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June 2006
Undercounter Gallery

Throughout the month of May, we put out several calls to undercounter warewasher suppliers, asking them to submit materials on their newest and/or most updated models. We asked for lines that had been introduced or significantly updated since June 2004.

The following nine suppliers responded to our invitation, and the products you see here represent the most up-to-date on the market. You’ll find details on the newest lines and upgrades, as well as supplier statements on the features that define their products in the marketplace.


Overview: In December 2005 ADS introduced a new version of its low-temp ET Series undercounter with sustained heat and a pumped drain.

Specs for Model ET-AF:

·          Capacity: 30 racks/hr.

·          Water consumption:

51 gals./hr.

1.7 gals./rack

·          Electrical requirements:

Sustainer heater, 0.5kW

Supplier statement: American Dish Service’s ET Series undercounter is a low-temp, low-energy unit that uses 35% less water than most other low-water brands. It boasts a full 1½-hp wash pump with the speed (90 secs./load) of a commercial upright dish machine. Dual screening prevents damaged and blocked drain pumps while easing the final cleanup process at the end of a shift. Sustained heat ensures hot water load after load. Built-in chemical feeders provide consistent cleaning results. In addition, the front door has been ergonomically reengineered with the operator in mind. This unit positions the dish rack at the perfect operating height, and when open the door protrudes into an aisle just 10” to 13”, depending on the model.


Overview: Debuting at the 2006 NRA Show, the fully redesigned UH Series of undercounters offers lower water consumption than previous Champion models.

Specs for Model UH-100B

·          Capacity: 21 racks/hr.

·          Water consumption:

38 gals./hr.

1.8 gals./rack

·          Electrical requirements:

tank heat, 1.2kW

40°F booster, 6kW

70°F booster, 9kW

Supplier statement: Reducing water consumption without sacrificing performance is very important these days. In addition to lower water consumption, each new Champion machine comes standard with a built-in 40°F-rise electric booster (70°F rise optional) that’s engineered to provide a true 180°F final rinse. Other standard features include Rinse Sentry, which extends the cycle time to ensure the temperature reaches 180°F for the final rinse; detergent and rinse aid pumps; quick 90-sec. cycle time with extended wash for difficult ware cleaning and deliming; and independent stainless steel interchangeable upper and lower wash and rinse arms. With more than 100 years in the business, Champion is well known for the quality of its products, and with three models to choose from there is one to fit any application. Low-temp model also available.


Overview: Introduced to the U.S. market at the 2006 NRA Show, the WT30 undercounter from Electrolux Professional offers a built-in water softener.

Specs for Model WT30H208WS:

·          Capacity: 30 racks/hr.

·          Water consumption:

30 gals./hr.

1 gal./rack

·          Electrical requirements:

tank heat, 2.2kW

70°F booster, 6kW

Supplier statement: The Electrolux dishwasher with built-in continuous water softener softens 100% of all incoming water, making it the most effective and efficient dishwasher with water softening in the North American market today. The system relies on an atmospheric booster, which guarantees that every plate and glass is cleaned and sanitized to perfection, without any spots or stains. For you, this means no more hand polishing or risk of breakage of delicate glassware.

Editor’s note: While it was still in field test the WT30 received recognition in the FCSI Innovation Showcase in September 2005.


Overview: Fagor’s latest undercounter line offers two designs: one with low water and energy requirements (FI-48W), and another with higher power to handle greater capacity (FI-64W).

Specs for Model FI-48W:

·          Capacity: 22 racks/hr.

·          Water consumption:

27 gals./hr.

1.22 gals./rack

·          Electrical requirements:

tank heat, 2.8kW

40°F booster, 2.8kW

Supplier statement: Fagor has been manufacturing dishwashers for more than 45 years and produces thousands of machines every year. Our recent U.S. launch of dishwashing equipment brought about an understanding that in the United States, undercounters are high-consumption machines and often require an “over spec” for some applications. This is where we found our niche, by offering two undercounters that can meet both low-consumption and high-capacity needs. Our units’ detergent, rinse and drain pumps are built-in, and the machines are made with 304 stainless tops and sides. Our exclusive “Water Assurance” feature guarantees that the required sanitizing temp during the final rinse is achieved regardless of the incoming water temp. This is done by bypassing the mechanical timer and going into a longer washing cycle until the necessary temp is reached.


Overview: Introduced in May 2004, the LXi undercounter line was reengineered in the fall of ’05 to greatly reduce water consumption.

Specs for Model LXi:

·          Capacity: 30 racks/hr.

·          Water consumption:

22.2 gals./hr.

