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Welcome to this special video edition of FER e-Product News which features select new products and their product videos submitted by Foodservice Equipment Reports advertisers.

Grease Is Not The Word with Auto Scrubber Hood

Accurex's new self-cleaning Auto Scrubber Hood System cleans both sides of the filters in place along with the inside of the exhaust plenum. This eliminates the need for daily removal and cleaning, dramatically reducing operating costs and increasing worker safety. The drastic reduction of grease build-up on the filters, ductwork and fans decreases fire potential as well. The Auto Scrubber is ideal for heavy grease-producing appliances such as char broilers, woks, fryers and griddles; facilities with long duct runs; and facilities with long hours of operation. The Auto Scrubber can be used with baffle, Grease X-Tractor, Grease Grabber, spark arrestor or energy recovery filters. Additional features include a 2-in. gravity drain that captures grease from the pitched grease trough and a single control panel that controls multiple hood sections or duct sumps. Tool-free access panels provide easy access for maintenance and inspections and allow for safe removal of filters.

Meet Alto-Shaam's Small Space Solution

The CT Express oven does more with less. It may be compact, but it's a full combi oven that steams, poaches, braises, roasts, bakes, sears and broils. This oven fits your space, and your budget, too. Whether it’s on the main production cook line or doing double duty as a finishing oven, the CT Express offers maximum performance and flexibility in half the space of traditional combi ovens. Add an optional ventless CombiHood and avoid the need for a costly ventilation hood. Or, choose the innovative catalytic converter option to place this combi anywhere without a hood. Request a demo today.
Alto-Shaam Inc.

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Blossoming with Presentation Ideas!

American Metalcraft is blossoming with new foodservice presentation ideas! And, like so many American Metalcraft presentation pieces, these Melamine Terra Cotta Pots are truly original. Cleverly designed like little garden pots, these serving pieces offer fresh, creative ways to add fun to catered events and buffets. They are ideal for garden parties, showers, weddings and more! American Metalcraft’s Melamine Terra Cotta Pots are perfectly sized for individual servings as well as shared sides. In four different capacities, they range from a tiny 2-oz. size up to a 24-oz. size. Now that we’ve planted the seed, what creative food serving ideas can you dig up to go with these? Have fun!
American Metalcraft

GP-100: The Clear Choice in Glass Polishers

Bar Maid Corporation, known for its electric glass washers and bar supplies, has introduced the GP-100 Commercial Glass Polisher, an essential appliance for achieving sparkling, crystal clear glassware…fast. The Commercial Glass Polisher utilizes a warm air blower and soft microfiber polishing heads to simultaneously dry and polish all styles and sizes of glassware inside and out. Designed for hotels, caterers, bars, restaurants, event venues and glassware rental companies, this glass polishing machine is lightweight and portable with a small footprint that fits just about anywhere. Users can polish up to 350 glasses per hour, saving time and labor cost over hand polishing and reducing the potential for sanitation issues and costly glassware breakage. Hospitality businesses using the Commercial Glass Polisher report a better result than hand polishing and that increased efficiency would allow them to quickly recoup their investment in the glass polishing machine.
Bar Maid Corp.-Glass Pro Products
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Dishmachine Exhaust Heats Wash Water, Not the Dishroom

Champion introduces vent-free heat recovery for rack machines with the 2016 KI Award-winning Vent Free Rack Conveyor Dishmachine. This rack conveyor is designed to capture 100% of the operating exhaust heat and vapor, converting it into useable energy to heat the wash water and fresh rinse water. This energy conversion saves as much at 10kW of energy, saving operators up to $3,000 in wash tank and rinse water heating cost annually. Additionally, this machine saves foodservice operators as much as $7,500 on the capital investment of purchasing and installing a vent hood. The Vent Free Rack Conveyor also emits less than 70ºF and no vapors into the dishroom, reducing the heat often associated with traditional conveyor systems.
Champion Industries/Ali Group
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Less Water, More Power

