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Waste Heat No Longer Goes Up In Smoke

Accurex’s new Energy Recovery Filter System captures the waste heat produced by cooking appliances that would otherwise be exhausted from a kitchen hood and uses it to preheat a portion of the incoming water supply that is directed into the patented energy recovery filters. The water flowing through the filters captures the waste heat from the exhaust airstream, preheating the water supply. Preheating water before it enters a conventional water heater saves energy and reduces a restaurant’s water heating costs. As an added benefit, the water flowing through the filters naturally lowers the hood temperature, condensing more grease from the airstream. Independent third-party testing shows the highly efficient Energy Recovery Filter System removes 88% of grease particles at 8 microns resulting in reduced hood and duct cleaning costs as well.
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Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold Ovens Offer Convenience For Convenience Meals

Overnight cooking in an Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold oven can save labor costs. Because the oven automatically switches to holding, chefs like David Sorensen from Sendik’s Food Market in southeast Wisconsin can start work in the morning with a fresh load of ham, roast beef or pork shoulder waiting for service. Sorensen oversees the deli at the upscale grocery store where convenient, grab-and-go meals and the expansive catering menu are a significant part of business. And the Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold oven plays an important role in production. “In a facility like this, with the volume we do, we have to have an Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold,” Sorensen says.
Alto-Shaam Inc.
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Spray ‘N Save

Unlike conventional High Efficiency Pre-Rinse Spray Valves (PRSV) that sacrifice cleaning performance for water conservation, the PowerPulse PRSV from Encore Premium Plumbing Products with a 1.05-gal./min. flow rate cleans faster and uses less water than other spray valves. The PowerPulse PRSV is a patent-pending design that uses pulsating jets of water to power off dried and baked-on food in only 12 seconds (Fisher Nickel test). The PowerPulse is also available in 0.74-, 0.65- and 0.45-gal./min. flow rates for those looking to save even more water.
Encore/Component Hardware Group
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Let’s Talk Cooking Performance

The new Convotherm 4 oven ACS+ (advanced closed system) ensures peak cooking performance across all its 56 models. It guarantees perfect steam saturation, automatic humidity adjustment in combi-steam cooking and fast, even heat transfer for convection. This delivers an ideal, constant environment in the cooking chamber for all products, from vegetables through meat and fish to side dishes or baked goods, whether fresh, frozen or pre-cooked. Our ACS system works like a pan lid, keeping heat and moisture in so that the temperature rises rapidly, and less power and water are required. The new ACS+ system can do even more: it uses smart active control of air input and output.
Convotherm/Manitowoc Foodservice
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Cool As A Rule

Many facilities that utilize commercial equipment typically produce drain water in excess of 140˚F, which can cause problems with PVC pipes and other safety and environmental issues. The water must be cooled, or “tempered,” before entering drain lines. The patent-pending Cool Trough water tempering system is designed to activate the temperature sensor at 130˚F, cooling the water before it enters your drain lines. The operation of the Cool Trough requires no additional steps for the operator; hook a cold water line to the shutoff valve provided and protection for your drain lines is ensured.
Eagle Group

New Generation Of LCH Ovens Lets You Load, Set & Forget!

Recently U.L. listed and certified, FWE’s new generation of Low Temperature Cook and Hold Smoker Ovens features operator-friendly controls that allow you to simply “set the display, load the tray, and walk away!” Smoke – Cook – Hold … just pick the oven setting you need. The addition of the built-in Smoker Drawer in these LCH-SK models now offers the flexibility to use “low and slow” hot smoke methods as well as cold smoke.

Hatco Booster Water Heaters Assure Clean, Safe, Efficient Dishwashing

Hatco offers multiple Booster Water Heater models and configurations to ensure that you have the perfect fit for your commercial kitchen. The electric Compact, Mini-Compact and Imperial Booster Water Heaters combine quality construction and dependable performance to save you time, space and money. The gas Powermite Booster Water Heaters can operate on either natural or propane gas and guarantee dependability. All Hatco Booster Water Heaters provide 180°F (82°C) final rinse water for all sanitizing needs, effectively remove food residue and provide rapid self-drying and sparkling clean dishware.
Hatco Corp.
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PowerRinse Combines Prerinse And Scrapping Steps

The InSinkErator PowerRinse Waste Collection System improves kitchen efficiency by increasing pre-rinse and scrapping speed, while reducing bulk waste without grinding. With PowerRinse, scrapping and pre-rinsing can be accomplished in one step. By using both hands to scrap dishes under the powerful plume of recirculated water, operators easily cut the time it takes to clear dishes in half–sometimes even tripling their speed! The system consumes 50% less fresh water per hour than other collector systems on the market and can be used in locations with compost programs or as an alternative to disposer and pulper systems. It is available in two sizes: Standard (Model PRS) for everyday applications and Pot/Pan (Model PRP) with a larger tray for oversized cookware.
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Cooking At The Speed Of Impingement

Like its Matchbox and Shuttle stablemates, the award-winning, more compact new M360 offers Precision Impingement (no microwaves) for great cook quality and versatility, from breakfast sandwiches and paninis to pizza, meats, grilled veggies and cookies. Two cook surfaces, autoload, unload. UL-Ventless flexibility. And now with choice of optional decorative shrouds to enhance display presentation!
Ovention Inc.

Scrappy Scrapper

Widely accepted in areas that restrict the use of food waste disposers, the Scrap Collectors are economical pulper alternatives that wash soluble food waste harmlessly through the sewer, reducing bulk food waste by as much as 50% and weight by as much as 80%. Recirculated water allows for a new water rate of only 2 gal./min while the pre-flushing water plume recirculates at a 30-gal./min. rate. Dishes with dried or baked-on food can soak while scrapping continues. Two models are available: S914 standard basin and P914 pot/pan basin.
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The Tops In Toppings Dispenser

The new SlimLine dry food dispenser from Server Products dispenses precise portions of up to four dry toppings in less than 13 inches of wall space. The clear hopper is BPA-free and helps merchandise and display products to patrons and staff. Color-coded portion trays deliver accurate portions from 0.5 to 1.5 fl. oz. and are interchangeable to adapt quickly to menu changes or LTOs. Handy wall-mount brackets come in single, double, triple and quadruple versions. The SlimLine dispenser is NSF listed made in the USA and backed by a two-year warranty.
Server Products

We Are TriMark, And We Bring It.

TriMark offers foodservice operators an unparalleled level of service by combining the hands-on support and local market knowledge of a strong regional supplier with the purchasing strength, industry expertise, delivery and installation capabilities of a national company. We work closely with our customers; who include national restaurant chains, independent restaurant operators, healthcare facilities, entertainment venues and many other segments to provide the products and services that will help them realize their vision of success.
TriMark USA
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Perhaps You Have Heard Our Story...

In 1989, challenged with the task of finding a wood-fired stone hearth oven or “brick oven” that could withstand the intense rigors of the restaurant world, Keith Carpenter set out for perfection. Inspired to create a better wood-fired oven, Carpenter pitched some ideas to Harry Hegarty, an experienced builder of large-scale, high-temperature ceramic incinerators. This meeting marked the beginning of an integral partnership, and by 1990, Wood Stone was born. Throughout the years, the mission of Wood Stone has been steadfast. Committed to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, Wood Stone is here for you providing helpful information during the design phase and technical support throughout your relationship with our company and our products. It’s been an amazing 25 years, and now with our new partners, Henny Penny, we are excited for the adventures ahead.
Wood Stone Corp.
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