0.74 gal./rack

·          Electrical requirements:

tank heat, 1.5kW

70°F booster, 6kW

Supplier statement: Regardless of your particular needs, Hobart has the right undercounter machine for your establishment: the high-performance, high-capacity, rugged LXi for the most demanding operations, and the lower-volume SR24. No other manufacturer offers so much advanced technology as standard: dual audible and visual empty chemical alarms, our patented 70°F-rise Sense-a-Temp booster heater, less water usage (only .74 gals. per rack) than other undercounter dish machines, and an automatic deliming cycle and notification. Additionally the LXi was the first undercounter to be registered as NAFEM Data Protocol capable, which allows equipment to interface with a PC network.


Overview: Insinger’s line of undercounters includes the recently launched high-temp GS 302 with the MediaMat Cyclo Filter system.

Specs for Model GS 302:

·          Capacity: 22 racks/hr.

·          Water consumption:

        16.5 gals./hr.

0.75 gal./rack

·          Electrical requirements:

tank heat, 2.4kW

40°F or 70°F booster, 2.6kW

Supplier statement: Insinger undercounters offer various points of differentiation, including:

·          Three levels of control: operational, management and service diagnostic.

·          Color-coded pushbutton controls.

·          Independent wash and rinse systems.

·          Food soil strainer with the MediaMat Cyclo Filter system that removes fine particles from the wash water during each cycle.

·          Extremely quiet operation.

·          Digital temperature readouts.


Overview: Jackson MSC’s JPX Series undercounters now replace the older JP machines sold through 2003. The JPX comes in both low- and high-temp versions.

Specs for Model JPX300H:

·          Capacity: 24 racks/hr.

·          Water consumption:

25.7 gals./hr.

1.07 gals./rack

·          Electrical requirements:

40°F booster, 6.7kW

70°F booster, 8.2kW

(Note: Boosters perform double duty, heating incoming water and maintaining wash tank temperature.)

Supplier statement: Jackson undercounter dish machines are ideal wherever space is at a premium. Offering a compact approach with fast, reliable results, Jackson machines clean better than any other undercounters in the industry. Machines are available in two high-performance models—high-temp and low-temp—and with options that conserve resources and enhance performance. Both units feature updated electronic controls. The low-temp JPX300L now offers an optional 70° rise sustainer heater. And the high-temp JPX300H with standard 70° booster heater now offers an optional Sani-Sure System to ensure the machine does not go into final rinse until proper rinse temperature is met. And of course Jackson continues to offer its free start-up program.


Overview: Since its introduction to the U.S. market in 2003, the Meiko undercounter line has been upgraded with the Mike 2 Controller, which allows you to communicate with your warewasher using a handheld PDA.

Specs for Model FV 40.2:

·          Capacity: 34 racks/hr.

·          Water consumption:

37.1 gals./hr.

1.09 gals./rack

·          Electrical requirements:

tank heat, 2kW

70°F booster, 6kW

Supplier statement: The following standard features are offered by Meiko:

·          The Mike 2 is a computerized control system with infrared technology that facilitates communication with a Meiko warewasher using a handheld PDA. The control system monitors all aspects of the wash cycle and allows programming of the cycle length and detergent/rinse additive injection.

·          The Active Plus System uses a double filtration approach to filter wash water, which removes soil, improves operating efficiency and saves chemicals.

·          The Auto Safe System guarantees that the minimum required wash and rinse temps are achieved regardless of incoming water temp.

·          The Aqua Stop system automatically shuts down the unit should an internal leak occur. This prevents potential damage to the washer and other equipment near the washer.

Editor’s Note: The Mike 2 Controller was recognized in the Kitchen Innovations program at the 2005 NRA Show.


Overview: Moyer Diebel introduced a new line of water- and energy-efficient undercounters at the 2006 NRA Show.

Specs for Model 301HT:

·          Capacity: 20 racks/hr.

·          Water consumption:

14.8 gals./hr.

0.74 gal./rack

·          Electrical requirements:

tank heat, 2kW

40°F booster, 4kW

70°F booster, 6kW

Supplier statement: In response to the industry’s demand to wash more wares using less water, Moyer Diebel has unveiled its new high-temp undercounter dishwashers. These machines are also energy efficient, using only a 20- or 30-amp breaker. Standard features include a built-in 40°F rise electric booster heater (70°F rise optional); Rinse Sentry to ensure a 180°F final rinse; detergent and rinse-aid pumps; stainless steel top and side panels, and a spacious 13” door opening that accommodates cafeteria trays. There are two models in the series: the 301HT, a fresh water rinse machine, and the 201HT, a fill and dump unit. A low-temp model is also available. Moyer Diebel has more than a half-century of experience and is considered an undisputed leader in the glasswashing and dishwashing industry.

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