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January 29, 2008

Economic Report:
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Manitowoc Foodservice Group
Technomic Revises Op Forecast To Negative, With Bright Spots
Foodservice Equipments Reports To Release Revised E&S Forecast At MUFES Meeting
Dare We Bring Up Macroeconomic Trends?
What, Us Worry? McDonald's To Spend $2 Billion On Capital Projects

Regulatory Report:
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New York City Counts Calories With New Rule
Beantown Weighs Ban Of 'Bad' Fat
China Bans Disposable Plastic Bags
Alabama Town Considers New FOG Laws
Bastions Of Tobacco Falling To Smoking Bans

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In This Section:
Uncle Sam's Census Bureau Wants You!
NRA Names 25 Innovation Award Recipients
PG&E Buys Into Wave Power
Red Robin Goes Bob-Bob-Bobbin' For Franchise Stores

This issue's Economic ReportSponsor: Manitowoc Foodservice Group
Regulatory ReportSponsor: Enodis

Industry Report FHA2008

Uncle Sam's Census Bureau Wants You!
You or someone in your company may have already seen it. Now Uncle Sam wants to make sure you fill it out and return it. It's the U.S. Census Bureau's 2007 Economic Census form.

The Census Bureau sent out 230,000 of the forms to foodservice operations back in December. The forms not only provide economic information that helps economists understand our economy and how it works, but also are available to you to give you a snapshot of the foodservice industry. The Census Bureau says you can use the data to develop marketing strategies, determine where to build stores and expand and more. The bureau recently added graphic "Industry Snapshots" of more than 1,000 industries to its Web site,

Forms are due back by Feb. 12. You can either fill them out and return them by mail or use an online report form. For more information, go to


Section sponsored by FHA2008
NRA Names 25 Innovation Award Recipients
Foodservice equipment manufacturers are stepping up their rate of "new and improved" product introductions, if the National Restaurant Association's 2008 Kitchen Innovation Awards are any indication. The NRA named a record 25 award recipients this year, all of which will be featured at the special KI exhibit area at McCormick Place in Chicago, May 17-20, during the annual NRA Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show.