High Efficiency Pre-Rinse Spray Valves (PRSV) save water, but until now you sacrificed cleaning performance for water conservation…not anymore! The PowerPulse PRSV from Encore Premium Plumbing Products is a patent-pending design, which uses pulsating jets of water to power-off dried and baked-on food in only 12 seconds (Fisher-Nickel test). The PowerPulse PRSV with 1.05-gpm flow rate cleans 43% faster than our fastest competitor and uses 58% less water than the top competition. The PowerPulse is also available in 0.74- and 0.67-gpm flow rates for additional water savings. All PowerPulse Pre-Rinse Spray Valves are an easy retrofit to most existing pre-rinses or available as a complete pre-rinse kit.
Component Hardware Group
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Titan Series Max-Cut Handles Apples to Zucchini

The Titan Series Max-Cut—the only all-in-one stainless dicer, wedger, corer and French fry cutter—replaces all those other products that leave you wanting more! The Titan Series Max-Cut can dice, wedge, core and cut fries in 1/4-, 3/8- or 1/2-in. sizes. It can cut 6- or 8-section wedges of potatoes, tomatoes, lemons, limes etc. as well as core apples. Our exclusive Made in U.S.A. patent-pending design lets you move quickly and easily from wall to table mounting with the available quick-connect bases. Plus, our quick-change pusher and all-stainless blade assemblies with protective wash guards feature the largest cutting surface available to make short work of your food prep tasks. Add in heavy-duty, dishwasher-safe (tall door-type) construction, NSF certification and multiple cutting options, and you’ve got maximum performance from just one machine.
Edlund Company LLC/Ali Group
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Crafting the Perfect Infusion Beverage

The amazing BKON Craft Brewer with patented RAIN infusion technology creates unmatched beverage quality. Craft beverages are no longer just a trend in cafés; they’re a big revenue driver on menus in foodservice operations and beverage programs across the country. From loose-leaf teas to infused water, and from third-wave coffee to craft cocktails, the BKON Craft Brewer is leading this revolution by transforming the infusion process. Because it stores hundreds of recipes and consistently delivers the perfect cup—every time—operators can simply and easily offer the variety and quality that today’s discerning consumers demand. In addition to time and temperature, the RAIN technology precisely controls pressure variables to maximize flavor extraction at a speed that offers extraordinary commercial opportunities.
Franke Foodservice Systems
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XPress Grill Offers Easy Automated Grilling Options

The Garland XPress Grill allows operators to increase throughput, reduce labor, allow for menu expansion and ensure food and staff safety, all while delivering the quality and consistency customers have come to expect from Garland. The XPress Grill offers the ability to cook items up to 2-in. in height as well as three options for maximum output, including 12-in. single-platen, 24-in.single- or double-platen and 36-in. single-, double- or triple-platen configurations. Operators are able to prepare multiple menu items at once. It features Manitowoc Foodservice's unique EasyTouch icon-based touchscreen technology that automates the cook cycles, allowing staff to focus on other tasks while food is cooking, reducing labor costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Rapid pre-heat and recovery times and the ability to turn off lanes when they are not in use means the XPress Grill also reduces energy consumption up to 24%.
Garland/Manitowoc Foodservice
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Hatco's Rapide Cuisine Takes Induction Cooking to the Next Level

Hatco Corporation is proudly introducing its sleek, modern, low-profile Rapide Cuisine Induction Range. Designed and built for the durability and performance of commercial foodservice use, the Rapide Cuisine is constructed of black ceramic glass to handle the rigors of back-of-the-house cooking and prep areas, but is portable and adaptable for buffet lines and front-of-the-house applications.
Hatco Corp.

Fryer Saves Oil and Energy and Time

Cooking better food with less oil—that's the inspiration behind the innovative Evolution Elite open fryer from Henny Penny. This revolutionary family of reduced-oil capacity fryers uses 40% less oil than regular open fryers and lets you filter any vat any time at the touch of a button. Fast recovery, automatic oil top-off and easy-to-use controls mean you're saving time, energy and labor with every load. The Henny Penny Evolution Elite isn't just an advanced fryer—it raises frying to a whole new order of quality, simplicity and cost management.
Henny Penny Corp.
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Perfect Parts From The Start

