May 2007
By: The Editors

Welcome to this month's product gallery, focused on the latest in high-volume blenders. We invited the major makers of these units to submit their newest and most updated models or lines. You'll find specs and features reviewed below, as well as supplier state-ments addressing the key features of their blending machines.

Ed. Note: Supplier statements are not to be taken as editorial endorsements.


Overview: Introduced in May 2006, the Q-Series from Blendtec is based on the company s flagship Smoother line and adds multiple sound reduction features.

Motor/hp: 3 and higher, depending on model

RPM: 30,000


Container: 64-oz. polycarbonate; 96-oz. five-sided jar option

Supplier statement: Blendtec has delivered taste and texture to frozen drinks, coffees, smoothies and ice cream programs for more than a decade. With new Q-Series sound technology, this powerful blender is now also a quiet, high-performance unit, eliminating roughly half of the audible sound associated with normal blender operations. With Blendtec, there is never a need to fiddle with knobs or switches. The 30 microprocessor-controlled blend cycles will handle a full range of blending requirements from frozen cof-fees, ice cream shakes, margaritas and daiquiris to salsas, sauces and dressings, all at the touch of a button.


Overview: Introduced in June 2006, the Revolution Shaver Blender from Hamilton Beach offers an ice portioning system and sound reduction technology.

Motor/hp: 3

RPM: 10,000


Container: 64-oz. polycarbonate

Supplier statement: The Revolution blender is a unique ice por-tioning system that counts the number of times the agitator passes the shaver blade. Regardless of the motor load, the correct amount of ice comes out every time. The Revolution was also designed with a double-wall hopper, which reduces noise and allows the ice to melt at a slower rate. A hopper sensor prevents operation when the lid is not in place, and a drain sensor indicates if water has backed up into the drain.


Overview: The Blending Station Advance from Vita-Mix offers variable control with 93 speeds and a sound-abatement cover to reduce noise levels.

Motor/hp: 3



Container: 48-oz. polycarbonate

Supplier statement: The new Blending Station Advance has all the features of previous Blending Station machines, but offers more recipe programs, better performance and a streamlined cover that will save counter space. The programming for the Advance machines is optimized for the XP Container and Blade, so per-formance is increased while blending time is reduced. A new easy-to-grip handle and unique cover-hinge design allow for smooth opening and closing with no fear of the cover slamming shut.


Overview: Waring Commercial expanded its blending capabilities with the introduction of the Xtreme Hi-Power Blender Series in November 2006.

Motor/hp: 3.5

RPM: 45,000

Container: 64-oz. stainless steel, 64-oz. polycarbonate or 48-oz. polycarbonate


Supplier statement: The Xtreme Hi-Power Blender 1500XT Series represents the top of the line in the company's Xtreme collection, which consists of six distinct products in the half-gallon high-power blender market. Features include an LCD display with blue backlight for easy viewing and program selection, and four repro-grammable one-touch beverage stations. The stations are preset for liquid drinks, frozen drinks, ice cream drinks and smoothies. These beverage stations also allow you to add your own customized pro-gram and store it in memory for repeated use.