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February 2007
Tracking The Cutting Edge

Tackling fat-clogged water lines? Need some nifty new ways to light your spaces? Read on for details on recently introduced products for these applications and others.—Ed.


Fat-, oil- and grease-induced blockages in your water lines call for messy, pricey repairs, and installing external grease traps to meet local FOG regs is no fun either. One way to stop blockages before they start is to install a Goslyn FOG recovery device. This nifty oil collection box, which debuted in the United States last summer after five years of use in the United Kingdom, can be hooked up to the drain lines under your sinks, warewasher, combi oven or steamer. First, the strainer traps solid waste. Next, water (heavier) and oil (lighter) are separated using a system of baffles, weirs and hydrostatic pressure. The trapped grease—some 98% of it, according to NSF tests—flows into a see-through container that you empty into your waste-oil bin, while the virtually FOG-free water flows cleanly into the sewer. Since there are no moving parts to monitor or a motor to switch on or off, the unit is always working. All you do is install it and empty the strainer and oil-collection container when they are full.

Goslyn LP


If you’ve been searching for totally new ways to light your spaces, CeeLite might be your answer. It takes lighting into an entirely new dimension, literally. The recently debuted lighting product, named by Time magazine as one of the “Best Inventions of 2006,” is as thin as a sheet of laminated paper and just as flexible. CeeLite’s Light Emitting Capacitor technology gives the panels 99% uniform surface illumination, with minimal power use and no heat. The LEC panels let you turn <I>any<I> flat surface, indoor or out, into a light source. For restaurants, think illuminated graphics displayed on rounded pillars; glowing panels set into floors, walls, ceilings; rows of glass bottles lit from below on bar shelves; or glowing logos displayed on window glass, to name a few applications. The panels come in round, portrait and landscape formats, up to 3’x 6’ in size. They operate on DC or AC electrical current and are cUL and FCC approved.  



Burlodge brought a new approach to convection retherm/chill stations when it introduced the BPod in December. BPod keeps food at its proper temperature using air that flows in from the top and channels individually to each tray. The self-sealing thermal barriers mean there’s no need to include empty trays in the slots when fewer-than-capacity trays are delivered. The BPod’s two-stage retherm cycle is easier on the food thanks to temperatures that are higher at the beginning and lower at the end. The unit’s Smart Temp feature saves energy by retherming at lower temperatures when the cart is only partially full. BPod boasts one of the smaller footprints available: It fits in a docking station that measures 35”W x 38¾”D.

Burlodge USA


An invisible cascading blanket of chilled air is all that lies between your customers and your point-of-purchase display when you use Randell’s new Grab-N-Go Display Case, introduced in October. Your guests will appreciate the reach-and-go ease of being able to choose specialty beverages, ready-made salads or sandwiches all kept at 40[deg]F throughout the day. And you’ll appreciate the unit’s balanced expansion valve refrigeration system, hot-gas condensate evaporator, and electronic digital controller, which provides precise temp maintenance and enables automatic defrost cycles. Also useful: user-friendly stainless steel tiered display platforms that remove easily for cleaning, and built-in fluorescent lighting. The case comes in 36” and 40” lengths with an all-black or optional stainless steel exterior finish.

Randell/Unified Brands

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