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NEW PRODUCTS GALLERY RETURNS Welcome back to our gallery of the newest and most advanced equipment and supplies coming to market now. In this column we cover advanced products with an immediate or pending launch date, as well as recently introduced items deserving of a second look for their unique designs, new technologies or savings in energy, labor, etc.—Ed.

Some customers love pizza, and others love the drama of display cooking. Bring them all together with an open-air, rotating display pizza oven. Old Hickory has introduced “The View” Visual Pizza Oven as an intriguing and efficient way to better involve customers in their food. A gas-fired rotating metal disc bakes the crust, while an upper infrared heat source browns the cheese and toppings. You can bake six 18” pizzas at a time, with a capacity of up to 60 pies per hour. Drop the pie size to 12”, and the capacity is 140 per hour. Features include manually operated burner height, and a variable-speed rotating deck that heats in only 10 minutes. You can also use the unit for hot sandwiches, breads and calzones.
Old Hickory Bar B-Q Machines


Tired of using ice to keep your cream cheese packets and dairy creamers cold? The Countertop Chiller can free you from the tyranny of cold holding via ice, and the inevitable soggy meltdowns. This little chilled box, which debuted at the May NRA Show, uses thermoelectric technology to keep fruits, vegetables, creamers and other foods below 41[deg]F for as long as needed. The Chiller holds up to 2 qts. in a slim 7” x 7” footprint and costs a miserly 8 cents per day in electricity, says Server. The unit features brushed stainless steel with a black rim and clear plastic lid.
Server Products

Here’s a neat way to boost point-of-purchase sales at your drive-through windows: bump-out windows fitted with shelves on either side. Ready Access has two styles for you: the Bump Out 48, a single-panel slider with three adjustable stainless shelves and a built-in light to highlight products; and the Bump Out 78, a bi-parting window with six adjustable shelves and lighting on both sides. Both units come in either manual-open/self-closing or fully automatic electric. The adjustable shelves make it easy to change out products of different sizes and to highlight seasonal items.
Ready Access

Yep, broiling and energy efficiency can go together, and if broiling is your business, you’ll want to look at the energy-sipping, high-powered unit rolled out by Garland Commercial at the NRA Show in May. Called the EEB, this new over-fired gas broiler uses 20% less gas than traditional models, says Garland, and boosts productivity by up to 35%, thanks to a more consistent cook temperature across the surface. A removable drip and grease container allows for easy cleanup and maintenance. And the unit will stand up over time, thanks to heavy-duty cast-iron grates and radiants, cast-iron “H” burners, a stainless steel cover over burner controls, and a welded frame.
Garland Commercial/Enodis

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