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December 2009

Energy Star Report 2009
Welcome to our first-ever Energy Star Equipment Guide, wherein you'll find background on each of the eight 'Star categories, listings of qualified models, and guidance on rebates and incentives.

Refrigeration Report
There's a first time for everything. In 2001, why was refrigeration the first foodservice category for Energy Star?

Steamer Report
Steam itself is very efficient. Steamers, however, run the gamut. Here's how the steamer standard came to be in 2003.

Fryer Report
In the same year as steamers, energy-heavy fryers, too, had a new standard to meet.

Hot Cabinet Report
Given the nature of hot holding, Energy Star was able to stimulate huge advances in a hurry, and you're the beneficiary.

Warewasher Report
All that water and heat. Warewashers were ripe for a new efficiency standard in 2007.

Ice Machine Report
With water and energy efficiency hot topics, the ice machine spec took center stage in 2008.

Griddle Report
A long road navigated with the help of the Food Service Technology Center ended this year with 'Star status for griddles.

Oven Report
The most recent category to earn the 'Star, ovens launch this year with a spec for convection models.

A Guide To The Guide
You can see at a glance which manufacturers have been busy in which categories.

How The Four Rs Drive E&S
Renovate, replace, roll out and repair is the new E&S mantra, not new units.

November 2009

Supplies Spotlight 2009
Innovative smallwares, functional tabletop items and high-tech temperature monitoring systems offer fresh ways to improve your back- and front-of-house operations.

Boosting The Rinse Factor
Need booster heaters? Comparison shop and consult lifecycle costing guides to spec the right one for your operations.

Who's Minding Your Grease Trap?
Tighter regulations call for vigilance when it comes to cleaning and monitoring your indoor FOG interception methods.

And Who Will Staff Restaurants?
In 2004, we knew a labor shortage was coming. Are you ready?

Keeping It All In Perspective
One person's downturn is another's opportunity.

October 2009

Exhibitions Around The World
If you have just a few chances to attend international trade shows, choose your visits wisely. The 2010 exhibitions noted here offer the best in international equipment development and technology.

Who Will Replace All This Equipment?
New construction may dwindle. But replacement volumes will mushroom.

The Changes The Recession Brings
The foodservice downturn has accelerated the outsourcing trend.

September 2009

Keep Hot Drinks Flowing Right
Specialty hot beverage dispensers make self-service handy for your customers. Here's how to take care of these machines.

Food On The Move
Heated transport carts and mobile hot holding cabinets help you deliver hot product from your kitchen to almost anywhere.

Hot Mobile Cabinet Gallery
Ten heated cabinets line up to show you how they can transport your hot food.

High-Efficiency Water Heaters Make The Grade
Looking for another area to save on operating costs? Consider high-efficiency water heaters, which offer substantial energy savings over standard models.

Coming To MUFES 2010? How About For Free?
If you're an operator, write a letter to the editor and get a shot at a free registration.

More MUFES: Bigger, Better
We're adding an exciting new element to MUFES next year.

August 2009

Deli Select
In the market for slicers? Check out these tips and see how the latest slicer options stack up to what you need.

Blast Chilling, Your Way
Newer midsize blast chillers cool food quickly and easily to save time, enhance product quality and improve food safety. Here's how to spec reach-in or roll-in models.

Blast Chiller Gallery
Take a look at our gallery of blast chillers with capacities of 100 lbs. to 200 lbs., both reach-in and roll-in models.

Culver's Condensed
A condensed new prototype—with an upgraded kitchen package and totally revamped exterior and interior—helps Culver's operators cut costs and improve the customer experience.

Try Us On Facebook, LinkedIn
You'll be amazed how many names you recognize in our groups. They're coming in from everywhere.

A Lesson Or Two In Service
It never pays to wait too long for service or replacement.

July 2009

Post-Mix Dispensers 101
Maintain spray nozzles and syrup lines correctly and your carbonated drinks will flow and taste the best they can.

Convection With Conviction
All-purpose convection ovens get an Energy Star nod, and suppliers of full-size gas models make an old workhorse smarter and more versatile.

