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May 2007
By: Jennifer Hicks

With new halls dedicated to equipment, Germany's Internorga is rolling out products galore.

If you're looking for a European show known for its new-product introductions, check out Internorga. Within a few short years the show in Hamburg, Germany, has advanced among European exhibitions as a place where more new products are introduced than ever before.

This year's annual event, held in March at the Hamburg Messe, opened up three new halls dedicated solely to equipment suppliers, and once those suppliers moved in, not an inch of extra exhibit space was to be found in the 65,000-sq.-ft. Kitchen Equipment and Technology area.

In addition, the pre-show Int'l. Foodservice Forum took place again this year, drawing 1,000 European operators for a review of international chain development. (We'll bring you more details from the Forum in a future issue.)

Internorga's overall development will continue. By 2009, the Hamburg Messes expects to expand the total show space to 275,000 sq. ft., up from this year's 262,000 sq. ft. Twenty-three nations were represented among exhibitors and visitors in 2007.

Mark your calendars: The next Internorga will take place March 7-12, 2008. And read on for some of the new things we saw on the show floor.

Blanco has brought "liquid ice" technology to the world of cook-chill transport with its Ice System. Liquid ice is a mixture of water, ice crystals and ethanol, a combo with the consistency of a runny milkshake, says Blanco. The ethanol keeps the mixture from freezing completely and maintains a constant temperature. The Ice System now includes new Tray Transport Trolleys that don't need a power supply, since circulating liquid ice keeps product cold, and in accordance with HACCP guidelines, for up to 12 hrs. Further, no waste heat is produced because there's no electrical power supply. To use, you push a trolley into the docking station, where liquid ice is run into the trolley's cooling lines in a few minutes. No pre-cooling is needed; the liquid ice cools the trolley immediately, and each trolley can accommodate 16 or 20 Euronorm trays.

Convotherm/Enodis introduced HACCP Live, a system designed to handle all HACCP documentation related to Convotherm combis and chillers. The European operator needs an interface—a USB port, RS232, RS485 or Ethernet hookup—and once set to run, the HACCP Live gathers data automatically, as a combi or chiller is in operation. All data can be sorted, tracked, archived and printed from a PC, and all Convotherm models built after 1997 can be connected to HACCP Live. Up to 120 steamers can be used with the system. Currently available only in Germany.

Eloma has extended its Genius line of combis with the new Genius T, introduced in Central Europe last October and globally in January 2007. The Genius T stores 300 recipes plus an individual list of favorites, and offers nifty pictograms for easy program selection. You get a patented steam protection system that automatically extracts steam from the chamber following the cooking process, so there's no hazardous steam pouring out when you open the door. Meanwhile, a multi-point core temp sensor helps you monitor product safety, and a HACCP manager lets you download and store all cooking processes to your PC. In use you can choose from nine cooking methods and nine menu groups, all appearing as multi-colored pictograms. More than five gas and electric models are available.

Spectra took its place at Internorga as the newest coffee system from Franke Bremer. Three modular models plus options and add-ons let you build the coffee- and hot-chocolate-making system you need, says Franke. Spectra S offers one to three grinders, a hot-water dispenser, milk system, espresso-brewing system, and an automatic cleaning program for its coffee-plus-milk unit. Meanwhile, the narrow Spectra X machine delivers four brewing levels and a dry coffee grounds discharger, and Spectra I provides one powder-dosage unit so it can be used as a hot chocolate dispenser. You also get powdered milk and instant coffee capability with Spectra I. All models feature a basic keypad or can be outfitted with a touch-operating unit that relies on full-color pictograms. A Vetro touchpad makes the machines ready for self-service.
Franke Bremer

At the ISI booth, the Thermo Xpress Whip was instantly transforming cream into whipped cream with the activation of a pump. The unit's double-wall stainless steel vacuum bottle keeps cold contents cool up to 8 hrs. and warm contents warm up for 3 hrs. A riser tube system allows for dispensing via pushbutton, and the unit comes with a nonslip drip tray. And since the unit works via a closed and sealed system, it meets HACCP requirements. The Thermo Xpress stands nearly 16" tall and may also be used for sauces. A version of the Thermo Whip is available in North America.

Lohberger, European specialist in gas, electric and induction equipment, brought several new pieces to Internorga, including a freshly designed kettle for cook-chill operations. The new kettle uses a closed system to circulate either hot or cold water, and Lohberger says the closed nature of the system saves energy and water. The unit can be installed permanently on the floor, built on casters or cantilevered. Further, the unit doesn't tilt the way a typical kettle does, which makes it more affordable for smaller operations that don't need the tilting capability.

A compact new undercounter from Miele made its debut, offering the ability to clean stemware, beer mugs, champagne glasses and more using various run times. The new PG 8067 cleans nearly 3,000 glasses per hour, says Miele, and features four programs: short, standard and intensive, plus a self-cleaning program that automatically rinses the cabinet without additional manual labor needed. The unit can be installed under a counter or as a freestanding model that's raised to a user-friendly height. Other features: a rotating wash/rinse spray arm system and a pressure booster pump as standard.

Rational touted its new Club Rational, a service that provides an Internet portal for SelfCooking Center owners to exchange information and recipes. The program also provides software upgrades—loadable through a USB port already built-in to existing and new SelfCooking Centers—that will continue to be available for the life of each owner's unit. The SelfCooking Center's technology detects product-specific requirements, the size of the food to be cooked and load size. Then the unit automatically calculates cooking time, temperature and ideal cooking cabinet climate on an individual basis. It continuously monitors and adjusts 3,600 times per hour to achieve the desired result, says Rational. Models are available in gas or electric.

At the Stierlen booth, the Novaflex II regeneration system was on display. Made by Burlodge, the system allows you to regenerate meals in one step and then remove them, all plated and on trays, as one group via transport trolley. The system produces no condensation, says Stierlen, and allows you to choose any type of plates. The display shows time and temperature, and you get an integrated HACCP tracking system. Hose cleaning of the docking station is a snap, while the transfer cart can be cleaned with high-pressure cleaning equipment. The HACCP Information Technology system lets you document all data to meet the newest HACCP guidelines.

The pass-through GS 515 can operate as both a dish and utensil washer because of its sizable wash chamber, high working entry height and oscillating lower wash arms, which Winterhalter says create a scouring action to clean heavily soiled items. Operation starts with a simple touch of color-coded controls, and a self-diagnostic system allows for quick identification of trouble spots. The one-piece, seamless wash tank maintains a high level of hygiene, and a fine-mesh tank filter provides 100% coverage of the wash tank area, says Winterhalter. Further, a Mediamat Cyclo water purification system continuously extracts fine food soil. Pumps, water softener and chemical containers are located within the cabinet; automatic self-cleaning is activated with the touch of a button.

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