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November 16, 2006

Economic Report:
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Soaring Materials Costs Drive New Equipment Price Hikes
Restaurant Index Rebounds As Gasoline Prices Slide
Third Quarter GDP Number Comes In Low; Blue Chip Drops Forecasts Again
You Still Need To Know The Outlook For Next Year;Foodservice Equipment Reports Has The Crystal Ball

Regulatory Report:
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Franke Foodservice Systems
PG&E Offers Big Winter Gas Savings
Dallas Might Join Doggie Dining Trend
Another Chicago Suburb Passes Patchwork Smoking Ban

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In This Section:
Lifecycle Costing Made Easier With New NAFEM Online Tool
Ten Equipment Winners Heralded At Equip'Hotel's APRIA Competition
Chains Ditch Trans Fat In Face Of Pending Laws, Lawsuits
NAFEM Show Registration Opens Online
Aga Foodservice Proposes Merger With Enodis; Enodis Board Rejects Approach

This issue's Economic ReportSponsor: Electrolux Professional
Regulatory Report
Sponsor: Franke Foodservice Systems

Industry Report Server Products

Lifecycle Costing Made Easier With New NAFEM Online Tool
The North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers has just rolled out a new electronic tool for download from its Web site to help you calculate lifecycle costs of commercial foodservice equipment. Developed over the past two years through an effort led by NAFEM's Technical Liaison Committee, the tool is the result of input from nearly 100 industry professionals, including operators, manufacturers, equipment dealers, reps and consultants.

Available in a full or condensed format, the online calculator can help you make purchase decisions based on the cost of ownership of a piece of equipment over its lifespan. Presented as Excel spreadsheets, both formats have Web-enabled help functions that guide you through the process of entering information, including suggestions on where to source information. You also can tab through the full version spreadsheet and skip non-essential information.

To access the new tool, log on at and click on "NAFEM Lifecycle Tool Download." Review the agreement statement and enter your name, company and e-mail address to receive an e-mail link to download the tool. For more information, call Charlie Souhrada at 312/821-0212.


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Ten Equipment Winners Heralded At Equip'Hotel's APRIA Competition
Enodis plc's Convotherm brand led the way last week, the only multiple winner among 10 equipment honorees at the Prix Apria awards ceremony at the Equip'Hotel show in Paris. Held each year at the biennial Equip'Hotel show, the program's designed to recognize innovation as judged by a panel of industry experts.

We were there to check out the winners, and here's what we found:

Bonnet Grande Cuisine, France: The new Maestro Froid chef's suite was recognized for its innovative combinations of induction cook surfaces and undercounter refrigeration, resulting in superior ergonomics, ambient heat-gain control and energy efficiency.

Coldway, France: Rather than using a conventional refrigerant and electricity to chill foods, the company's new cold go-anywhere mobile carts create cold with an ammonia gas thermochemical reaction. Great for remote chilling, the cart just needs a five-hour electrical recharge to renew the chemical process for up to 12 hours.

Convotherm/Enodis, Germany: The same new combi oven-steamer that's scooped up so many awards in America dressed in "Convotherm by Cleveland" markings scored again, minus the Cleveland badge, at Apria. The unit boasts "disappearing" doors that open to 90° and then slide back along the oven's side walls completely out of the way; an advanced closed system that automatically monitors and controls moisture and heat based on programming for the physical properties of the food being cooked; 250 recipes and more.

Convotherm/Enodis, Germany: The new Mini brings sophisticated full-size combi oven-steamer attributes to the smallest package yet. With a footprint of 0.31 sq. m—or 3 sq. ft.—you can tuck the unit just about anywhere. Like its big brother Convotherm ovens, the Mini features a built-in Advanced Closed System to automatically match moisture levels and optimal temps to the product being cooked. Small is very, very good.

Electro Calorique, France: The P4328 hot and cold transport cart, of particular interest for healthcare markets, is unique in that it sanitizes itself by self-steaming at a superheated 165°C, which works out to 329°F.

