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April 4, 2006

Economic Report:
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FER E&S Market Forecast Meetings.
E&S Manufacturer Sales Go Negative In Fourth Quarter
Many Public E&S Companies Had A Very Good 2005, But Flat Fourth Quarter
New Fed Chief's Rate Action? More Of The Same

Regulatory Report:
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No Stickers For Palm Beach
Florida Updates Restaurant Inspection Web Site
California To Make Buildings Greener
Oakland Says Pick It Up Or Pay

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In This Section:
Singer,Thoreson Presented Anoff Award At FEDA Convention
NSC To Distribute XDX Refrigeration Valve
RFID Makers Take Temp Of Market
Starbucks' Caffeine Buzz Fuels Record Expansion
Hail Caesar! "Pizza, Pizza" Chain Plans Expansion
Church's Chicken Says Sky Definitely Is Not Falling

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Industry Report Server Products

Singer,Thoreson Presented Anoff Award At FEDA Convention
Henry Singer and the late Arnie Thoreson received the Foodservice Equipment Distributors Association's highest honor, the Sam Anoff Lifetime Achievement Award, at formal presentations during FEDA's Annual Convention last week.

The awards, announced earlier this year, were presented at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa in Phoenix.

Singer serves as chairman of the Singer Equipment Co., Elberson, Pa. Thoreson was the former president of Brodie Dohrmann Co., Seattle. Both Singer and Thoreson served as FEDA presidents, and both focused on dealer-based distribution initiatives during their tenures.

The Sam Anoff Lifetime Achievement Award is a rare honor. Named after FEDA founder Sam Anoff, it recognizes "very significant participation and contribution to FEDA" and "a passion for the industry and dealer-based distribution."


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NSC To Distribute XDX Refrigeration Valve
The National Service Cooperative, a nationwide network of service companies, and XDX Innovative Refrigeration have announced NSC now has non-exclusive rights to aftermarket sales and installation in North America of the patented XDX valve line.

In extensive third-party testing, the XDX X-Stream valve technology has been shown to significantly improve refrigerant flow through the evaporator coil, creating improved heat transfer all across the coil. Resulting benefits include greatly reduced defrost cycling, which improves product quality and significantly reduces energy consumption.

Factory installation of the product is still covered under a prior agreement, according to C. Wayne Best, NSC's CEO.

Dunne O'Brien Best will have marketing responsibility for all NSC member offices. The product will be purchased through NSC headquarters in Omaha, Neb. XDX is headquartered in Arlington Heights, Ill.

You can get more information about NSC and XDX at and

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RFID Makers Take Temp Of Market
The market for low-cost RFID tags is heating up. Two companies, one American, one German, recently announced new RFID labels that track time and temperature.

The PakSense TXi Smart Label can be programmed to a product's specifications. Once activated, the tag then tracks time and temperature of the product in transit, from a distributor's warehouse to your door, for example. The label alerts you with LEDs that indicate whether the product has remained within specified temps or not. The label doesn't indicate the time the product was out of temperature range, only that it met or exceeded programmed parameters.

PakSense, located in Boise, Idaho, is testing the labels with Sysco Food Services of Idaho.

The VarioSense label from KSW Microtec, Dresden, Germany, includes a paper-thin flexible power supply and a temperature sensor on chip. Advanced versions of the label can be equipped with additional sensors, for instance with humidity probes or with new flexible and thin displays for signaling whether product is out of set parameters.

The company has prototypes available now and is gearing up volume production next quarter.

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Starbucks' Caffeine Buzz Fuels Record Expansion
Starbucks isn't slowing down any. In fact, the Seattle-based company is on a caffeine-fueled, record-setting expansion plan. In a quest to make its stores as ubiquitous as possible, the chain says it will open as many as 1,300 more in the United States alone this year.

Starbucks USA president Jim Alling says the chain isn't in danger of overbuilding. While it may seem like there's one on every corner in major cities, Starbucks intends to focus new stores in smaller cities and along highways. The more ubiquitous the chain becomes, he says, the more well known it is.

So far, the formula has worked. Same store sales are up 8% over a year ago, and the chain is testing several new menu items in different areas of the country.

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Hail Caesar! "Pizza, Pizza" Chain Plans Expansion
After seeing its store count decline from 5,000 in the 1990s to about 2,000 today, Little Caesar's says it plans to open hundreds of new stores this year. Little Caesar's Enterprises Inc., Detroit, is aggressively seeking new franchisees and hopes to expand in Georgia, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Washington, D.C.

Company president David Scrivano said the company's initial push will be into the Northeast. There are no Little Caesars stores in Philadelphia and only a handful in New York City and New Jersey. Little Caesar's also reports it is eyeing Atlanta as another franchise development area.

Little Caesar's is privately owned by founders Mike and Marian Ilitch.

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Church's Chicken Says Sky Definitely Is Not Falling
After parting with former parent AFC Enterprises in 2004 and going its own way, Church's Chicken says the sky is the limit. The company recently passed the $1 billion mark in annual sales and now says aggressive franchising both here and overseas could double its sales in five years.

The chain, which has 1,546 locations worldwide in 16 countries, has already signed franchise agreements this year for 75 new units in ten states. Plans call for commitments for 150 new U.S. and 950 international restaurants in the next year.

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