps can keep your greasiest equipment running reliably for a long time.

Fast-Tracking Waste Reduction
Whether you're considering compactors, disposers, pulpers or even biological waste decomposers, there are lots of options these days when it comes to managing waste.

Waste Management Gallery
This month's product gallery includes 15 items to help you dispose of both food and nonfood waste. Think disposers, pulpers and compactors, plus a biological waste decomposer.

Rethinking Fast-Cook Ovens
You know they're speedy and profitable. Now think about the wide range of products you can turn out with fast-cook ovens.

We've Been This Way Before
If you remember the Oil Crisis of 1973, or the economic woes of the '80s, or the recession of the early '90s, you know where you need to focus now: on your opportunities.

An Operator's View On Rebates
A longtime equipment manager for a fast-food chain shares his view on dealer rebates.

MAY 2008

Finding Gold In To-Go Services
Thinking about adding online ordering or delivery service? Here's how Buca di Beppo successfully added both.

Fresh Approaches To Moving Air
The latest research and equipment improvements in commercial kitchen ventilation mean better performance and energy savings for your stores.

Ventilation Gallery
Turn here for the top new ventilation products. Delve into the technical details designed to make hoods as efficient as possible.

Deli-cious Ambition
A new prototype, more efficient equipment layout and growing emphasis on sustainability propel Jason's Deli forward.

Equipping Jason's Deli
Seven key equipment items keep the Jason's kitchen humming.

Profiting From Waste Heat
Simple technology can help you recover waste heat and save energy.

Where's Your Disaster Plan?
If we learned anything from Katrina, it's this: Don't underestimate the impact of a serious disaster.

Why Dealers Are Worth Paying
Targeting dealer rebates undercuts key services.

APRIL 2008

Lifecycle Costing Made Easy
Here�s how to use an online NAFEM tool to figure your true cost of equipment ownership.

Seeing Through The FOG
Whether outdoors or in, your grease interceptors keep fats, oils and grease out of your local sewer lines. Follow these tips to help them function better.

Improve Your Frying I.Q.
Fryers are getting smarter about saving your stores money. Here�s how you can cash in with today�s high-zoot, high-efficiency models.

Fryer Gallery
Check out 10 fryers that were introduced or upgraded for 2007, including a few honored in industry competitions.

Harvard Reaps Green Rewards
A renovation of Harvard University�s Dunster-Mather main kitchen contributes significantly to annual energy and water savings and earns the school a LEED Silver certification.

Equipping Dunster-Mather
Eco-awareness and cost savings carry the day with these products installed by Harvard�s dining services.

Before Green Was A Buzzword
Some of us, including some of you, were pushing green even before the term was coined.

Mary Moon�s Quiet Leadership
Mary Moon brought steady, humane leadership to her family and business.


The Many Goals Of Green
A chain exec, design consultant, equipment testing pro and manufacturer explain the myriad upsides of green initiatives during a NAFEM Show session.

Specifying For Soft-Serve
Soft-serve treats can deliver tremendous profit if you choose machines that suit your operations and then maintain them for the safest product.

Soft-Serve Machine Gallery
Five of the newest soft-serve machines get their turn in the spotlight.

More From The NAFEM Show
Welcome to Part II of our NAFEM Show coverage. Here's a more extensive sample—some xx products—of what we saw on the show floor.

What Value, Ethics?
Marquis of Queensbury? Marquis de Sade? Something in between?

What Operators Need In 2008
NRA says labor, convenience, menu expansion and green issues face operators


The NAFEM Show Redefines The Field
Suppliers brought their "A" game to the biennial show sponsored by the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers, introducing a slew of products equipped with thoughtful design features and stepped-up technologies. We were impressed.

Operators Perspectives
Design improvements, strategic partnerships and rising costs are shaping the year to come for six operators.

Editors' Forecasts
Despite the new reality of higher materials costs and challenging price increases, we predict real growth of 1.5% this year.

Operators' Forcasts
A stew of higher food costs, increasing gas prices and more expensive energy confronts operators looking for growth in 2008.

New Year's: Good Time For Rethinking
Now we have to scramble—because we didn't want to scramble before.

Be Careful Out There
This year holds more than average risk for a market turn-down.



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