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June 2007
Featured Products
By: The Editors


Here's a handy fryer, just released to the market in March. Frymaster/Enodis has developed a slim vat-and-a-half-sized electric fryer for non-traditional restaurant ops that can be used under a ventless hood. The idea is for you to use the smaller frypot during slow periods (saving energy and prolonging shortening life), and both vats during busy periods. The FPH14-7 Full Vat/Half Vat electric fryer—E4 for short—holds up to 50 lbs. of shortening in the full-sized vat; and 20-25 lbs. in the smaller one. The E4's filtration system sits directly under the unit, taking no extra space. It features an automatic rear flush filter system that shifts sediment to the front drain valve for quick removal—the process takes about 3 mins. The E4 is available with stainless pot and door, with enamel cabinet or with stainless pot, door and cabinet.



Put away your paper towels and cleaning chemicals—you won't need them when you've got Illbruck Foamtec's green-and-white ECO eraser cleaning products on hand. All you do is dampen them with water and rub away dirt, stains, grime and scuff marks from walls, granite, tile and more. The sponges, created in Germany, also remove soap scum and hard-water deposits from kitchen surfaces. Used dry, they remove haze and fingerprints from stainless steel, glass and mirrors. ECO products include soft cleaning wipes for cleaning tight spots; eraser/sponge wipes with a white eraser side for tough dirt and an absorbent green side to soak up spills; large eraser blocks; and "stainless steel" cleaning pads.

Illbruck Foamtec


E-Chef by Delfield makes it easy to create the ideal chef counter. The modular system combines freestanding fabrication, hot food tables and Delfield's standard refrigeration models to create the production unit you need—and better yet, the modular format gives you the flexibility to reconfigure your kitchen as menus change. Choose from such modules as these: hot food table, sink, open utility shelf, soup well, ice pan, double-tiered shelves and refrigerated pizza prep tables. The modules are assembled using 18-gauge stainless steel construction with sturdy bracing.

Delfield Co./Enodis


Everpure has launched an improved, more affordable-than-ever HSD Ultra-Filtration Series. The advanced HSD features a hollow fiber membrane for "absolute" filtration of fine particulates—sediment, cysts, bacteria and viruses as small as 0.02 micron—while allowing accumulated material to be flushed away. Performance of downstream carbon filters will dramatically improve since protection from particulate corruption extends their life and reduces change-outs. The multi-programmable controller can be set for different flush durations and intervals, minimizing water waste.

Everpure Inc


Kitchen burn injuries are bad, bad news—for the victim and also for your operation's productivity. So it makes "cents" for you to offer the best possible protection for employees working around steam. From Tucker Safety Products comes BurnGuard Effective Protective Apparel products with VaporGuard. This product line, including NSF-approved oven mitts, aprons and pot holders, guards against hot liquids, steam, temperatures of up to 500°F and open flame, the company says. The VaporGuard-enhanced material blocks steam burns whether it's wet or dry. Oven mitts and gloves come with interchangeable liners for easy cleaning; all products can be washed up to 70 times while maintaining effectiveness.

Tucker Safety Products


It's hard to resist a hot pizza pocket or a warm, ready-to-go sandwich, especially when they're piled onto a Mini-Merchandising Warmer from Hatco. The unit, a.k.a. UGMW-1, helps you maximize counter space through an attractive product display. Food stays warm from above and below thanks to ceramic top heat and a hard-coated, heated base. A thermostat controls the heated base, extending holding times. Infrared top heat extends to the outer edges of the holding surface where the heat loss tends to be greatest. An incandescent light (from a shatter-proof bulb) spotlights the food, while an acrylic sneeze guard helps protect it from airborne germs. The UGMW-1 comes in black and five other colors. It holds one half-size sheet pan.

Hatco Corp.


"Gripping" news from Polar Ware about the company's new steam table pan. The pan features a raised edge—a rim that's ½" high, to be precise. The extra high rim makes the pan easier to handle when setting it into or removing from a steam well. The Grip-N-Lift rim eliminates the need for prying the pan up with a utensil, and makes it safer to handle around hot steam. The Edge pans can be stacked with most pans, are compatible with other pan accessories, and feature curved corners for easy scooping with utensils.

