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October 2007
By: Janice Cha

Jazzed-up cutting boards, fancy food scoops, a quick-stop scale and a self-contained foamed milk dispenser were among the eight winners in the Smallwares category.

Good smallwares = efficient kitchen. Okay, fine, we've over-simplified the equation, but you know what we mean. People do their jobs better when they have the right tools.

That's what the Smallwares Competition is all about: finding those tools. And boy, did we ever. The final 49 entries, arrayed along tables on a hot July morning, more than answered operators' constant calls for innovation, problem solving, safety and durability.

To sort out the most outstanding items, we turned to the experts. A panel of six judges traveled to the Skokie, Ill., headquarters of Foodservice Equipment Reports to do the analysis.

Our three operator judges included Alan Lake, executive chef for Cinetopia Theaters, Vancouver, Wash.; Tom Sandberg, executive chef for contract management company Guckenheimer, serving Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Deerfield, Ill.; and Cliff Wener, coordinator for the Food Service Management and Culinary Arts program at the College of Lake County, Grayslake, Ill.

In addition to operators, three national dealer repre-sentatives contributed their expertise: Karyn Chylewski of The Boelter Cos. Illinois & Michigan; Jim Rizzo of The Wasserstrom Co., Columbus, Ohio; and returning for the second year in a row, Sophia Rosillo, kitchens and buffets product manager for Edward Don & Co., North Riverside, Ill.

Eligible smallwares consist of hand-held, non-electric kitchen tools created for commercial foodservice. This covers cookware and food prep items, cleaning devices, food safety items and so on. The products must have been new to the market as of the May 2006 National Restaurant Association Show, and all had been pre-judged by editors to eliminate those that didn't meet the criteria.

Judges' Test Drive Plus An Honorable Mention
Products that most captured judges' attention were the problem-solvers that pack more functions into one package, such as the portable cutting platform from InstaPrep that attaches to the top of a kitchen trash bin, allowing prep work to be done where it's needed, and then folding out of site.

Other examples were the stackable, yet still accessible, storage bins from Rubbermaid; the reversible write-on menu board from Chef Master; FMP's programmable digital timer that tracks eight processes at once; and multi-function thermometers from Cooper-Atkins and San Jamar. But it's a fine line. Products that were considered too complicated—"over-engineered," in the words of one judge—lost points, as did those that judges thought might have "too many pieces that will get lost."

Products that helped people work faster or more efficiently also won applause. The Pelouze/Rubbermaid portion control scale with a quick-stop function, which has the dial stopping as soon as you place the food on the platform, wowed the three chef judges, as did San Jamar's cutting boards with non-skid corners and built-in carrying hook.

For the first time ever, judges wanted to give an Honorable Mention award to one of the products. The SulliPlug, invented by a restaurant owner tired of battling fruit flies, is a little plug/brush combo that you insert into beer taps to both clean the tap and deter the tiny pests. Chef Lake, who's worked in Florida and therefore has had his share of fruit flies, gave it a thumbs-up, as did Chef Sandberg, who liked its food safety aspects. Other judges also approved, but in the end, other products carried the day.

First up alphabetically: the Cold Master Ice Cream Server from Carlisle Foodservice Products. Put this gel-insulated container in the walk-in freezer overnight, and next day it'll keep your ice cream nice and cold—i.e., at or below 32°F—for up to six hours, with no electricity needed. The container's 10" diameter holds standard 3-gal. ice cream tubs with ease. The dish-washer-safe server is made of durable, high-impact ABS plastic. You can also add an optional clear acrylic lid that protects against contaminants and helps maintain temperatures. "This is just the ticket for an ice-cream social or a self-serve buffet," one judge noted.

Carlisle fielded a second winner, too: a pair of sturdy blue Opticlean NeWave Glass Racks. These dishwasher racks feature rounded compartments in a design that lets you hold 20% more glasses than traditional square-compartmented racks, the company says. One judge called them "a great take on old product." s a result, you can save on storage space, rack inventory and even and chemical usage since you're washing more glasses at once. The 20-slot rack holds glasses up to 3 4/5" diam., while the 30-slot rack holds glasses up to 3 1/5" wide.

