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March 2007
On Display:  This Year's KI Honorees
By: The Editors

When you hit this year’s NRA Show, scheduled for May 19-22 at Chicago’s McCormick Place, head first for the Kitchen Innovations Pavilion. You’ll find the 2007 KI recipients, 19 in all, waiting for you.

Action Comax Environmental, BioX. This food waste decomposition unit uses a biological process to break down up to 1,500 lbs./day of food waste. It fits in a kitchen, is odorless, and produces waste that can be flushed down the drain or used for irrigation.

Alto-Shaam, Combitherm Smoker. This new countertop piece serves as a combi oven-steamer with a patented smoker system. Boilerless design eliminates many of the maintenance issues associated with conventional, boiler-based steam units.

Alto-Shaam, ASF-75G Gas Fryer. A radical new burner and heat exchanger arrangement earns superior marks for efficiency in third-party ASTM test procedures, and extended oil life contributes to economical operation.

Beverage-Air/Carrier, ChillStar. This new blast chiller with Intelligent Food Recognition uses a multi-sensor probe to optimize chilling without degrading surface quality.

Blodgett/Middleby, XCEL.5E Hydrovection. The first self-cleaning electric convection oven uses numerous design innovations to radically reduce cleaning labor.

Campus Products, Silvershine Cutlery Drying Machine. This dryer uses 170°F-heated granulate and UV light to polish and sanitize.

Cleveland Range/Enodis, Convotherm 606 Mini-Combi Oven Steamer. This one got an innovation nod at Equip’Hotel in Paris, too, for bringing full-size-type features, plus energy and water efficiency, to a countertop unit.

Delfield Co./Enodis, Versa Drawer. This refrigerated piece gives you four separately controlled drawer units in one footprint so you can refrigerate, freeze, chill and thaw.

Electrolux Professional, Tilting Pressure Braising Pan. All the advantages of a tilting braising pan, plus pressurization that shortens cook times by as much as half.

Hobart Corp., 3000 Series Slicer. “Select-a-stroke” lets you set stroke length, and numerous detail refinements take sanitation and cleanability to the next level.

Lincoln Foodservice Products/Enodis, FastBake. Next-generation impingement technology improves finished-goods quality, saves energy and pushes cook times a claimed 10% to 30% faster.

Master-Bilt Products, Master Controller with Reverse Cycle Defrost. It does what it says: The system reverses the flow of hot gas refrigerant all the way back through the evaporator, in effect defrosting from the inside of the coil, reducing defrost times and in the process, cutting energy usage.

Meiko, Waste Air Heat Recovery System. This system for warewashers reclaims heat that ordinarily would be waste and channels it to preheat incoming rinse water. The payoff: significant energy savings.

Pitco Frialator/Middleby, Solstice Rethermalizer. A unique burner/baffle design is the story here, putting more heat on target, more quickly, for faster cooking and better energy efficiency.

Pitco Frialator/Middleby, Solstice Supreme Gas Fryer. Like the Solstice Rethermalizer, this fryer uses a unique burner/baffle system that eliminates the need for a blower fan, which reduces excess airflow and greasy buildup.

San Jamar, Kleen-Brush. This clever assembly mounts a fingernail/hand brush to any gooseneck faucet and accepts most leading brands of brushes.

Scotsman Ice Systems/Enodis, Prodigy Cube Ice Machine. Patented mineral-sensing technology powers the WaterSense purge control, which adjusts purge water volume based on how much mineral residue needs to be removed.

Randell/Unified Brands, FX Series. This Energy Star-rated series of refrigerated drawers uses a patented magnetic lid sealing an insulated insert to assure security, temperature control and energy efficiency.

Vulcan-Hart Co., PowerSteam. This floor-model gas steamer uses a combination of high-output generator and efficient burner design to create and sustain 235°F superheated steam, greatly increasing productivity.


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