Eight prominent industry operators and consultants served on the judging panel. Their picks:
  • Advanced Composite Materials, Silar Microwave: This combo microwave/grill has a reversible flatstone made with an innovative heatable ceramic composite insert.
  • Avtec, EchoArch: Combining an arched top and a front-mounted high velocity exhaust slot, this exhaust hood can reduce necessary exhaust air volume by 45%, with annual energy savings of up to 40%, according to the company.
  • Cambro Manufacturing, Camtherm: The company's new hot/cold holding cabinet uses an energy-efficient thermoelectric heating and cooling system with no compressor, heating coil, or humidifier.
  • Campus Products, Stemshine: Eight spinning, soft, polishing brushes and fan-driven hot air quickly dry and polish stemware while saving labor and ensuring employee safety.
  • Carter-Hoffmann, EnduraHeat: New heated transport carts use a heat retention system based on a patented "solid to solid" phase change technology, dispersing heat up to two hours after being charged and unplugged.
  • Ecolab, Apex TSC Dishmachine: A controller in this low-temperature dish machine enables Ecolab to monitor the warewashing process and provide operator guidance. The company also says it's the first machine to use an EPA-registered solid sanitizer.
  • Electrolux, S90 Full Surface Induction Range: This 33" full-surface induction range has four adjustable temperature zones with one powerful 5kW induction coil per zone, with space to heat up to 16 pots simultaneously.
  • Everpure, Exubera Pro: This customized system tailors the appropriate filtration solutions to an operator's water source and is integrated with dispensing equipment.
  • Follett, Ice Manager: A diverter-valve system automatically delivers ice to two dispensers from one icemaking head, reducing the risk of ice contamination and slips and falls, and also saving space.
  • Frymaster, Protector Fryer: New technology gives this 30-lb. frypot the production capacity of a 50-lb. fryer and automatically monitors and replenishes oil levels.
  • Garland, Restaurant Range: A unique gas delivery design in this new range employs a venturi and porting configuration that equalizes heat around the burner, eliminating hot spots.
  • Garland, HE Broiler: This new charbroiler features continuous sparking to ensure constant flame and has no standing pilots that need to be shut down or restarted.
  • Goslyn, Grease Recovery Device: Hydrostatic pressure and specific gravity continuously remove and recover fats, oils, and greases (FOG) from wastewater. The unit has no messy grease traps or moving parts.
  • Groen, Tri-Res20: This full-size boilerless gas combi oven features three separate reservoirs with high steam capacity and precise controls for different cooking modes.
  • Henny Penny, WaveClean: An automated two-in-one, clean-and-rinse, cartridge system cleans and powers off at the end of the cycle, adding a self-cleaning function to the company's combi oven.
  • Lincoln Foodservice, 8005 Return Toaster: This new conveyor return toaster self-regulates toasting by sensing the amount and thickness of bread products in process.
  • Market Forge, Eco-Tech Plus Steamer: A patented water management system enables this atmospheric steamer to operate on 15 gals./hour or less, about 20% of most conventional steamers in its class.
  • OilFresh, OilFresh OF1000 Catalytic Device: Using high-tech ceramic pellets, this oil-conditioning device extends oil life by preventing breakdown at a molecular level. It fits in most open gas fryers.
  • Paloma Industries, Pulse Combustion Gas Fryer: Unique pulse combustion burners accelerate transfer of heat into the fry oil, providing short cook time, rapid recovery and energy savings.
  • Revolutionary Cooling Systems, Stock Chiller: Using only ice and water, this plug-in unit quickly chills five gallons of soup or stock from 190°F to 40°F in only six minutes.
  • San Jamar, Saf-T-Wash: This wall-mounted unit diverts water from the sink tap and charges it with ozone before dispensing it. Ozone-charged water is 300 times more powerful than bleach for killing pathogens on produce and leaves no residue.
  • Stellar Steam, Polaris: This propane-fueled boilerless steamer can be used anywhere without electric or plumbing hook-ups. A patented gas-fired heating system and anodized cast aluminum cooking chamber help save energy.
  • Sterilox, Model 2100: Combining water, salt, and electricity, this unit produces a food-safe, pH-neutral sanitizing solution on site, on demand, and is FDA approved for food contact.
  • Twirl Pasta, Cucina 2000: Fully automated, this new unit cooks and dispenses fresh pasta meals in 80 seconds.
  • Vulcan, C24EA3-C24EA5 Counter Steamer: Designed with a sloped bottom and timed power flush, this steamer uses the Venturi effect to reduce the accumulation of mineral deposits and need for frequent deliming.

Section sponsored by FHA2008

PG&E Buys Into Wave Power
As part of Pacific Gas & Electric's state-mandated effort to increase the amount of energy it sells from renewable resources, California's largest utility recently announced an agreement to buy 3,854 megawatt hours of electricity a year produced by wave power.

They're not tapping into Monster Park fans, but rather ocean wave action off the coast of Humboldt County in Northern California. The wave energy array—a series of buoys that use ocean wave action to compress seawater and drive turbines—is planned by Finavera Renewables. The project likely won't be operational until 2012 due to a long permitting process.

Finavera just got license approval for the first U.S. wave energy plant from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at the end of December. The array, planned for Makah Bay, Wash., starts construction in 2010.

The agreement between PG&E and Finavera was filed with the California Public Utilities Commission in December, and PG&E filed for a FERC license for the wave energy project in February 2007. Experts at the Electric Power Research Institute claim wave energy off the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington could supply up to about 12% of total U.S. power needs if harnessed.

Section sponsored by FHA2008

Red Robin Goes Bob-Bob-Bobbin' For Franchise Stores
Perhaps you remember the song that inspired that headline? In any case, Red Robin has said it s buying back four franchised locations, three in northern Indiana and one in South Plainfield, N.J., for $8.1 million. The chain is paying $2.3 million for the New Jersey restaurant and $5.8 for the three Indiana stores. Combined revenue from the four stores was about $10.7 million last year. The deals are expected to close by the second quarter.

The Greenwood, Colo., chain also said it expects to buy back the development rights in both territories.

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