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September 2007
The Editors

Choosing a combi oven these days presents a challenge as more and more suppliers come to market with these ma-chines. But it's a good challenge, as the technology and features now available are the best we've ever seen.

In an effort to help sort out your options, we opened this month's product gallery to the major suppliers of combis and invited them to submit models that had been introduced or significantly updated between September 2005 and this month. The suppliers below took up our offer and sent us materials as well as statements outlining the features and technologies that set their units apart.

In particular, you'll find several new boilerless models as well as traditional boiler-based units, and you'll see they range in size from tabletop units to full-size floor models.

For a full list of combination oven steam makers, go to our online Buyers Guide at

Note: Supplier Statements are not to be taken as editorial endorsements.

Overview: Introduced in 2005, the Alto-Shaam Com-bitherm Smoker adds an optional smoking feature to tradi-tion combi functioning.
Model: 7.14ESi
Style: boilerless, electric
Capacity: 7 full-size sheet pans, 14 steam table pans
Supplier statement: Alto-Shaam was selected as a recipi-ent of the Kitchen Innovations 2007 honor presented by the NRA Show for the introduction of the Combitherm Smoker. This patented technology provides you with the ability to smoke product, hot or cold, with authentic wood smoke, followed by standard combi mode operation with-out a transfer of residual smoke flavor. Additional features of this model include oven frying capability, patented automatic steam venting, and a Gold-n-Brown feature for adding more color when needed.

Overview: Blodgett extended its oven line with two new traditional combis introduced in January 2007, followed by two boilerless models in May.
Model: BCX-14, BX-14
Style: boiler and boilerless, gas and electric
Capacity: 7 full-size sheet pans, 14 steam table pans
Supplier statement: The BCX-14 boiler-based combi pro-vides all the features you need to increase production while decreasing your time, labor and maintenance costs.

  • Detachable Core Temperature Probe for precise place-ment and easy cleaning.
  • Steam On Demand injects steam at the touch of a but-ton.
  • Time to Delime indicator with Deliming Pump.
  • Two-step door latch keeps you safe from escaping steam.
  • Dual-pane thermal glass window swings open for cleaning between the panes.

The BCX-14 is available in either gas or electric models and single or double stacked configurations. The BX-14 boilerless gas and electric models include all of the same features and the BCX-14.

Overview: Cleveland's Mini-Combi Oven Steamer will debut at The NAFEM Show next month and received a Kitchen Innovations honor at the 2007 NRA Show in May.
Model: OES-6.06
Style: boilerless, electric
Capacity: 6 half-size sheet pans, 4 steam table pans
Supplier statement: The Convotherm by Cleveland Mini-Combi Oven Steamer is the compact version of the company's 2006 Kitchen Innovations-winning full-size Con-votherm. It offers many of the same features found in the full-size models.

  • Advanced Closed System provides convection cooking, steam cooking, or a sequence of both in one unit.
  • Crisp & Tasty finishing control removes moisture for crisp, golden results.
  • Press-and-Go auto-pilot controls foolproof cooking procedures for key menu items at the simple touch of a button.

The compact footprint offered by the Mini lets operators balance the power and reliability of a combi with space conservation.

Overview: This year Electrolux added energy-saving fea-tures to its air-o-steam line. Gas units now have higher effi-ciency burners than previous models, and electric models can be connected to a central device in charge of splitting power among different appliances to avoid peak consump-tion.
Model: 10 options
Style: boiler, gas and electric
Capacity: various
Supplier statement: air-o-steam combi ovens by Elec-trolux Professional have unique features such as the patented, Lambda-sensor driven air-o-clima, an automatic and constant real humidity control that maintains moisture level by adding or removing the humidity from the cooking cavity, resulting in consistent food quality every time. The unique air-o-flow function takes fresh outside air and pre-heats it for even heat distribution for uniform results. Both electric and gas units can be used on a half-power setting to help conserve energy, and unique cooking chamber insula-tion keeps heat in the oven, not dispersed into the kitchen.

Overview: Eloma began selling its Combi Oven in the United States in January 2007.
Model: Genius Touch 6-11
Style: boilerless, gas
Capacity: 5 full-size sheet pans, 5 steam table pans
Supplier statement: The Eloma line of boilerless combi ovens was designed to reduce the consumption of natural resources. Due to their patented heat exchanger and boiler-less design, Eloma combis use up to 40% less water than standard combi ovens and dozens of gallons per hour fewer than conventional steamers. This means less waste-water discharge and, thanks to the Eloma ovens' heat exchanger, water drains at cooler temperatures. What's more Eloma combi energy consumption is so low, the oven has been qualified for rebates by two of California's largest utility companies after rigorous comparative testing.