Polar Ware Co.


Put an end to that crazy scatter of soft drink lids spilled across your beverage station counters. The EZ-Fit Lid Dispenser from San Jamar gives you a simple way to keep beverage lids stacked and counters organized. EZ-Fit's one-handed operation maintains continuous guest flow at beverage counters. Since only one lid is removed at a time, the risk of foodborne illness goes way down. And the EZ-Fit lets you load a full sleeve of lids into the dispenser, so you're not constantly refilling. Two sizes are available to dispense most cold beverage cup lids. The simple design requires no adjustments or special parts for different lid sizes. In-counter models can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

San Jamar


Koala rises to new heights with the introduction of its new, stackable Designer High Chair. The chair is sturdy—it meets current ASTM safety guidelines—and its seamless polyethylene construction means easier cleanup and maintenance, not to mention comfort for its young occupants. And it's safe, too. The chair features a fixed-position safety strap and curved seat-back design to prevent risky upside-down use as an infant carrier holder. Choose from black, gray, brown, tan, blue, red and green.

Koala Kare


Pizza production becomes twice as fast when you can fit two 16" pizzas side by side on the belt of a conveyor oven. The large conveyor ovens in Star's new line of Ultra-Max High-Capacity Gas Impingement Ovens could well be the answer for busy pizzerias, hotels, schools and other high-volume venues. The new ovens are available with 40" - and 55" -long baking chambers; both models feature a 32" -wide belt. Other features include a lift-off hinged front door, easily removable tri-fold conveyor belt, front nozzle plate and stainless steel oven cavity that make cleaning faster and easier.

Star Mfg. Co.


As Sherlock might say to his friend, "It's elementary, my dear Watson. Good coffee requires good water." One way to achieve Good Water is by installing the new TFS150 Reverse Osmosis Filter System by Cuno Foodservice. The wall-mounted system produces 150-225 gals./day and comes with a precision blending valve that lets you dial in the exact percentage of the dissolved minerals that Specialty Coffee Association of America guidelines call for. The water is carbon filtered for a final ? polish.? A pressurized product-water tank (sold separately) and a non-electrical by-pass valve help to maintain flow in high-demand periods. As an added bonus, cleaner water flowing through your equipment reduces maintenance costs, since reverse osmosis removes a significant amount of the minerals that cause lime scale.

Cuno Foodservice/3M Co.
888/218-CUNO (2866)


Robot Coupe's latest combination food processor/vegetable prep machine (a.k.a. R301 Ultra Dice) features a 3.5 qt. stainless steel bowl with a larger hub size than before. The unit's vegetable prep attachment lets you do continuous-feed slicing, shredding, grating, dicing, French fry cutting and julienne cutting. Its bowl attachment is designed as vertical cutter-mixer, so you can mix, chop, puree, blend, mix and even knead dough. The machine's "cutting edges" include a smooth-edged "S"-blade, a grating disc, a slicing disc and a dicing kit. The chopping has a 2HP single-phase motor; the blade whirls at 1,725 rpm.

Robot Coupe USA


Who doesn't like to sample wines, appetizers or desserts? Traex answers the growing trend with three new Wire Flight Caddies, which made their debut last month at the NRA Show. Choose from an in-line three-glass holder, a circular three-glass holder, or a circular six-glass holder, all with a finger grip for easy transport. The glasses, of course, can hold anything from wine to food. The caddies are black powder-coated metal and are dishwasher safe. Also new from Traex: TufGlass Fiberglass Trays, featuring a rubber liner on the tray surface that's permanently bonded to the tray. Heavy-duty construction and metal reinforced rods eliminated warping.

Traex Co./Libbey Foodservice Co.


Got a spare corner of your countertop? You can transform that space into extra sales by adding a Heated Snack Merchandiser by Nemco. The compact unit includes a dual rack system with two movable stainless steel shelves that can be adjusted in 17 positions or slanted for more visual pizzazz. Built-in lighting shows off the food, while the tempered glass and a polycarbonate door resist scratching. A variable temperature setting holds food at up to 190°F.

Nemco Food Equipment

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