At Heritage Parts, we’re all about putting the right part in your hands. Our committed parts specialists, e-commerce site and same-day shipping make it easy to get the part you need, when and where you need it. Heritage’s commitment to quality means it stocks only 100% genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, which are designed by the OEM and tested in the very equipment they’re made to fit, guaranteeing safety and high performance. Plus, Heritage provides 99% parts identification accuracy from the largest inventory of OEM parts available. Same-day shipping and new, extended Saturday hours mean that trusting Heritage is the best way to get the parts you need as soon as possible, so you can get equipment back up and running with minimal hassle. By distributing quality parts quickly and providing unprecedented customer service, Heritage continues to prove itself. When you choose Heritage, you’re choosing the parts experts who always deliver.
Heritage Parts

The Next Step in the Evolution of Mobile Learning

Ignitor Labs is the industry leader in building and implementing interactive on-line training courses and field reference materials to complement any in-house training program. We work with you to provide an anytime, anywhere, any device and any language mobile-friendly method of delivering your training that saves time and money. Your expert knowledge partnered with our best practice on-line learning expertise makes a powerful statement about your brand and commitment to service support.
Ignitor Labs
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K-Series Dishwashers Clean Easily and Are Easy to Clean

The K-Series rack-type dishwashers are a testament to MEIKO’s commitment to manufacturing excellence; economically efficient, user-friendly concepts; and industry-leading features. The K-Series standard components include flush stainless walls that permit island installations and double-wall insulated construction, which all provide a safer and more efficient working environment. K-Series dishwashers include a large separation between the wash and rinse areas that eliminates splashing of soiled water on sanitized ware. Wash arms are pre-assembled into easily removed manifolds and feature captivated end caps that can't be lost during cleaning. The external lever-operated drain handle and large, easily removed pan strainers also ease cleanup. MEIKO has multiple dishwashers available with varying prewash and wash tank sizes to fit the needs of your kitchen and are available in a right-to-left or left-to-right configuration.
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Big Oven Flexibility in Small Footprint

The Merrychef eikon e2s is smallest high-speed oven with the biggest cooking performance. It's igniting a lot of excitement among foodservice professionals who want to prepare fresh, hot food on demand with the flexibility to change menu items without losing valuable kitchen space. It's available as the eikon e2s Classic in traditional Merrychef design as well as the eikon e2s Trend with color-coded exterior, soft edges, and smallware storage on top. The eikon e2s received the Kitchen Innovations 2016 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show.
Merrychef/Manitowoc Foodservice
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Pentair Everpure: Trusted Provider of Quality Water for Coffee Lovers

Pentair Foodservice is excited to share its newest video, which highlights Pentair Everpure products in coffee industry applications. It features statements from coffee professionals worldwide outlining how Pentair Everpure delivers the premium-quality water baristas look for when creating coffee masterpieces for their customers. This minute-long video, which was highlighted as part of Pentair’s sponsorship of the annual World Barista Championship (WBC) in Dublin, Ireland, in June 2016, is a teaser of a longer coffee-focused video set to be released in October 2016.
Pentair Everpure
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Out of Sight, Always in Reach

Perlick, a leader in total package bar equipment and beverage dispensing systems, introduces 29-in. low-height refrigeration and dry-storage cabinets for the back bar and underbar to put valuable storage within easy reach of bartenders. "Our low-height cabinets unlock new opportunities for temperature-controlled storage of food and beverage items. Now designers have more options to add refrigerated space and improve workflow," says Jim Koelbl, Perlick V.P. of Sales. At 29-in.-high, low-height cabinets fit where standard-height cabinets do not and can store products that expand menu offerings, eliminate countertop clutter or enhance bar operations in other ways. Available in self-contained and remote models and with and without refrigeration with one to four door compartments, this line of low-height refrigeration is affordable and enables beverage and foodservice professionals to build unique set-ups with solid, finely crafted equipment.

