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September 2007
Featured Products
By: The Editors

A high-volume warewasher that economizes on water; a half-manual, half-automatic drive-through window; a defrost detector for your refrigerators; and an energy-efficient steamer round out the new products we've seen recently.

For high-volume operations, Hobart's new FT900D and FT900SD flight-type warewashers save water, big time. The units, which clean from 10,000 to 15,000 pieces an hour, feature a dual-rinse section that takes super-hot final rinse water just after it hits the dishes and recirculates it back to the dishes just entering the final rinse. The result? An extra, hot, pre-final-rinse dousing that brings the dishes closer to the required 180°F even faster than in earlier models. More water savings come from Hobart's patented Opti-Rinse technology, which uses half the water and half the energy of typical sprayers. The FT900D uses just 72 gph; and the FT900SD, just 90 gph. You get all the cleaning power for lower operating costs. The pair of warewashers made their grand debut at the NRA Show in May.

Hobart Corp.

Here's a drive-through window solution that puts an end to the juggling act of keep the window open while taking cash and serving customers. The Manual Open/Electronic Release drive-though window—a.k.a. M.O.E.R.—lets your employees manually open the window to serve guests and handle transactions. When they step away from the sensor, a magnet disengages and the window closes automatically after a short delay. An adjustable timer delays the window closing for a set length of time. The window locks each time it closes, so you get extra security when the station is unattended. A nighttime lock bar makes it even more secure. The windows are made of anodized aluminum and come in a variety of glass options. The M.O.E.R. feature, which can be fitted to accommodate almost any Ready Access window, made its debut in January.

Ready Access

Defrosting "just for the heck of it" (i.e., because the timer says to) costs you money, time and temperature fluctuations in your refrigerated boxes. Which is why the idea of a smart defroster—one that knows when a defrost cycle is actually needed—makes so much sense. InterLink's Smart Defrost Kit, released in March, is a little black box that, once it's learned how your refrigerator works, is able to evaluate exactly how much frost has built up on the evaporator and then determines whether to allow a pre-scheduled defrost should take place. If the frost level is too low, the defrost cycle gets postponed. Skipping unnecessary defrosts saves money, and maintains more uniform refrigeration temperatures and product integrity. SDK is recommended for electric defrost commercial refrigeration systems with three or more scheduled defrosts per day.

InterLink/Heatcraft Refrigeration Products

Market Forge Industries in June launched its new Eco-Tech Plus Atmospheric Steam Cooker. The unit—the first full-sized steamer to get an Energy Star rating, the company says—uses less gas and manages water more efficiently than earlier models. The Eco-Tech Plus features a space-saving built-in water filter system that eliminates the hassle of where to put the filter; a warning indicator tells you when to replace the cartridges. The unit's water management system reduces the amount of water used to generate steam, saving you money on energy-related costs. The system uses less than 14 gals. of water per two-compartment steamer per hour, compared to 120 gals. of water for a conventional steam cooker the same size. The steamer is rated at 42,000 Btus for each generator; each compartment is controlled independently. With five-pan capacity per compartment, the Eco-Tech Plus is ideal for high volume applications. AGA, CGA and NSF approved.

Market Forge Industries

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