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Welcome to this edition of FER e-Product News which features select new products submitted by Foodservice Equipment Report advertisers.

Accurex’s New Grease Trapper Pollution Control Unit Meets UL-1978 Standard

Accurex’s new Grease Trapper Pollution Control Unit removes grease, smoke and odors from kitchen exhaust and has been tested and listed to the UL-1978 standard for factory-built grease ducts. The Grease Trapper uses a three-stage mechanical filter arrangement to remove grease and smoke particles from the exhaust air at an economical first cost. For ease of maintenance, independent pressure switches signal when any of the three filter stages need replacing. Activated-carbon panels remove odor molecules prior to discharging the air, reducing the impact of kitchen exhaust to the surrounding areas. Built in accordance with NFPA 96, the Grease Trapper has performance capacities up to 12,000 cfm, and MERV filters ensure a minimum overall particulate removal efficiency of 95%.

These Chills Will Thrill

American Panel’s modular blast chillers and shock freezers are the perfect solution for an existing kitchen looking to add a chilling regimen. Assembled on site, these units can be installed in locations where site restrictions prohibit pre-assembled units from even entering the building. With a wide variety of sizes and capacities, there’s a unit perfect for any size application.
American Panel Corp.

Red-Hot RedHots Heating Up Frying

Eagle’s new RedHots gas countertop fryer is a reliable, well-built compact fryer that offers flexibility, performance, style and value for money. Designed with safety, ease of operation and performance as paramount, these fryers have a stylish and robust modular design, constructed of high-quality brushed stainless steel, large “cool-to-touch” dial, large heavy-duty adjustable feet and easy-to-clean-and-remove accessories.
Eagle Group

Staggering Slicing Stability

The all-stainless Tomato Laser Slicer has an exclusive staggered blade cartridge, which ensures a perfectly sliced tomato every time and allows fast and easy slicing of even very ripe tomatoes, increasing productivity and product yield. A 6-in.-deep pan fits under blade assembly allowing for bulk slicing and faster production. The heavy-duty suction cup feet keep the unit in place no matter where it is used. The quick-change blade cartridge is easy to remove and has a wash guard that makes it safe and easy to clean. Easily disassembled, without tools, the entire unit fits in a standard dish rack for thorough dishwasher safe cleaning. The Tomato Laser is available in 3/16, 3/8 and 1/4-in. slicing thicknesses.
Edlund Co. LLC

Vent-Free Oven Solutions From FWE

FWE is pleased to announce that their G2 Series of Low Temperature Cook & Hold Ovens has passed the EPA 202 & ANSI NFPA96 Smoke/Grease Vapor Test with flying colors! They tested far below the required 5 mg/cu. m. Maximize savings, labor and energy and eliminate costly and space-consuming exhaust hoods.
FWE/Food Warming Equipment Co. Inc.

It’s Easy Being Green With Chef LED Light Bulbs From Hatco

Commit to going green in your foodservice operation with Hatco’s patented Chef LED Light Bulbs. Available as an accessory, the CLED Light Bulbs are designed to operate in high-temperature areas for use in any Strip Heater. Protected by shatterproof polycarbonate, the Chef LED Light Bulbs have substantial benefits and energy savings over other bulbs—saving you money—and are directional—so you can adjust it to your ideal setting. Rated for 25,000 hours, the Chef LED Light Bulbs average a 49% increased light output, based on foot candle average delivered to the surface. The CLED-2700 and CLED-3000 project a warm light, and the CLED-4000 projects a cool light.
Hatco Corp.

Raising Frying To A Whole New Level

Cooking better food with less oil—that’s the inspiration behind the innovative Evolution Elite open fryer from Henny Penny. This revolutionary family of reduced-oil capacity fryers uses 40% less oil than regular open fryers and lets you filter any vat any time at the touch of a button. Fast recovery, automatic oil top-off and easy-to-use controls mean you’re saving time, energy and labor with every load. The Henny Penny Evolution Elite isn’t just an advanced fryer—it raises frying to a whole new order of quality, simplicity and cost management.
Henny Penny Corp.

