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February 2007
Gas Fryer Gallery

As you’ve just read in our cover story, significant developments have emerged in gas frying in the last 24 months, especially in terms of energy efficiency. In this section you’ll find submissions from the major fryer manufacturers, who were asked to send us details on gas floor models that have been introduced or significantly updated since February 2005.

Read on for specs on the newest products, upgrades and line extensions, as well as supplier statements on what makes these technologies unique in the marketplace. These fryers are not necessarily comparable in terms of capacity, but they all represent the newest units in the gas fryer category.—Ed

Note: Supplier Statements are not to be taken as editorial endorsements.


Overview: A design that increases the surface area of the heat exchanger helps make the Fry-Tech ASF-75G, new from Alto-Shaam in 2005, a highly efficient fryer.

Capacity: 73 lbs.

Btu/hr. input: 120,000

Frying area: 15” x 22”


·          Burner and heat exchanger system powered by fan-assisted combustion

·          Built-in controls for ignition and flame rectification

·          Solid-state dual controls with programmable memory and manual operation

·          Dual-basket auto lift

·          Reusable filter mesh and mobile trolley for oil disposal

Ratings/Certifications: ETL

Supplier Statement: The Alto-Shaam Fry-Tech gas fryer has been rated at a 71% level of efficiency by the Food Service Technology Center of San Ramon, Calif. This is currently the highest rating within the gas fryer market, compared with fryers of the same type. This efficiency level is attributed to a more effective heat exchanger system designed to reduce connected gas demand and provide quick recovery of oil temperatures. The Fry-Tech gas fryer also offers a dual, solid-state controller with six programmable product keys and full range of programming features.


Overview: In 2005 Anetsberger Bros. updated its GoldenFRY line with a new flat bottom model. The design of the FB allows for both oil frying and water boiling.

Capacity: 100 lbs. shortening; 8-12 gals. water

Btu/hr. input: 120,000

Frying area: 24” x 24”


·          Copper-flashed heat exchangers welded to bottom of cook tank aid heat transfer, recovery

·          Dual shortening levels for varying cooking capacities

·          Stainless open filter tank removes easily for cleaning

·          Filter intake draws shortening from top and bottom so residue is minimal

·          Recessed controls

Ratings/Certifications: NSF, ETL

Supplier Statement: Anets’ unique stud technology provides superior heat transfer, higher recovery and increased efficiency. The deluxe design that combines two models in one allows for both oil and water applications. An optional Anets built-in filter system for oil-based applications can be integrated into cabinet model. The Anets flat bottom fryer/kettle stands apart with its construction of 316 marine-grade steel.


Overview: Frymaster/Enodis launched the H55 High Efficiency Series in September 2005 with a focus on quick recovery time, low idle rates and ease of cleaning.

Capacity: 50 lbs.

Btu/hr. input: 80,000

Frying area: 14” x 15”


·          Electronic ignition and melt cycle

·          Turbo-jet infrared burners

·          Solid-state controller

·          Centerline temp sensor

·          Boil-out mode

Ratings/Certifications: Energy Star, NSF, CSA, CE

Other models: the H55-2 split-pot unit featuring a 25-lb. capacity and 40,000 Btu/hr. input on each side

Supplier Statement: Combining state-of-the-art technology with decades of frying experience, Frymaster’s H55 gas fryer reaches new levels of energy efficiency and performance to “fit the way you fry.”

·          Highly proficient infrared burners optimize air/gas mixture to burn less gas, exceeding Energy Star standards for energy efficiency.

·          Low cost of ownership is attributed to energy saving; the extra durability of the frypot’s titanium-stainless steel alloy construction; common replacement parts that cost less; and features maximizing oil life such as optional built-in FootPrint Pro Filtration.

·          Signature open-pot design makes the pot fully accessible and easy to clean.


Overview: Infinity, a division of Aga Foodservice, joined the gas fryer roster with its 2005 launch of Infinity Pre-Mix Gas Fryers. Model G2845 is highlighted here.

Capacity: 35 lbs.

Btu/hr. input: 82,500

Frying area: 12” x 19”


·          Full pre-mix burner system

·          Electronic ignition and melt cycle

·          Solid-state controller

·          Integrated paperless and powderless oil maintenance system

·          Flat bottom pot design

·          Stainless dust cover

Ratings/Certifications: Energy Star, NSF, CSA

Other models: the G2848 with eight-button programmable controls; G28416 with 16-button controls

Supplier Statement: Infinity’s fryer utilizes a pre-mix burner system coupled with a heat exchange method to deliver superior efficiency. Thus, the 38-lb. fry pot can out-produce a conventional 50-lb. fryer, and can do it using less gas and oil. Every Infinity fryer comes with built-in filtration that can be done with a flick of a switch even at operating temperatures, thus making it easy for an extra quick filter after that lunch time rush to give you cleaner oil and a better tasting product. The Infinity fryer also reduces free fatty acid formation in shortening so your fried product comes out with less saturated fat.


Overview: In May 2006 Pitco/Middleby extended its Solstice line with three Solstice Supreme2 High Efficiency Fryers. Details below apply to the SSH55.

Capacity: 40-50 lbs.

Btu/hr. input: 80,000

Frying area: 14” x 14”


Matchless ignition

Self-cleaning burners that offer heat transfer via baffles

Solid-state thermostat with melt cycle and boil-out mode

Down-draft protection

Ratings/Certifications: Energy Star, NSF, CSA

Other models: the Energy Star-certified SSH55T split model, with each side featuring a 20-25-lb. capacity and 40,000 Btu/hr. input; and the SSH75, with a 75-lb. capacity and Btu/hr. input of 105,000.

Supplier Statement: Designed to complement its other Solstice Gas Fryer offerings, the Solstice Supreme High Efficiency Series is the result of two years of engineering and testing at global restaurant chains. The line incorporates patented automatic self-cleaning burners, which go through a daily 30-second cleaning cycle to keep them tuned to operate at peak efficiency. The Solstice Supreme High Efficiency Series allows you to mix and match any of the three models, which come with capacities of 25, 50 and 75 lbs., and you can choose a two-step filtration system with a self-guiding filter pan.


Overview: In 2007 Vulcan-Hart will offer the 2XG45DF Combo system, which combines a single GR45 fryer with the newly upgraded KleenScreen Plus filtration systems and the newly introduced GRO15 Frymate dump station.

Capacity: 45 lbs.

Btu/hr. input: 120,000

Frying area: 14” x 14”


·          KleenScreen offers a choice of two filter options (see statement below)

·          Fryer features electronic ignition and solid-state control

·          Four heat exchanger tubes are positioned for ease of cleaning

·          Automatic and manual boil-out modes

Ratings/Certifications: NSF, CSA

Supplier Statement: The 2XG45DF Combo system features a redesign of the KleenScreen filtration system. The new Plus unit offers a choice of two filtering options: a paperless stainless mesh screen or an FDA-approved fabric envelope for filtering heavy debris. The flow rate on the filter pump and motor has been upgraded from 5.6 gpm to 8.0 gpm for 2007. Meanwhile, the new Frymate dump station allows you to attach it to the fry battery on the right or left side, or to use it as a standalone unit. The station includes a removable perforated sloped scoop liner and removable grease tray. Tank warranty on the GR45 is 12 years.

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