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November 2006
Satellite Brewer Gallery

Throughout the month of September, we put out several calls to suppliers of 1.5-gal. satellite brewing system, asking them to submit materials on their newest and/or most updated models.

The suppliers below took up our offer. You’ll find details on their newest lines and upgrades, as well as their own statements on the features that define their lines in the marketplace.


Overview: Since the introduction of the 9520 SS2 Dual Automatic Satellite Coffee Brewer, Bloomfield/Carrier has upgraded some of its componentry.

Dimensions: 19 1/16”W x 20 5/8”D x 32 9/16”H

Capacity: two 1.75-gal. internally heated satellites

Supplier statement: Bloomfield offers unique features in the 9520 Satellite System. These include:

·          Energy efficiency with programmable start-up and shut-down plus an “after-hours mode” that allows for a reduced tank temperature.

·          Patented external brew chamber bypass for better coffee extraction and a design that allows for a smaller brew chamber hole for more coffee contact time.

·          Low-wattage internally heated satellites ensure maximum holding time with no chance of serving cold coffee.

·          Custom on-screen programming allows for the ultimate flavor control with pre-infusion and pulse-brew options.

·          Brewer will not brew without the satellite in place.


Overview: Introduced at the end of 2004, the C-21 single satellite brewer went through a programming and design upgrade in August ’06.

Dimensions: 10”W x 23 7/32”D x 29 1/16”H

Capacity: one 1.5-gal. satellite

Supplier statement: The C-21 Premium Coffee Brewing System is versatile, programmable, user friendly and offers full-featured technology for today’s brewing needs. Ideal for self-service applications, the C-21 line offers digital temperature control, pre-infusion, a self-service lock-out feature, a hot water faucet spigot, programmable volume selectors, water filter monitoring, built-in self-diagnostics and an easy-to-read backlit LCD display.  The C-21 is made with pride in the USA.


Overview: The ICB-Twin Black was introduced in July 2006 as part of the Infusion Series Coffee Brewer line from Bunn Corp.

Dimensions: 19 24/25”W x 25 7/25”D x 26 1/5”H

Capacity: two 1.5-gal. ThermoFresh servers

Supplier statement: Features of the ICB-Twin include:

·          Each side has three brew buttons that allow for three separate brewing profiles. Two programmable batch switches let you brew full or half batches.

·          BrewWISE intelligence with pre-infusion and pulse brew for maximum flavor extraction, plus a DBC grinder that communicates with the brewer through Smart Funnel.

·          Energy-saver mode to reduce tank temperature during idle periods.

·          Digital display in English/Spanish for easier programming and control. Advertising messages and machine status are also displayed; metric measurements are an option.

·          Compatible with BUNNlink, a continuous monitoring system that collects, analyzes and communicates data from critical electronic components.


Overview: On the market since 2000, Model CBS-2052e in the FETCO Extractor Coffee Brewer line was updated in ’04 with the addition of Lexus Thermal Dispensers.

Dimensions: 21 7/8”W x 21¼”D x 37¼”H

Capacity: two 1.5-gal. L3D-15 dispensers

Supplier statement: The FETCO Extractor Coffee Brewer Series has revolutionized the coffee brewing process. Improved software and a newly designed control panel make operation faster and easier and reduce training time. Our patented Pulse-Brew Brewing System delivers even and full saturation of the coffee bed with either continuous or intermittent surges of water. By controlling the amount of time the water stays in contact with the ground coffee, the perfect extraction can be delivered. Other innovative features include a large spray disc for optimal saturation, a Pre-Wetting Cycle that can be turned on or off to assure thorough extraction, and external calibration and setup.


Overview: Grindmaster Corp. introduced its Precision Brew PBIC-430 in September 2005.

Dimensions: 22½”W x 17¾”D x 36”H

Capacity: two 1.5-gal. vacuum-insulated shuttles

Supplier statement: Grindmaster Precision Brew Series brewers not only incorporate the latest electronic control, including programmable brew volume, temperature and sequence, they also incorporate the best mechanical systems. Inside the water tank there’s a baffle that prevents air bubbles—which typically form around the heating element during heating—from entering the brew valve, thus preventing brew volume variations due to flow restrictions in the valve. Another baffle in the water tank directs the incoming make-up water sideways, a feature that allows cold water to pool at the bottom of the tank and not mix with hot water used for brewing. And the Gourmet Spray head sprays the water over the grounds under a slight pressure so that the multiple jets of water create turbulence in the brew basket.


Overview: The Milano TPC15T digital brewing system from Wilbur Curtis debuted at the 2006 NRA Show in May.

Dimensions: 20 3/8”W x 20¼”D x 36 3/8”H

Capacity: two 1.5-gal. vacuum-insulated servers

Supplier statement:

• The Milano utilizes Curtis’ exclusive Generation Three digital control system, which provides complete control over all aspects of brewing, including time, temperature, volume and gourmet coffee functions.

• All functions are easily “tunable” from the front panel with the large digital readout. The system also features pre-set brewing recipes so you can select the coffee type and the system will automatically set all brewing functions.

• The Milano features a new Euro-styled design, giving it a whole new appearance in the satellite brewer category.

• The Milano is a non-heat system, meaning that it brews into a high-tech vacuum server which will keep the coffee at serving temperature. This server boasts an incredible heat loss factor of less than 3°F per hour.


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