Convection Oven Gallery
Turn here for a run-down on 15 full-size gas convection ovens.

Ready For The Restart
As you get ready to throttle up, check out the hot new tools available.

Time To Get To Work
Now that the worst seems behind us, we'd better take care of business.

June 2009

Door-Types On Duty
Whether you're cleaning all types of ware or just need to scrub pots and pans, there's an effective, efficient door-type machine to fit your needs.

Door-Type Gallery
Looking for some new high- or low-temp options? Turn here for a review of 10 door-type washers.

Weighing Your Options
Whether you choose mechanical or digital scales for your operations, here's how to spec what you need.

Making Your Equipment Last
Service agents see it all, and they have some suggestions.

Why We Loved Norm Gustafson
Gustafson was not only wicked smart, he was a wonderful man.

May 2009

Lessons In Volume And Speed
When your menu calls for more than 800 slices of golden-brown product per hour, consider a high-volume conveyor toaster. Here's what to look for when choosing one.

Conveyor Toaster Gallery
Welcome to our showcase of conveyor toasters, wherein we line up six models rated at 800 slices/hr. and higher.

Wings Machine
The compact kitchen at the Buffalo Wings & Rings in Cincinnati serves as a testing ground for new equipment and a hands-on training facility for new franchisees.

Equipping Buffalo Wings & Ring
Buffalo Wings & Rings relies on these 10 key equipment items to keep wings and other products coming.

Economy? Watch Regulators, Too
While we're distracted with the economy, wham: The regulators get some odd shots in.

Here's To Our Partner
Ken Gill has shown how one can make money, serve an industry and have lots of fun.

APRIL 2009

McDonald's Presses Energy Efforts
The global chain opens four more test stores in four countries to track energy and water savings in real time.

Water Filtration 4-1-1
With more water filtration systems and more suppliers coming to market, your ability to tailor filtration by concept and store is greater than ever. Here's how to sort out your options.

Water Filtration Gallery
Eight companies line up their filtration systems for you.

Perception And Reality
Where's the line between reaction and overreaction?

Weighing In On Menu Labeling
Helping your customers see nutrition information could help the bottom line.

MARCH 2009

NRA Rolls Out Another Group Of Innovators
Now five years into its Kitchen Innovations program, the National Restaurant Association continues to turn a well-deserved spotlight on unique, efficient solutions for commercial kitchen challenges.

Editors' Picks: 10 Products That Stole The Show
Innovative equipment came on strong in 2008, and FER editors saw much of it at trade shows both here and overseas. Read on for 10 items we thought were worthy of a second look.

Tracking The Cutting Edge
This month's new technology roundup covers an oil-sipping fryer, a circular cooktop, a collapsible rack and a waste-oil burning generator.

Remembering To Plant Seeds
In the crush of today's bad news, it's easy to lose sight of long-range planning. Just remember: If you get out in front of the future, it'll come to you.

Staying Positive In The Maelstrom
Through these tough times let's maintain our vision, aspire to fulfill it and remain optimistic for the long haul.


Big Changes Come To Walk-Ins
New federal regulations and technologies make today's walk-in refrigeration more efficient and environmentally friendly than ever.

Walk-In Gallery
With energy efficiency and the latest federal energy requirements top of mind, suppliers roll out their newest innovations.

Resisting Short-Term Distractions
If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

Sign Up For Our New Meeting
A cost-effective way to explore money-saving technologies.


Weathering The Perfect Storm
Just when we thought rising costs for food, fuel and construction materials were the real problem, the economy melted down. Read on for six operators' coping strategies heading into 2009.

Operators: Shifting Gears To Stay Ahead
Opening stores in nontraditional locations, beefing up bar areas and managing costs are just a few ways operators plan to cope this year.

E&S: Girding For A Challenging Year
With the economy roiling and E&S sales declining, one bright spot is bubbling to the surface: falling materials prices.

Rotos Running Right
Rotisseries make it easy to batch cook some of your most popular items, but they're only as efficient as your daily maintenance routine.

More Easy Solutions For A Tough Market
You have way more tools out there than you realize.

Looking For Mr. Good News, Again
Not all is doom and gloom in the foodservice world.



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