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Welcome to this edition of FER e-Product News which features select new products submitted by Foodservice Equipment Reports advertisers.

Versatile Cooking On The Countertop

A high-tech alternative to standard flat-top griddles, with 4 thermostatically controlled and individually adjustable zones, Wood Stone’s Electric Countertop Plancha can support a range of cooking temperatures simultaneously. Engineered as a direct-contact surface griddle for searing and sautéing—or heated up to 700°F to function like an open burner—this unit has power in spades. Supported by four legs in a small footprint, the versatile and efficient Electric Countertop Plancha is intended for installation on a suitable countertop. It arrives completely assembled, is ETL listed, is ready to install and is made in the USA.

Wood Stone Corp.

Turbo Air’s Open Display Cases Available With Self-Cleaning Device

Dust can accrue rapidly in areas where refrigeration is installed and used. Dust is then drawn through the fan and accumulated, preventing the condenser from properly releasing heat. This in turn causes the compressor to increase its pressure on refrigerants, adding to the possibility of the compressor from breaking down. This is why most refrigerator manufacturers require that the condenser is cleaned every 30 to 90 days or their warranty is void. Turbo Air’s patented Self-cleaning Condenser Device never requires a cleaning as its rotating brush moves up and down 3 times a day, preventing any dust build-up and makes it possible to constantly maintain the highest efficiency while saving additional energy. This Self-cleaning Condenser Device is standard feature at no additional cost for Turbo Air’s open display cases, glass merchandisers, uprights, prep tables and undercounters.

Turbo Air Inc.

Urn Without The Burn

Accept no imitations! The Flame Free Thermo-Urn is a Service Ideas exclusive product, introduced in 2010. The redesigned base with interlocking legs attaches directly to the body of the urn, giving it a seamless look while providing additional stability to the unit. Stainless vacuum insulation keeps coffee at optimal drinking temperature for 6+ hours without any external heat source—longer than any other urn of its size. A foam-insulated lid features a rubber gasket that creates superior suction and prevents additional heat loss, and the interior splash guard prevents splashing while brewing directly into the unit. Made of durable 18/8 stainless steel with either a brushed or polished exterior finish, this one-of-a-kind urn is not only attractive, but is also built to last in any commercial setting.

Service Ideas Inc.

New Drop-in ConserveWell Saves Water And Money

Server’s New Drop-In ConserveWell heated utensil holder helps save over 250,000 gallons of water per year compared to traditional dipper well perpetual-flow sinks, which use up to 60 gallons of water per hour. The drop-in ConserveWell holds utensils above 140°F, keeping them safe from bacteria growth while saving water, energy and money.

Server Products

Speed Scrapping Without Wasting Water

Salvajor Collector Systems are unique in output and simplicity. Rather than grinding food waste or collecting every scrap of garbage in a trash receptacle, Salvajor Collectors wash soluble food waste harmlessly through the sewer while holding fibrous and non-soluble food waste in the scrap basket. Salvajor Collectors recirculate water at a rate of 30 to 70 gpm, while consuming only 2 gpm, resulting in a savings of thousands of dollars in wasted water each year. Since the operator has both hands free to work, scrapping speed is often doubled or sometimes even tripled. All three models are safe for use with grease interceptors or septic systems. The Salvajor Collector system allows foodservice operators to significantly reduce the amount of food waste being hauled to landfills. Bulk waste is reduced up to 50% and weight by as much as 80%. Salvajor Collectors also help eliminate free liquids, making storage of food waste more sanitary.

Salvajor Co.

Perlick Mixes Up Bartender Cockpit With Tobin Ellis

Imagine bar equipment conceived by a renowned bartender and built by Perlick. Perlick’s new Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station is a breakthrough achievement in underbar design resulting from an ambitious collaboration between 6-time national bartending champion and celebrated bar designer, Tobin Ellis, and the award-winning engineering team at Perlick. Engineered for speed, built for comfort, this new co-branded line of cocktail-focused equipment consists of innovative product solutions that have been specifically engineered to be more ergonomic for bartenders and to better accommodate their needs when making craft cocktails. The Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station includes a suite of new features—replete with what Ellis refers to as a "bartender cockpit"—all dedicated to the efficient production of cocktails in high-volume environments.

Perlick Corp.

CLM+ Filtration: The Pure That Refreshes

Improved beverage taste and customer enjoyment—through the reduction of chloramines, particulates and chlorine taste and odor using the newest Pentair Everpure high-capacity water filtration system, CLM+. The CLM+ series is available in multiple NSF-certified Everpure system configurations (Coldrink, QC7I, High Flow CSR) with a variety of flow rates and capacities that meet a wide range of fountain beverage application requirements. The systems offer the benefit of a lower total cost of ownership combined with superior capacity performance—up to 77,200 gallons of chloramines reduction—while maintaining backward-compatibility with existing Everpure manifolds. The new Everpure CLM+ high-capacity chloramines reduction systems meet the Coca-Cola North America (CCNA) water treatment specification as third-party tested by NSF International.


