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August 2007

For our feature story on ice machines, click here.

You'll find a wide range of efficient ice machines in this month's product gallery. We invited the major makers to submit their newest and most updated models or lines. Below we assembled specs and features, as well as supplier statements addressing the key features of their ice makers.

Note: Supplier Statements are not to be taken as editorial endorsements.


Overview: This spring Follett released updates to its Horizon Chewblet ice makers, including an Ice Manager diverter valve system that automatically fills two dispensers without operator intervention

Production: 1,036 lbs./day or 1,450 lbs./day
Refrigerant: R-404A


  • Bin level control and 10' of insulated ice transport tube
  • 1-piece cast s/s upper and lower spray arm assem-blies
  • Automatic self-flushing system

Supplier statement:
Follett Horizon ice machines produce customer-preferred Chewblet ice and use Satellite-fill technology, through which the ice machine pushes ice "hands free" through a lengthy tube to any bin or dispenser. Satellite-fill eliminates the manual toting of ice and thus improves sanitation and worker safety. It also allows the ice machine to be relocated from ice and beverage dispensers to provide access for cleaning and sanitizing the dispenser. Further, Horizon ice makers were designed for reliability and ease of service. Automatic self flushing and push button cleaning make it easy to keep the machines in top running condition.


Production: up to 325 lbs./day

Storage: up to 80 lbs.
Refrigerant: R-404A


  • Auto flush system
  • Drop-down door
  • Drop-down door
  • Antimicrobial protection

Supplier statement: Hoshizaki America's F-330BAH Self Contained Flaker with Built-in Storage produces up to 325 lbs. of ice per 24 hours and has 80 lbs. of built-in storage. Designed with the operator in mind, the F-330BAH features a stainless steel finish, compact foot print, and a convenient drop-down door. The front in and out airflow design allows the machine to fit in tight spaces without needing clearance on the sides or back of the unit. The automatic system flush increases the life span of the unit by keeping the barrel flush before the next freezing cycle begins. The F-330 contains HoshiGuard Antimicrobial Agent in the ice-making zone and bin scoop.


Overview: Another NRA Show intro, the Pearl ICE Maker GEM1256, produces high volumes of soft chewable ice crystals.

Production: up to 1,345 lbs./day
Refrigerant: R-404A


  • Integrated storage and high production combine to offer the most ice in the smallest space
  • Unit removes excess water by pushing the flaked ice through an extrusion process, resulting in quality flaked ice

Supplier statement: Ice-O-Matic equipment is designed and manufactured simply for high reliability, by pursuing our "Ice. Pure & Simple" methodology. Ice-O-Matic machines are developed with a straight-forward, simple design which results in a highly reliable machine and low cost of ownership. Ice-O-Matic machines employ the Enodis Enerlogic principles and are therefore extremely energy and water efficient. Several Ice-O-Matic models qualify for rebates and incentives offered by power and water utility companies across the country.


Overview: The WCC-1401 chunklet ice maker series was introduced in March 2007.

Production: up to 1,290 lbs./day
Refrigerant: R-404A


  • Dual drop system evenly fills bin or hopper
  • Adapts easily to beverage dispensers
  • Uses 100% of incoming water in ice making process
  • No harvest cycle makes the machine quiet
  • Front panel control box access

Supplier statement: The Cornelius WCC-1401 ice maker series makes reliably dispensed, chewable chunklet ice. Combining two separate ice making evaporators allows the WCC1401 to make up to 1,290 pounds per day of dry, high quality, chewable ice that is easy to dispense. The WCC-1401 makes ½" x ½" dry chewable ice that melts slowly, significantly reducing the tendency for clumping in the dispensing bin. Ice is discharged from two ice-making locations spread 22" apart to evenly fill the bin or hopper and ensure reliable dispensing.


Overview: Manitowoc introduced the S-Series 1470C remote cuber in July 2007.

Production: 1,400 lbs./day


  • QuietQube technology reduces noise by housing the compressor and condenser fan in a remote condensing unit
  • Cool Vapor Defrost technology
  • Antimicrobial protection

Supplier statement: : The Manitowoc QuietQube Series S1470C Remote Ice Cube Machine features the following:

  • A front-to-back dual evaporator design that allows for up to 1,400 lbs. of daily ice production in a 30" wide footprint
  • Manitowoc's patented CVD technology to improve reliability and extend the life of the compressor.
  • Quiet operation that Manitowoc says eliminates most noise from the refrigeration system.
  • Tier 3 energy rating from the Consortium for Energy Efficiency
  • AlphaSan antimicrobial formula molded into select plastic components to reduce biofilm buildup.


Overview: The Prodigy Cube Ice Maker, which was honored in May's Kitchen Innovations program at the NRA Show, was introduced in 2006. Specs shown are for the CO530.

Production: up to 595 lbs./day
Refrigerant: R-404A


  • Automatic indicator lights
  • Adaptive purge control
  • Ultrasonic ice level control
  • Antimicrobial protection

Supplier statement: The new Prodigy Cube Ice Machine by Scotsman is one of the smartest, most energy-efficient ice makers on the market today. Its Auto-Alert indicator lights constantly communicate information about its operating status and signal when it's time to perform maintenance, before it's an emergency. Due to the combination of Scotsman's smart technology and accelerated harvest assist feature that pushes ice off the evaporator plate, the Prodigy Cuber uses significantly less energy and water than traditional ice machines, making it among the first cubers to exceed both the 2008 California Energy Commission and 2010 Federal energy efficiency regulations by up to 22%.


Overview: The reengineered HES line of high-efficiency ice machines was certified as CE compliant in February 2007.

Production: 2,000 lbs./day
Refrigerant: R-404A


  • Scroll compressor
  • Self-diagnostic indicator light
  • Electronic temp controls
  • Integral drip pan

Supplier statement: Vogt Ice, known in the large chain casino and resort hotel markets for large capacity ice machines that yield up to 10,000 lbs./day, has re-engineered its vertical freezer design and control system for multiunit chain operations that specify 2000 lbs./day. The small footprint Vogt HES (High Efficiency Series) line now uses R-404A and is CE compliant as of February 2007. The CE approval process covers pressure codes, mechanical devices and electronics used to export the Vogt HES series internationally. Vogt has recently released the HES series ice makers for use with R-404A refrigerant (the accepted replacement to R-22).

For our feature story on ice machines, click here.

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