Scrap Collector Shuts Down Without Operator

The Salvajor Company, the industry's only manufacturer of advanced dish scrapping equipment for over 70 years, is pleased to announce that the Scrap Collector (S914) and Pot/Pan Scrap Collector (P914) product lines now come standard with patented sensor technology. The sensor, another Salvajor exclusive, is capable of detecting the presence of the operator. There are two additional modes of operation. Auto Start mode will put the Collector into standby if the operator leaves for longer than 4 seconds, using no water or electricity. When the operator returns, the Collector returns to normal operation. Water Saving mode uses only 0.5 gpm of fresh water if the operator leaves and includes an adjustable timer that will shut down the Collector if the operator doesn't return. If the operator returns before the timer expires, the Collector returns to normal operation, and the timer resets.
Salvajor Co.

Server EZ-Topper Pouches Place Product Perfectly

Now available in short, tall single and twin models, Server EZ Topper pouched hot topping dispensers decrease waste and increase “wow.” Dispensing from a sealed, contaminant-free pouch delivers up to 98% product evacuation and 97% less packaging waste, giving you more serving without scorching or wasting product.
Server Products

Service Ideas: Providing Service and Ideas for 70 years

Since 1946, Service Ideas has been an innovative, worldwide provider in the service industry. We continue to push forward by bringing quality products and services to an ever-expanding audience in the food, beverage and hospitality markets. We strive to maintain the flavor and integrity of beverages with products like the Flame-Free Thermo-Urn and our 981 Carafe series. Other products include airpots, servers, teapots and French presses. And we aren’t just about the products that we sell—we also want to form relationships with our customers.
Service Ideas Inc.
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Double-Decade Digital Design

Specifi is the global leader providing design and publishing tools to the hospitality industry. More than 20 years experience in the foodservice industry meeting the needs of kitchen designers, restaurant planners and food equipment dealers has elevated Specifi to be the premier digital platform for the industry. The Specifi digital design platform connects cutting-edge food equipment manufacturers with the most innovative food service design consultants in the Industry.
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T&S Brass Illustrates Pre-Rinse Innovations

With snappy music and colorful animation, T&S Brass’s newest video demonstrates the latest pre-rinse unit innovations from T&S. Featured innovations include pre-rinse unit swivels, accessory tees for soap dispensers, Cerama ceramic cartridges with only one moving part, and a litany of low-flow spray valve options.
T&S Brass & Bronze Works
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Clean Condensers Cut Consumption, Costs

Dirty condensers can cause many problems, such as increased energy consumption and compressor failures. Turbo Air understands your business and introduces a new innovative feature: Self-Cleaning Condenser as a solution in the refrigeration industry. Self-Cleaning Condenser uses a fine mesh filter and a rotating brush, preventing dust from accumulating. This allows a refrigerator system to maintain the highest efficiency while mitigating premature system failure. It will save the end users’ potential costs, not only for cleaning but also for repairing. Turbo Air's patented Self-Cleaning Condenser is a standard feature our customers can benefit from at no additional cost.
Turbo Air
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Cubic Provides New Dimension to Your Displays

Add efficient sophistication to your buffet presentation with the Cubic Display System. The modern, sleek design of Cubic offers limitless versatility with configuration options that allow you to create the ideal setup for every occasion. Portable and lightweight, Cubic includes bowls, pedestals, beverage dispensers, cutting boards, platters and more that are easy to combine. With many stackable pieces, the Cubic line saves valuable storage space when not in use and is quick to assemble for a fast buffet setup and takedown. The unique pedestal choices allow for any serving area to be maximized with more vertical presentation options. The system also accommodates standard-size steam table pans on applicable products.
The Vollrath Co. LLC

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Grease Trapper Meets UL-1978 Standard

Accurex’s new Grease Trapper Pollution Control Unit removes grease, smoke and odors from kitchen exhaust and has been tested and listed to the UL-1978 standard for factory-built grease ducts. The Grease Trapper uses a three-stage mechanical filter arrangement to remove grease and smoke particles from the exhaust air at an economical first cost. For ease of maintenance, independent pressure switches signal when any of the three filter stages need replacing. Activated carbon panels remove odor molecules prior to discharging the air, reducing the impact of kitchen exhaust to the surrounding areas. Built in accordance with NFPA 96, the Grease Trapper has performance capacities up to 12,000 cfm and MERV filters to ensure a minimum overall particulate removal efficiency of 95%.



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