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June 2007
The Editors

We opened this month s product gallery to the major manu-facturers of rack conveyor warewashers and contacted them throughout April. We invited them to submit models that had been introduced or significantly updated between June 2005 and this month, a 24-month time period.

The suppliers below took up our offer and sent us materials as well as statements outlining the features and technolo-gies they feel set their units apart in the marketplace.

For a full list of rack conveyor makers, consult our online Buyers Guide at

Note: Supplier Statements are not to be taken as editorial endorsements.


Overview: Introduced in October 2005, the 44 DR DualRinse offers dual-stage rinse technology and an optional built-in booster heater.

Capacity, racks/hr.: 208
Water consumption, gals./rack: 0.54


  • Dual-pawl cradle drive system
  • 1-piece cast s/s upper and lower spray arm assem-blies
  • "Wall of water" spray arm pattern delivered via fluted directions spray jets
  • Internal removable scrap basket and 2-piece scrap screen
  • Clearance accommodates 18" x 26" sheet pans
  • Idle pump shut-off

Supplier statement:
The warewasher decision-making process today has changed. Buyers are looking at energy efficiencies, environmental impact and cost of operation. Champion has developed a unique and innovative design called DualRinse that delivers on all considerations. Our DualRinse system allows you to experience low water consumption and reduced utility bills while still delivering exceptional results in clean wares. This technology ensures that all wares are fully rinsed with more than 300 gals./hr. while actual fresh water consumption is only 112 gals./hr. (NSF rated).


Overview: Launched in January 2007, the WT44 gives you two wash speeds and offers a built-in booster heater.

Capacity, racks/hr.: 200 or 130
Water consumption, gals./rack: 0.40 (at 200)


  • Water booster temp rise can be set during installa-tion to accommodate incoming water of 140°F, 110°F or 80°F
  • Speed of conveyor can be set through control panel
  • Pushbutton self-cleaning of wash and rinse zones
  • Self-draining wash pumps; automatic wash and rinse zones
  • Wash tank features rounded corners that slope to-ward the drain to prevent dirt build-up and provide fast drainage

Supplier statement: Conveyor Dishwashers from Electrolux Professional offer a built-in hot water booster that uses low energy to raise the temperature of the rinse water. The unique design of the spray arms allows the dishwasher to clean efficiently while reducing water usage. You also have the flexibility to adapt to incoming water temperature to save energy during the rise cycle. Electrolux Conveyor Dishwashers can be set to clean at either 130 racks/hr. or 200 racks/hr., and at 200 racks/hr., only 79 gals. of water are used.


Overview: : In May 2006 the C44A—along with other C-Line machines—saw the addition of the Opti-Rinse System, whose rinse spray nozzles use 50% less water and energy than previous Hobart models, says the company.

Capacity, racks/hr.: 202
Water consumption, gals./rack: 0.64


  • Ball detent clutch conveyor drive mechanism
  • S/s anti-clogging wash arms Option to order with high-temp sanitizing or low-temp chemical sanitizing and convert in the field if requirements change
  • Closing the door automatically activates the drain closure and ensures it is in the correct position
  • S/s self-draining pump and impeller
  • Optional booster

Supplier statement: Conveyor-type warewashers equipped with Hobart's Opti-Rinse system significantly reduce water and utility bills. The technologically advanced rinse spray nozzles rely on low and high pressures that cause the water stream to oscillate back and forth in an S pattern. This produces larger drops that deliver improved heat transfer. Meanwhile, C-Line machines offer low-temp convertibility in the field to give you flexibility if your stores' requirements change.


Overview: Available since August 2006, the updated Admiral 44-4 offers new wash arm technology that features a horizontal spray pattern.

