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January 2007
Tracking The Cutting Edge


Randell unveils its new FX Series drawer with FlexiCold, a technology that allows the unit to operate as a refrigerator, freezer, rapid chiller or thaw box, and to change back and forth as needed.

You adjust temps from 40°F to 0°F and the system provides precise temp control just where it’s needed. Here’s how: The drawer lid itself provides the cooling by having an evaporator coil mounted into it. When you open the drawer, the lid stays inside the machine, and when you push the drawer back in, the lid reseals magnetically. In addition, the refrigeration system only operates when the drawer is closed, so you get efficient management of air, and with no fan blowing while the drawer is open, no ambient air is sucked into the cooling cavity. Meanwhile, the tub below the lid is made of high-impact ABS plastic and can be removed easily for cleaning. On the energy-efficiency front, you’ll conserve significant power because you’re only chilling the food in the insulated drawer tub, not the entire unit. FX technology is Energy Star approved, and you can stack drawers up to three high. Look for this one at the NRA Show in May.

Randell/Unified Brands


If you’re familiar with Lincoln’s Impinger oven technology, you’ll want to take a look at its newest model, which Lincoln says can cook up to 30% faster than previous models. Building on the Impinger approach of cooking with “finger” jets of convected air, the new FastBake uses a combination of X- and O-shaped holes in the “finger” panels, which allow a greater volume of hot air to penetrate the product more efficiently. Lincoln says a pizza, for example, would bake in less than five minutes instead of the usual six. In addition, you get Lincoln’s “bake profile” feature, which starts the cook cycle with higher heat and air velocity, eases off in the middle, and finishes with a sustained heat for browning and carmelizing. The FastBake is available as the 1400 Series, which can be stacked two units high, or the low-profile 1600 Series, which stacks three high. All come with a 32” belt and a 40” cook chamber.

Lincoln Foodservice Products/Enodis


Microbes and grease particles that congregate in ventless hoods give up the ghost when faced with ultraviolet light. Which is exactly why hoodmaker Giles has begun fitting its line of ventless hoods with UV light technology. The inner workings are deceptively simple: Cooking emissions are drawn into the hood and through a series of filters before coming into contact with the UV rays. When emissions pass through the rays, a chemical reaction converts the remaining grease molecules into water, carbon dioxide and mineral acids. Presto, change-o, no more grease. The technology will be available on certain hood models in the first quarter of the year, says Giles.

Giles Foodservice Equipment


Here’s a power-cooking combo worthy of the busiest restaurant with the tightest kitchen space: a Steam Shell Griddle by American Griddle parked atop a Market Forge Convection Oven. This hot combo marries the power of steam with the speed of convection cooking. On top, you get the steam-heated griddle (choose from 24” or 36” widths) with a pair of hinged lids that let you inject steam to cook food on all sides. And below, the convection oven is a marine model, says Market Forge, meaning it has a more compact build. The oven comes with five stainless shelves and features a cooking cavity of 27 3/8”W x 20”H x 24 5/8”D. One massive order of bacon, eggs, pancakes and biscuits, coming right up!

Market Forge Industries



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