From iSi North America came Thermo Xpress Whip, one of the only standing cream and food whippers on the market, the company says. The dispenser's 1-qt. capacity turns out a generous amount of whipped topping with the push of a button, from cream to espuma foams. To use, add contents to the bottle, attach an iSi Cream Charger, shake well and you're good to go until the bottle is empty. The double-walled, stainless steel vacuum-insulated bottle keeps contents cold up to eight hours, or warm up to three hours, without refrigeration or a bain marie. It includes non-slip drip tray, metal decorator tip, charger holder, dust cap, and cleaning brush. "It would be ideal for an elegant coffee service buffet," Judge Rizzo noted.

The Easy Wash Mechanical Portion Control Scale with Quick Stop from Pelouze/Rubbermaid had chef judges practically salivating. They loved the fact that the scale base, housing, platform and dial can be quickly disassembled for a run through the dishwasher (reducing the risk of cross-contamination). But they were really wowed by the scale's Quick Stop feature that causes the dial to stop immediately on the weight, reducing time and potential error in food portioning. "It's the best idea in scales I've seen!" said Chef Sandberg.

"This has been a long time in coming," Judge Rizzo said of the Safety Storage Bins from Pelouze/Rubbermaid. The line of bins is more compact, holding 25 lbs. and 50 lbs. of dry product. The bins slide easily onto shelves in a storage area, yet are equally at home under a prep table. The angled, dual-sliding lid gives you one-handed access to ingredients even when the bin is stacked. Its portioning scoop rests safely on a built-in hook, inside the bin yet above the product. And best of all, the bins feature a removable First In, First Out barrier in which you fill from the back and scoop from the front. All components are dishwasher safe. "Love it!" Rosillo summed up.

Six food safety-oriented colors and four non-skid corners star in San Jamar's winning entry, the Saf-T-Grip Cutting Board. The cutting boards' claim to fame are raised anti-slip grips on all the corners. The grips hold the board firmly in place while you cut, replacing the unsanitary "wet towel" method. And since they're slightly raised, the bottom surface of the board never touches the table below so it can be flipped for use with no fear of contamination. Other features include a handy integrated ruler for easy portioning; extra-strong co-polymer construction that resists warping in dish-washers, and a patented Cut-N-Carry hook for easy transport and storage. "This eliminates mats, it's a good idea," said Chef Sandberg.

Four unusual food scoops from the Vollrath Co. caught and held judges' eyes. Shaped Dishers let you stylize any malleable food into fancy shape. Diamond, triangle, rectangle and half-circle forms (in 1¼-oz. portions) pop right out thanks to smooth, spring-operated scoops. The handle operates with an ambidextrous squeeze action, so lefties and righties can both use them. These dishers are made of heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. "An excellent idea,"said Chef Lake.

A second winner from Vollrath Co. was the Ergo Grip Ladles. The ladles feature heavy-gauge stainless steel shaft and bowls, but their best feature is the unusual offset handle with a built-in notch, just enough of one to keep the ladle from sliding into the serving container and disappearing under the surface of the soup. The ladle's shorter length makes for easy serving under low profile breath guards. Chef Sandberg called the ladles "practical, idiot proof and user friendly."

With one of the largest weighing pans—7" x 9"—in its price class, the SJ Series Low-Profile Portion Control Scale by A&D Weighing makes it easy to weigh larger portions and batches up to 26 lbs. Operators can switch between four units of measure—pounds, ounces, grams, and pound-ounces—to accommodate all types of recipes and portion specs. The weighing response takes less than a second, and the LCD readout is displayed in 1" -high numbers. Runs on four D batteries or with optional AC adaptor.

When you're equipping the cookline, consider these durable frying pans from Browne-Halco. The Thermalloy Aluminum 3004 Fry Pans are built to last, and feature a ¼" bonded aluminum "sandwich" bottom that conducts heat evenly and quickly. The pans' deep sides make stirring and turning food all the easier. Polished "stay-cool" ergonomic handles are attached to the pan with a three-rivet triangle pattern. The fry pans come in two gauges, as well as with uncoated and coated non-stick finishes.

Browne-Halco also submitted a second Thermalloy Fry Pan at a lower price point. These are made of high-grade 3004 and 1150 series aluminum; come fitted with washable, heat-resistant aluminum sleeves; and in uncoated or non-stick finishes. Choose from standard 8-gauge or heavy-duty 5-gauge weights.