Capacity, racks/hr.: 233
Water consumption, gals./rack: 0.63


  • CrossFire wash system uses upper and lower wash arms along with side arms that spray water horizon-tally
  • Energy saver activates final rinse only when a rack is present and shuts down the machine after 5 mins. if no rack is detected
  • S/s chains and lugs prevent 'fast racking' and allow unobstructed access for cleaning and service
  • Conveyor overload system senses an overload, trips a switch and shuts down the machine Ball detent clutch conveyor drive mechanism

Supplier statement: : Insinger Rack Conveyor dishwashers are energy efficient, deliver high rack capacities and maintain low operating costs. Simple interior parts; interchangeable scrap screens and color-coded curtains for error-proof replacement; secured end caps to prevent loss; and many other features make the Admiral Series efficient, easy to operate and simple to maintain.


Overview: The AJ-44T was introduced in June 2005 with a new wash arm design and energy efficiency features.

Capacity, racks/hr.: 204
Water consumption, gals./rack: 0.70


  • "Energy guard" control system allows the machine to operate the wash or rinse chamber only when a rack is being washed or rinsed
  • "Adjust-A-Peak" feature allows the operator to manually adjust the conveyor speed for flexibility in performance.
  • Designed with an 18" wash section and 18" separation between wash and rinse to boost washing results
  • Clearance allows for washing large utensils, trays and bun pans
  • Optional booster

Supplier statement: We increased washing performance and reduced water usage by incorporating our latest technology into this short-hood conveyor. What makes the AJ-44T unique: new convex wash-arm nozzles that have been computer designed to increase water volume to the ware while maintaining pressure and spray pattern. Compared to our previous model, the arm design has a large non-clogging nozzle that offers better cleaning and ware coverage, and along with higher ware temps, this reduces the amount of final rinse water by approximately 30%.


Overview: The K-Tronic K-200/400 came to market in September 2005 with Waste Air Heat Recovery and advanced self-monitoring diagnostics.

Capacity, racks/hr.: 310 max w/adjustable conveyor speeds
Water consumption, gals./rack: 0.28 to 0.35 depending on model


  • A Waste Air Heat Recovery system reclaims waste heat generated by the machine and uses it to preheat incoming rinse water
  • Mike 3 electronic control uses advanced diagnostics to monitor all aspects of the wash cycle
  • Double-wall-insulated construction to save energy while reducing heat and noise emissions
  • Wash nozzles are slotted and concave to minimize clogging and feature captivated end caps

Supplier statement: Meiko's K-Tronic Series rack conveyors are reliable, fast and efficient. Demonstrating Meiko's commitment to manufacturing excellence, economy of operation, user-friendly concepts and innovative features, the K-Tronic Series provides a warewasher that meets your needs. And with low water, energy and chemical consumption, the K-Tronic Series is economical to operate while it minimizes the impact on the environment, a critical concern for "green" building projects and facilities.

Editor's note: Meiko's Waste Air Heat Recovery system was recognized with a 2007 NRA Kitchen Innovations honor.


Overview: The EcoRinse system, introduced in March 2007, can be found on the ER Series and utilizes a two-stage final rinse system. The ER-44 is shown here; four other ER models are available.

Capacity, racks/hr.: 232
Water consumption, gals./rack: 0.5


  • Conveyor is a center-drive s/s pawl bar with s/s pawls
  • The initial final rinse uses 165°F high-velocity recirculated water from above the ware
  • The second rinse stage uses line pressure to deliver 180°F water from below the ware
  • Center-fed manifolds distribute an even flow of wash water over the entire perimeter of the rack
  • Rack-activated switch starts conveyor and pumps

Supplier statement: Stero continues to refine rinse technology with the introduction of EcoRinse, a high-temp system designed to provide water savings and reduced energy costs. Stero's conveyors with EcoRinse offer a 10% increase in the number of racks produced per hour compared to the throughput of Stero's previous models. Gallons of water used during final rinse are decreased more than 59% from previous models. In addition, Stero's low-volume of fresh final rinse water reduces the electricity required to power the final rinse booster.

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