Big Shot Cubes Give A Quick Cool And Slow Melt

The Manitowoc Ice BIG SHOT is a large gourmet ice cube perfect for your signature drink. These crystal clear cubes weigh a whopping 60 grams each and stand a proud 2-in. tall and 1½-in. wide. This new BG0260 large gourmet ice machine produces 2,000 cubes per day. So whether you’re pouring a craft whiskey on the rocks or serving up your award winning Bloody Mary, its large surface area cools your drink effectively with a slower melt rate compared to smaller cubes, which means customers are able to enjoy their drink the way it was meant to taste without having to worry the ice diluting the flavor. Now that’s ice envy.

Manitowoc Ice/Manitowoc Foodservice

Chill, Warm, Repeat

The MultiFresh MF 70.1 L combines chilling functions (cooling, freezing, thawing, chocolate) and warming functions (low-temp cooking, regeneration, pasteurization, proofing, holding), and now operates via MyA, a new touchscreen interface with a 7-in. screen. Patented features include the MultiRack adjustable tray rack that doubles tray capacity; Multisensor 5-point probe (attached to the door) that can trigger auto-start and delivers perfect food temperature control; and Sanigen chamber sanitizing system. Data logging in the HACCP control software is wireless for easily downloading and reporting.

Irinox USA

Raising Frying To A Whole New Level

Cooking better food with less oil—that’s the inspiration behind the innovative Evolution Elite open fryer from Henny Penny. This revolutionary family of reduced-oil capacity fryers uses 40% less oil than regular open fryers and lets you filter any vat any time at the touch of a button. Fast recovery, automatic oil top-off and easy-to-use controls mean you’re saving time, energy and labor with every load. The Henny Penny Evolution Elite isn’t just an advanced fryer—it raises frying to a whole new order of quality, simplicity and cost management.

Henny Penny Corp.

Hatco Sneeze Guards Offer Stylized Protection

Enhance and protect food products simultaneously with Sneeze Guards from Hatco Corp. The Sneeze Guards, ideal for buffet lines and serving stations, guarantee resilient functionality in a stylish design, allowing you to safeguard your food but still display it clearly to hungry customers.

Hatco Corp.

Strong, Safe, Sturdy Stainless Slicing

The all-stainless ARC! XL fruit and vegetable slicer takes on the big guys that other slicers are afraid of, like those big beefsteak tomatoes and the colossal onions that are just too big or too hard to slice in other machines. It can even shred heads of lettuce. Plus, with our exclusive patent-pending design, you never have to place any product directly on the blades. Our unique Pusher/Hopper allows safe and perfect positioning of the product to be sliced, as well as for loading smaller soft products for faster bulk slicing. Blade cartridges and pusher/hopper assemblies take less than 30 seconds to remove for cleaning or to change sizes to either 3/16-, 1/4- or 3/8-in. And our proprietary safety wash guards protect operators from cuts during cleaning and handling the extra-sharp blades. The ARC! XL has an ergonomic, two handed design for easier slicing of hard fruits and vegetables, and is dishwasher safe (tall door type).

Edlund Co. LLC/Ali Group

Robust Frying Right On The Countertop

Eagle’s new RedHots gas countertop fryer is a reliable, well-built compact fryer that offers flexibility, performance, style and value for money. Designed with safety, ease of operation and performance as paramount, these fryers have a stylish and robust modular design, constructed of high-quality brushed stainless steel, large “cool-to-touch” dial, large heavy-duty adjustable feet and easy-to-clean-and-remove accessories.

Eagle Group

American Panel LEEDs The Way To Cooling

Walk-in coolers, freezers and combination cold rooms are custom designed to satisfy exacting job site conditions. Choose from a large selection of metal finishes, walk-in accessories and custom engineered refrigeration systems. Get a step closer to LEED certification with superior insulation, LED lighting, scroll compressors, hot gas defrost and many more options to maximize energy savings. Upgrade to a System 200 monitoring system and retrieve HACCP records at the push of a button. American Panel Corporation—the right choice for all of your cold storage needs.

American Panel Corp.

One Oven. Endless Possibilities.

Unmatched performance, precision and quality. The all-in-one solution for efficient and consistent volume food production. Replace a convection oven, steamer, fryer, smoker and dehydrator. With zero clearance requirements and intuitive touchscreen controls, the CT PROformance is designed for any kitchen.

Alto-Shaam Inc.

Fire Ready Hood Vents And Extinguishes

Accurex’s new Fire Ready Hood, Model XRRS, functions as a standard ventilation range hood with the added capacity to suppress stove-top fires. Designed for use over a standard 30- or 36-in. residential range, the Fire Ready Hood incorporates a UL300A-listed self-contained, commercial-style automatic fire suppression system. The hood’s exhaust fan can be either manually operated with the face-mounted dial or automatically operated based on the hood temperature that is monitored by an onboard controller. If the hood temperature is elevated beyond normal operation, the controller will disable the appliance via the factory-supplied appliance disconnect. An audible alarm and dry contact will be engaged to alert occupants and building alarms of elevated temperatures. If temperatures continue to rise beyond the rating of the system’s fusible link, Amerex 660 agent will be released through four nozzles directed at the appliance and one nozzle into the exhaust duct.



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