Moving on to the plate-cover department, judges praised Cambro Mfg. Co.'s Silver Camwear Polycarbonate Camcovers for their metallic appearance—and the fact that they won't make that loud crashing sound when one happens to hit the floor. Camcovers are made of break-resistant polycarbonate that is lightweight, durable and won't dent or scratch. The covers are stackable, dishwasher safe and never need to be polished.

Prep cooks will appreciate Carlisle Foodservice Prodcts'PourPlus Store 'N Pour Spout, a new accessory for the Store 'N Pour containers. The spout's wide neck and opening are designed for fast, free-flowing pouring and easy cleanup. The textured surface of the neck gives you a sure grip, even when wet. The sturdy, high-density polyethylene spouts come in six colors for easy product ID.

Jazz up your daily specials by announcing them on ChefMaster's Black and White Reversible Write-On Board. This finalist is essentially two boards for the price of one, in which one side is black, and the other—you guessed it—is white. Five neon-bright markers resist smudges and even rain, yet the ink easily wipes clean with a damp paper towel. Pre-attached hooks let you hang the board vertically or horizontally. Choose from 18" x 24" and 24" x 36" sizes.

Also from ChefMaster was the Professional Knife Sharpener. The sharpener features reversible carbide blades and a wide finger guard made of red, high-impact, polycarbonate plastic. A handy carbon steel key ring lets you dangle this from your belt for a quick sharpening as needed, yet it's also small enough for compact storage. Dishwasher safe

Chicagoland Safety's SulliPlug, created by a bar owner for his own bars, helps get rid of persistent fruit flies and gnats. SulliPlugs tightly seal taps overnight, preventing any beer residue from making contact with the outside air and attracting you-know-whats. The plugs—nylon bristles give an extra polish to tap interiors, reducing the formation of bacteria, yeast and residue buildup. They're easy to clean with standard bar sanitizers. "Excellent idea!" cried the judges as they awarded rare Honorable Mention status to this finalist.

Component Design Northwest sent in a product called Freshness Timer. The compact digital timers (2¼" x ¾" ) help you ensure that food and drinks are served within the optimum time frame. They feature alarms that tell you when the food should be tossed, last-count recall, and three different mounting options: black plastic band that fits around the neck of a coffee pot, a Velcro strip for attaching to air pots or a suction cup for glass surfaces. The timers can be set in 5-min. increments up to 300 mins.; one model operates as a dedicated 30-min. timer.

When precise temperature readings are critical, consider Cooper-Atkins' AquaTuff 35200 Series thermocouples, some 12 models in all. No calibration is ever needed, since units are factory-calibrated to N.I.S.T. standards. The entire line is waterproof to IPX7 standards. Each unit is ultrasonically welded and 100% vacuum-tested to guarantee a long-lasting waterproof seal. Other features include an easy-to-read LCD screen, rugged ABS plastic housing, a hold button that freezes readings, auto shutoff after 10 mins. of inactivity and a temperature range of -100 to 999°F. Uses any Type-K probe.

A second Cooper-Atkins entry was the Pocket Test Plus TTM59. This bright yellow unit lets you time food cooking or cooling in up to three stations; three separate alarms tell you which station function is up. The LCD's digital clock and date is located on the top, visible when the tester is attached to your waistband or in your pocket. The digital thermocouple portion has a response time of 6 secs. and a temp range of -4°F to 350°F. And since it's water-proof, you can send it through the warewasher to check final rinse temperatures.

Cooper-Atkins' third entry was the Dual Temp 2--"dual" in that you can measure sur-face temperatures quickly with no chance of cross contamination, or you can use the units' puncture probe to make an internal temperature reading. During temperature checks, green or red lights indicate whether the reading is within the HACCP safe zone. Also of note: the thermometer's ergonomic, non-slip finish.

Cuisipro/Browne-Halco submitted a unique Dual Baster that will add moisture to your meats from the inside and out. The baster features two interchangeable 18/8 stainless steel heads: The Shower Head lets you sprinkle basting sauce over the surface of the meat in an even layer without splattering, while the Injector Head lets you infuse sauces, marinades or butter directly into the meat. The oversized bulb is easy to grip, and screws on and off the threaded collar of the sturdy polycarbonate tube. Dishwasher safe. And so cool.

