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April 2007
Serving Line Gallery
The Editors

Whether your operations need snap-in-place serving systems, fully customized serving lines or something in between, these suppliers can help. In February we put out a call to the major serving line equipment makers, asking for details on their products and capabilities. You’ll find the details they submitted below.

Note: Supplier Statements are not to be taken as editorial endorsements.


Overview: Among its many options in serving lines, Atlas Metal Industries offers the CW/CA Series, available in stainless steel or aluminum construction and featuring a self-locking device that automatically links units when you push them together.


·          Component options include cold and hot drop-ins, carving units, utility units, reach-in ice cream units, frost tops, salad bar cutouts, custom graphics and more.

·          Drop-in refrigerated display cases with pass-through design enable quick changeover to refrigerated service.

·          Designer Series options provide laminate finishes with stainless trim as well as a line of designer accessories that include recessing casters with skirting and laminate tray slides with runners.

·          Construction of most stainless pieces is 16-ga. 304 stainless.

Supplier statement:

Atlas Metal provides a Modular Serving System design that your customers can count on. For example, the CW modular unit shown here is ideal for colleges and universities, corporate dining, casinos, and hotels. When you combine Atlas quality, reputation and expert engineering, you can achieve a “visual presentation” that sets the standard required by many of our industry’s leading foodservice consultants. So you know you can purchase the Atlas line with confidence.


Overview: In addition to its traditional serving lines, Carter-Hoffmann offers the Quick Serve Speedline, a mobile, modular, self-serve cafeteria system designed for pre-packaged foods.


·          Component options include heated units, refrigerated units, heated display merchandisers, solid tops, ice cream freezers and cashier units.

·          Self-serve tiered overshelves provide more serving space for items not requiring heat or refrigeration.

·          Other options include tray slides, elementary height units, ADA units and custom lamination.

·          Construction of most front, rear and end panels is 18-ga. 300 series stainless.

Supplier statement: Features that differentiate Carter-Hoffmann self-serve cafeteria systems include all-stainless steel construction (no galvanized parts) and patented dual-fan motors in the heated and refrigerated servers, which offer good heating/cooling capabilities and redundancy; if one fan stops, there’s still another to operate the cabinet until it can be serviced. Quick Serve pieces can also be combined with Carter-Hoffmann’s traditional cafeteria systems, to create a truly unique serving line that’s suited to your needs.


Overview: In addition to its Shelleybasic, Shelleyglas and Shelleysteel serving systems, Delfield/Enodis now offers the Shelleyspeed line for pre-packaged menu offerings.


·          Component options include hot and cold units, refrigerated and freezer units, utility units, display cases and cashier units.

·          Exterior side panels are reinforced with overlapping corners and welded in place.

·          Top is fabricated with square exterior corners that feature fully hemmed nosing on overhanging sides.

·          Stainless steel, fully retractable interlocks are installed on opposing corners to lock units into a complete serving system.

·          Body construction is 18-ga. stainless; exterior top is constructed of 14-ga. stainless and is welded, ground and polished into one integral unit.

Supplier statement: Shelleyspeed, a new system by Delfield, is perfect for schools or hospitals utilizing pre-packaged foods. It can be used as the foundation of their lunch program, as a supplemental piece in their current foodservice program, or as a grab-and-go option away from the traditional cafeteria. Whatever way you use a speed line, it can offer you labor savings, increased speed of service or an influx of à la carte sales.


Overview: Duke Mfg. combines modularity and customization in its serving systems, bolting together a series of modular cabinets and then “dressing” them with full-length custom tops and front décor panels to suit your custom needs.


·          Channel supports to enclose the mullions and undershelf turndowns; provides strength and helps prevent vermin intrusion.

·          Front-panel channel supports for lateral rigidity.

·          1” x 4” x 1” 14-ga. vertical support channels at all trayslide bracket locations.

·          2” x 4” x 2” 14-ga. support channels at all caster/leg locations.

·          Undershelving with two 2¾”-diameter utility access holes for lateral rigidity.

·          The body, not the top, supports all hot food wells, cold pans and frost tops.

Supplier statement: All of our serving systems—AeroServ, Thurmaduke and our Next Generation Serving & Merchandising System—use our metal (300-series stainless steel or power-coat painted) panelized cabinet construction. This construction utilizes individual front and end panels along with other structural components to provide you with a strong modular cabinet.


Overview: Multiteria offers modular components that work as a flexible serving system, relying on a structural framework with configurable tops and interchangeable add-ons. The system allows sections to be rearranged or added as menus and volume change.


·          Component options include hot and cold units, fresh grills, utility units and cashier units.

·          Tight Link interlocking mechanism provides seamless docking with other modules for a “built-in” look.

·          Interchangeable decorator exterior panels.

·          Framed food shield with tempered glass panels.

·          Interchangeable top configurations available.

Supplier statement: Using the same heavy-duty stainless steel tubular construction as custom fabricators, Multiteria’s goal is to retain the benefits of custom fabrication while offering the cost and lead-time advantages of modular construction. Our Tight Link feature eliminates the problem of uneven tops and vertical gaps between counters, and we offer wide choices of décor panels and countertops. We specialize only in serving counters and systems, and whether it’s a menu change or updating the look of your servery, Multiteria is easily convertible without requiring the purchase of new counters.


Overview: Randell’s RanServe mobile stations provide modular interlocking units that can be set up in straight lines, U-shapes or L-shapes, while RanSpec modular custom configurations use pre-designed components in combinations to suit your needs.


·          Common electrical distribution system for banking units together.

·          Concealed spring-activated locking mechanism to combine units.

·          Control panel located on chef’s side.

·          Hinged louver to provide access to temp controls and cleaning of condenser coil.


·          Lower compressor operating temperatures that prolong the life and efficiency of refrigeration.

·          Cold-wall conductive cooling using cold-transfer plates helps maximize efficiency and consistency in pan cooling.

·          16-ga. top and standard undershelves supported with heavy-gauge U-channel supports that provide additional strength.

·          Hot food well, cold pan and sink openings all integrally designed and built into the top as one piece, or installed from below, for a clean design and easy-to-clean work surface.

Supplier statement: Randell’s focus on serving lines is flexibility in both functionality and appearance. By offering three distinct choices—our fiberglass and steel-laminate RanServe lines along with our RanSpec modular custom counters—Randell products provide flexibility at various price points so we can meet your specific requirements. The finishes can be everything from stainless to laminates, solid surfaces and exotic panels, plus you have multiple options in serving shelves and sneeze guards. Flexibility in features and architectural look come together with Randell serving lines.

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