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July 2007
Equipping La Madeleine

Most La Madeleine stores use TurboChef's Tornado speed-cook oven to speed throughput for hot entrée orders. Using a combination of forced-air convection and microwave energy, the Tornado oven can bake, toast and brown food up to 12 times faster than conventional cooking methods, says the company. UL certified for ventless applications and measuring 26" W x 25 7/10" D, the Tornado uses a patented catalytic converter system to eliminate grease particles. Other features include an independently controlled browning element on the bottom and a multi-speed convection blower. And did we mention the 128 pre-programmed menu settings?
TurboChef Technologies

On the entrée side, La Madeleine helps sells sizzle using Merco Savory's Panorama Rotisserie Oven. The showy, curved-glass fronted unit uses a speedy combination of convection and radiant heat to roast the birds. A digital timer, programmable controls and pre-programmed menu selector allow for practically one-touch operation. Inside the unit is an easy-clean coated non-stick interior, plus an angled drip pan and pull-out lower drawer that make grease management a breeze. The SP-7 holds up to 35 birds.
Merco Savory/Enodis

A two-level range makes it all the easier for La Madeleine cooks to monitor, reach and attend to the pans in the back as well as the front. Blodgett's 48"-wide Step-Up Range (a.k.a. B48N-BBB-SU) puts eight burners rated at 35,000 Btu apiece in a stair-step configuration. The 5" -high riser supports up to 250 lbs. The range is available with an oven as a base—your choice is convection or standard. It's also sold with no base so you can mount the unit as a modular range-top.

La Madeleine's soup and sauce production runs smoothly thanks in part to the 6-gal. steam-jacketed tilting kettle by Cleveland Range. The KET-6-T is self-contained, requiring only an electrical hook-up and a table to sit on. You never have to worry about venting and/or refilling the steam jacket because it's permanently filled with treated water. Temperature-wise, solid-state controls hold heat steady at any given setting from 145°F to 260°F. On the safety side, the kettle's self-locking tilting mechanism prevents accidental spills, while the balanced design makes it easy to tilt. The kettle's wide pouring lip is ideal for large volumes or chunky products. Choose from 3-, 6- or 12-gal. capacity.
Cleveland Range/Enodis

Where would a bakery without its ovens? La Madeleine operators rely on Blodgett's Mark V Xcel electric convection ovens—two stacked and one single. The Xcel features solid-state manual control with separate dials to control thermostat and timer, porcelain crumb pans to collect cooking residue, and a chrome-plated EZ-Slide rack with ball-bearing slides capable of gliding completely out of the oven cavity. Controls include cook-and-hold with Pulse Plus and multistage programmable control. The unit comes with four chrome-plated racks, 11 rack positions and halogen interior lights. The oven holds up to five 18" x 26" baking pans.

La Madeleine readies its breads and rolls in a proofer/retarder from LBC Bakery Equipment. The tall single-door unit, which La Madeleine customizes with a viewing window, lets you roll in whole racks of cold dough balls. The dough undergoes a gentle combination of air-wash heat and humidity that brings it to a state of oven readiness. For overnight use, the refrigeration system holds product in chilled suspension. Model LRPR-40GF features a 300-series s/s interior with protective cart bumpers; heavy-duty door with magnetic seal/mechanical closure system; simple computerized controls; and digital temperature, humidity and time readouts.
LBC Bakery Equipment Co.

Built-in round food warmers by Wells Mfg. hold La Madeleine's popular soups at the ideal serving temperature. The wells, set into cut-outs in a granite countertop, heat quickly for either wet or dry operation using a tubular warming element. The controls are set into a one-piece, drawn, front-mounted panel. You can opt for an optional ½" drain, located in the center of the unit, on any of the models. The assembly includes the inset pan and a hinged cover. Models SS-4ULT, SS-8ULT and SS-10ULT hold 4 qts., 7 qts. and 11 qts., respectively.

Alto-Shaam's 500 series drawer warmers surround foods with patented Halo Heat for better moisture retention and longer holding. La Madeleine uses the 1-drawer version, but you can also choose from 2- and 3-drawer models. Dual-wattage control gives you the option of 500W for products such as breads and rolls, or 1,000W for meats, potatoes and vegetables. Drawers are roomy enough to hold oversized 15" x 20" x 5" pans or standard hotel pans. A canted control panel protects thermostat knob and indicator light. Optional digital electronic temperature control.
Alto-Shaam Inc.

La Madeleine's croissants, pain au chocolat and other pastry creations get star treatment in Renaissance deli/bakery cases made by Structural Concepts. The cases come in refrigerated and non-refrigerated styles (La Madeleine uses one of each). The chilled cases use Breeze technology—a slide-out refrigeration system that facilitates maintenance and reduces downtime. Breeze incorporates a "smart" microprocessor that monitors case temperatures and adjusts the defrost cycle in response to surrounding temperatures. More features: T-8 top and shelf lights with protective coating; a straight base with laminated front panel; removable shelves that adjust vertically on 1" centers; and tempered lift-up front glass
Structural Concepts

Handy access to cold ingredients helps service zip along at La Madeleine. The restaurants use at least four Delfield undercounter refrigerators throughout the kitchen and prep area. The 4400 and 4500 Series units are front-breathing so you can push the unit against a wall, or build it into a cabinet or an existing line up. "D" prefix models feature a new track assembly drawer system that's backed by a 10-year warranty. The units use R404A refrigerant and are insulated with high-density foamed-in-place polyurethane. Durable stainless steel covers the sides, top and front; inside, dent-proof ABS material lines the sides. One-year parts and 90-day labor warranty.
Delfield Co./Enodis

Where would a bakery be without its mixers? La Madeleine relies in part on a 20-qt. countertop mixer by Univex. The SRM20's standard gear includes a stainless steel bowl, safety guard, ingredient chute, batter beater and wire whip. You can further deck out the mixer with options such as a dough hook, heavy-duty plastic cover, slicing, grating and grinding attachments and other specialty attachments. The mixer comes with a full two-year P&L warranty.
Univex Corp.

Ice machines should be seen and not heard, especially in a French-style country bakery café. La Madeleine relies on Manitowoc's QuietQube Series Remote System—the "quiet" part of the name comes from housing both compressor and condenser fan motor up to 100' away from the ice machine head section. Remote operation also reduces heat in the serving area, improves efficiency, and increases ice production, the maker says. QuietQube model SY-1274C churns out 1,140 lbs. of half-cube ice in 24 hrs.
Manitowoc Ice/Manitowoc Foodservice Group

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