3240 Oven Offers Easy Expandability, Operability, Durability

Lincoln introduces the 3240, a large conveyor oven available in both gas and electric versions. With its 32-in.-wide conveyor belt and 40-in.-long bake chamber, this oven now provides a higher capacity for your high-demand pizza-making operation. With the ability to triple-stack your ovens, as your business grows, so does your ability for more output. It’s also easy to operate: A digital control, single on/off power switch, and a microprocessor controlled bake time/conveyor speed are standard. An improved-view vacuum fluorescent readout displays set temperatures in degrees (°F or °C), conveyor belt speed, thermostat indicator light and diagnostic messages for easy troubleshooting. It’s designed for durability and easy maintenance. The front of the oven is completely removable for full access, and the stainless interior makes it easy for operators to clean and maintain the equipment. The critical components are shared with Lincoln’s legacy ovens, which mean years of field tests and proven reliability.
Lincoln/Manitowoc Foodservice

Small High-Speed Oven Provides Big Cooking Performance

Ideal for any operation who wants to prepare fresh, hot food on demand where space is at a premium, the eikon e2s performs up to 20 times faster than a conventional oven and produces consistent, high-quality cooking results. Cook, reheat, toast and bake a wide variety of food items such as toasted sandwiches, pizzas and wraps. Featuring easyTouch technology with an icon-driven touchscreen and available in two cool-to-the-touch exterior options: Classic stainless exterior and Trend, offering a choice of colors (red and black), with soft edges and top rail for accessory storage.
Merrychef/Manitowoc Foodservice

Salvajor: Food Waste Collector Systems Experts For 70 Years

In 1944, Salvajor began producing the first pre-flushing, scrapping, and food waste collecting system. Called the “Salvajor Senior”, their Collector was quickly accepted and soon found its way into restaurant, hotel, hospital, factory and university kitchens all over the country. Salvajor Collector Systems are the perfect solution for scrapping and pre-rinsing trays and dishware while collecting food waste solids for composting. The recirculated plume of water increases the speed of scrapping while using only a fraction of the water consumed by other methods.
Salvajor Co.

Prodigy Plus Ice Machines Take Energy And Water Consumption To Lowest Levels Ever

Developed specifically to meet the demanding ice production needs of foodservice, hospitality and convenience store markets, Scotsman’s Prodigy Plus compact ice machines combine efficiency, reliability and ease of maintenance—making a notable difference in the environment and your bottom line.They feature a QR code for instant access to unit-specific service information, AutoAlert LED lights for maintenance updates/service alerts and patented WaterSense adaptive purge control to reduce scale buildup and extend time between cleanings. Options include Smart-Board advanced feature module with NAFEM data protocol and additional operational data displayed on-screen or transmitted remotely and Vari-Smart ice level control that customizes ice levels.
Scotsman Ice Systems

Server’s ConserveWell No Drop In The Bucket

The Drop-In ConserveWell heated utensil holder helps save more than 250,000 gallons of water per year compared to traditional dipper well perpetual-flow sinks, which use up to 60 gallons of water per hour. ConserveWell is the environmentally friendly way to hold utensils above 140°F, keeping them safe from bacteria growth while saving water, energy and money. The new drop-in model replaces existing dipper wells and fits perfectly into existing countertop cutouts. The unit comes with a stainless pan with finger indents for easy removal for refilling and cleaning that stays cool to the touch for safe handling.
Server Products

The Story Of A Brick Oven Built By A Carpenter

In 1989, challenged with the task of finding a wood-fired stone hearth oven or “brick oven” that could withstand the intense rigors of the restaurant world, Keith Carpenter set out for perfection. Inspired to create a better wood-fired oven, Carpenter pitched some ideas to Harry Hegarty, an experienced builder of large-scale, high-temperature ceramic incinerators. This meeting marked the beginning of an integral partnership, and by 1990, Wood Stone was born. Throughout the years, the mission of Wood Stone has been steadfast. Committed to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, Wood Stone is here for you providing helpful information during the design phase and technical support throughout your relationship with our company and our products. It’s been an amazing 25 years, and now with our new partners, Henny Penny, we are excited for the adventures ahead.
Wood Stone Corp.


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