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August 31, 2004

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Regulatory ReportSponsored by ES3

New Connecticut Code Hits Old Refrigeration
The first major overhaul to the state’s Food Code in 20 years would affect cold-holding….[full story]

Galvanized Hoods Get Reprieve In Pennsylvania
If you’re an operator with an existing galvanized hood in Pennsylvania, you’re off the hook. Again. For now….[full story]

FDA Food Code Marches On
But seven state codes still trace to the 1970s...[full story]

Colorado Equipment Petitions Broaden Your Options
If you ever wanted to add an unusual—maybe non-NSF certified, for example—piece of equipment…[full story]

Baltimore County Mandates Food Safety Training
Get somebody on your staff certified. Then wash your hands….[full story]

New Fax Law Faces Challenge
A new FCC reg against promo faxing is set to kick in. But maybe it won’t….[full story]

Economic ReportSponsored by Atlas Metal Industries Inc.

Public E&S Companies Report Strong First Halves
Ten large publicly held E&S companies posted nearly double-digit aggregate revenue gain…[full story]

Special Focus: Are E&S Sales Beginning to Stall?
(Analysis by FER Publisher Robin Ashton.) [full story]

U.S. Second-Quarter GDP Growth Revised Downward
The general economy grew even more slowly in the second quarter of 2004 than originally estimated….[full story]

Consumer Sentiment, Expectations Off Only Slightly In August
But consumer attitudes remain "resilient," given a spate of negative economic news….[full story]

While International Forecasts Rise Slightly, Concerns Abound
GDP forecasts for many major economies worldwide have been creeping higher in recent months…[full story]

Industry ReportSponsored by Vollrath Co.

CNL To Acquire U.S. Restaurant Properties
Wanna buy a location? Your one-stop source for restaurant real estate and financing is about to get a lot bigger….[full story]

Libbey To Move California Production To China
The Toledo, Ohio, glass tableware maker announced that it will close its manufacturing facility in City of Industry, Calif….[full story]

Double Check Your New York Show Plans
Eyeball your travel plans again, because the New York Int’l. Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show format….[full story]

Book It! Seattle’s Best Coffee Pairs With Borders
You could say that Borders Books & Music and Seattle’s Best Coffee are now on the same page….[full story]

If It’s November, It Must Be MAECO
Q: What do grease filters, green buildings and invisible arrows have in common?...[full story]

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