Frima, France: Picture dual vessels, lidded, tilting, independent. With removable hanging baskets. Picture water or steam or oil as the cooking medium. Now picture a heat system that offers an exceptionally efficient and effective heat-transfer area on five-sides, for cook times often half what you'd expect. Add sophisticated electronic programmed controls that allow for precise and independent control of activities in each chamber. You really must see it to understand it.

La Cimbali, Italy: The company's new superautomatic M2 line hauled away an Apria for its versatility, automation and flexibility. The machines make espresso, cappuccino and hot chocolate, and they boast an automatic cappuccino system, integrated grinder/dosers, separate boilers for steam and for coffee/hot water. Capacities: 180 espressos per hour or 160 cappus.

Rosinox Grandes Cuisine, France: The new SMB series brat pans combine a scraper and agitator arm that offer capabilities simply not found in competing models. Easy pop-out design makes cleaning the accessories a piece of cake, too.

VMI, France: The company's versatile new mixer handles anything from vegetables and meats to pates, blending foods quickly with a combination of moving blending arm and rotating bowl. Variable speeds give precise control.

Winterhalter, Germany: The company that's brought big advances in energy and water efficiency to midsize and smaller warewashers was recognized with an Apria this year for bringing similar advances to a whole new line of large-scale conveyor rack and flight-type warewashers. The company would not quote specific efficiency measurements, but we're guessing the final figures will be significant.

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Chains Ditch Trans Fat In Face Of Pending Laws, Lawsuits
Like consumers on the latest diet craze, a spate of foodservice companies are moving quickly to find alternatives to trans fat. In the wake of recent announcements by officials in New York and Chicago proposing bans on the substance, operators from Dunkin' Donuts to Walt Disney Co. have gone trans-fat-free.

Last month, KFC said it plans to switch to low linolenic soybean oil from partially hydrogenated oil in all its units by April. The chain was sued by a physician and the Center for Science in the Public Interest in June for not telling consumers it used trans fat to cook products. KFC has been working on alternative cooking oils for two years. CSPI formally withdrew from the class action suit after KFC's announcement.

Burger King quickly announced its own intent to begin in-store tests of trans-fat-free cooking oil by the end of January. In August, Wendy's Int'l switched oils for cooking french fries and chicken, announcing the move cut trans fat in a large order of fries to 0.5 grams from 7 grams. Tests recently ordered from an independent lab by Consumer Reports, however, showed large orders of fries at certain test locations contained 2.5 grams of trans fat. Wendy's is testing fries from all the units in question to resolve any inconsistencies.

Other chains that have ditched trans fat include Chili's, Ruby Tuesday, Legal Seafood and Panera Bread.

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NAFEM Show Registration Opens Online
You can scratch another item off your to-do list. The North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers has opened up online registration and housing reservations for the 2007 NAFEM Show. Scheduled for Oct. 11-13 at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, the show provides a look at a wide spectrum of equipment, supplies and foodservice-related technologies.

In 2007, FS/TEC will be under the same roof with NAFEM for the first time. FS/TEC is the hospitality industry's high technology trade show.

Show hours are available along with registration and housing by visiting

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Aga Foodservice Proposes Merger With Enodis; Enodis Board Rejects Approach
Aga Foodservice Group plc announced Nov. 2 that it approached Enodis plc about a potential merger. In a statement released the same day, the Enodis board of directors said it considered the proposals and "unanimously rejected them."

The Aga merger proposal follows earlier proposals from Middleby Corp. and The Manitowoc Co. that ultimately were not completed.

In announcing the merger approach, Aga CEO William McGrath said, "Aga and Enodis are natural merger partners. Aga believes that the combination of the two companies (will) allow the shareholders of both to benefit from the future growth of an enlarged business." Aga Foodservice, which has significant holdings in domestic appliances as well as foodservice equipment, is about two-thirds the size of Enodis. Both companies are publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange.

In commenting on the Enodis board rejection of the approach, Enodis CEO David McCulloch said, "Enodis and Aga are very different businesses." After noting that Enodis has "significant organic growth momentum" and earlier exited consumer appliance segments to concentrate exclusively on the commercial markets, he added that "We therefore see no long term benefit for our shareholders in a merger with Aga."

The Aga release noted that it "is continuing to seek further discussions with Enodis."

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