Overview: Since the introduction of its Combo Steamer Oven, Groen has upgraded its core materials, including in-sulation, to gain additional energy efficiency, and updated the control panel circuitry to improve ease of operation.
Model: C/2-20G and -E
Style: boiler, gas and electric
Capacity: 9 full-size sheet pans, 10 steam table pans
Supplier statement: Groen Combo Steamer Ovens feature solid-state operating controls with digital time and tempera-ture readouts that are simple to use and understand. There are three optional control panels including Cook Only, Cook to Probe & Hold, and Programmable. A patented tube-fired heat exchanger (gas models only) provides unidi-rectional airflow for faster cook times and more even browning. The narrow design of Groen Combo Ovens of-fers space savings, giving you more room under the hood. The gas unit has an enclosed atmospheric steam generator behind the cooking cavity, and the electric unit has an ac-cessible water reservoir in the cooking cavity.

Overview: In December 2006 Henny Penny introduced its SmartCombi line of combi ovens.
Model: ESC-115/GSC-115
Style: boilerless, gas or electric
Capacity: 10 steam table pans, 10 Crosswise Plus pans and grids
Supplier statement: The new Henny Penny SmartCombi with SmartMenu efficiently provides consistent, quality cooking results in an easy-to-operate combi oven that cleans itself. Steam is quickly generated inside the cooking chamber using patented components that minimize water and energy input. Cooking programs are easily found with SmartMenu. Time and energy are also significantly con-served by an innovative rack design that accepts large loads. A single 2-in-1 Clean + Rinse cartridge and minimal water is all the WaveClean self-cleaning system needs to remove grease and grime after you leave each day.

Overview: The new Hobart Combi-Oven was launched in May 2007.
Model: CE10FD
Style: boilerless, electric
Capacity: 10 full-size/20 half-size sheet pans, 20 steam table pans
Supplier statement: Three cooking modes—convection, steam or combination—give Hobart Combi-Ovens their versatility for a variety of cooking methods. Hobart's ex-clusive four-speed auto-reversing fan precisely controls air-flow for even, constant temperature top-to-bottom and front-to-back. Simple, easy-to-use controls allow pro-gramming up to 100 custom recipes with up to 10 different cooking phases for each. The boilerless design uses mini-mum quantities of water for maximum results. When the oven reaches your set temp, the Hobart Combi automati-cally switches to half-power without affecting cooking times or temps. Super-insulation properties ensure that heat is directed inside the oven, saving energy and money.

Overview: The Lainox Combi Cooking System was intro-duced in the United States by Ali in October 2005.
Model: ME-102T
Style: boiler, electric
Capacity: 10 full-size/20 half-size sheet pans, 20 steam table pans
Supplier statement: Today you can combine all the advan-tages of convection cooking with that of steam. The combi mode together with the Autoclima feature, which can be used as a dual function to either add or remove moisture from the chamber, results in quick cooking, energy sav-ings, food that retains all its natural flavor, less seasoning and salt needed, and less food weight loss. The versatility of Autoclima allows you to vary the degree of humidity from 1% to 99%. The chamber will maintain your desired percentage of humidity during the entire cooking cycle.

Overview: Piper Products/Servolift Eastern began selling its gas and electric Combi Steamers in January 2006.
Model: ME 061
Style: boiler, electric
Capacity: 6 half-size sheet pan, 6 steam table pans
Supplier statement: Piper's multipurpose Combi Steamer provides solid oven performance, heating and cleaning effi-ciency. The stainless steel oven offers an energy-efficient, quiet heat transmission system and a fan that moderates air pressure and flow to ensure even cooking. The system pro-vides dry heat, combi and steam cooking from 86°F to 266°F, and convection cooking from 86°F to 572°F with fast rise to set temperature. Piper's Combi Steamer also comes in a gas model.

Overview: In November 2006 Rational upgraded its Self-Cooking Center with new cooking modes for potato prod-ucts/dumplings, egg dishes/desserts and other menu items.
Model: six options
Style: boiler, gas or electric
Capacity: various
Supplier statement: With the press of a button, the Self-Cooking Center detects product-specific requirements, the size of the food to be cooked and load size. Then, the Self-Cooking Center automatically calculates cooking time, temperature and ideal cooking cabinet climate on an indi-vidual basis. It continuously monitors and adjusts 3,600 times per hour to achieve the desired result. The SelfCook-ing Center also requires less space in the kitchen but cooks faster than conventional Combi-Steamers. The SelfCooking Center's six sizes are available in gas or electric configura-tions. All units feature a USB interface, which simplifies downloading of critical compliance data and updating of the oven's software.

Overview: The first Tabletop Steam Oven ever offered by Toastmaster was launched earlier this year. It's based on an oven platform that was previously sold by sister company Nu-Vu.
Model: XO-1STM
Style: boilerless, electric
Capacity: 3 or 4 half-size sheet pans
Supplier statement: The design of the XO-1 STM is deliberately different in its emphasis on simplicity, afforda-bility and versatility. The simplicity in design (e.g., boiler-less steam generation, manual controls) and in construction translates to simplicity in operation and maintenance (quick, intuitive setup and easy internal cleanup). Its price point is aimed at providing convection oven users with an upgrade to a combi platform that is well within reach. Its countertop footprint makes it a versatile piece of cooking equipment as it can be an extension of heat-based cooking, steam-based cooking, or dedicated low-volume combi cooking such as cooking for vegetarians.

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