Entry two from Cuisipro was an extension of the popular Eclipse Servingware line in a new, compact 10" length. The attractive serving utensils feature "stay cool" hollow handles with a signature curve that help keep the utensil from slipping into the container and easy to grasp if they're lying flat on a table. The line includes ladles, pie servers, forks and both solid and slotted spoons.

Cuisipro's third finalist was the Kitchen Rasp, designed for grating zest, Parmesan, garlic and more. The grater features double-sided, acid-etched, razor-sharp blades that cut rather than tear food. The tool comes with a protective cover that acts as food catcher and can also be used to measure grated product.

DayMark Safety Systems put a new spin on an old safety product: Blue Bandages. Their bright blue color makes them easy to spot should they happen to fall into the food. And they come with an optional metallic strip embedded inside so that metal detectors on foodservice lines can find them. The economical bandages are 100% water-proof and come in standard sizes as well as knuckle and fingertip designs.

Number two entry from DayMark was the cut-resistant Maxguard Glove. The glove combines a knit shell with added cut-and- puncture protection on the palm and fingers. The protective area is rated a level five on the palm for cut-resistance, the highest rating on the ISEA guideline. The snug fit gives you comfort and dexterity, and the wrinkle-rubber coating enhances your grip. Machine-washable.

The Clean Hands Glove from DayMark offers a nifty way to make sure gloves are easy to take on and off, and thus easier to use. You slip on the gloves by putting your hand through the wide magnetic wristband attached to a magnetic docking unit. When you're finished handling food, you "dock" the glove back on the unit to ring up the sale. The one-size-fits-all plastic gloves can be worn by either right- or left-handers, and are available as a mitt or three-finger version. The gloves resist tears and can be used multiple times.

Edgecraft submitted the Chef's Choice Commercial SteelPro, a tool designed to replace the traditional knife steel. It gives you precision angle guides that turn out consistently sharp knives. Steeling consistently at approximately 23° the SteelPro won't round off the knife edge, as conventional steels can. Instead it maintains the original edge, creating uniform microscopic serrations that produce an optimum cutting edge.

Sturdy, accurate and customizable are the key words for Edlund Co. s newly released EDL-10 Digital Scale. Its scale-within-a-scale dual housing design protects internal components from accidental shock and moisture. On the customizable side, you can choose from six capacity display options, set the length of time for the battery-save feature, adjust gravity settings, and turn off any of the weighing modes if needed.

Edlund Co.'s next entry—the PFD-2 Platinum Series Write-On Dial Scale—was so new that the company president delivered the prototype straight from the factory to the headquarters so it could be shipped off to the competition. The scale's unique point is its erasable write-on dial face that allows operators to use dry-erase markers to write on the dial face the exact name of the "special" or portion size to eliminate mistakes. A clear plastic shield flips down to protect the marks from accidental smearing.

As the name implies, 8-In-1 Pro-grammable Digital Timer from FMP/Franklin Machine Products lets you simultaneously run eight timing cycles for up to 20 hrs. Color-coded time-cycle lights and buttons help you track each product; programmable labeling lets you key in the name of what is to be timed. Other features include the large LCD display, the water- and grease-resistant keypad and housing and the unit's ability to count up as well as down. The 8-In-1 is made of ABS plastic, can be wall mounted, and is powered by batteries or an AC-power adapter.

Keep track of your keg inventory using FMP/Salter-Brecknell's Portable Keg Scale. Judges applauded its slim look (less than 2" high), yet the scale's rugged construction means it performs fine in cold, damp environments (i.e. walk-ins). The low profile makes it easy to tip kegs on and off. The 12" x 15" platform has a 400-lb. capacity. The digital display readout shows ounces or pounds and is accurate to within 0.2 lb. There's the standard tare feature, plus a cross-reference chart comparing weight to gallons.

FMP's third entry highlighted a design change to an existing product. Round Hinged-Floor Drain Grates, are, like the name implies, round instead of square. The hinged design allows easy access while drain cleaning and makes sure that the drain cover won't get lost and turn into a tripping hazard. Tamperproof screws prevent the grate from being removed. The round grates come in 5" and 6" diameters and are made of sturdy nickel-bronze.

Seeding and slicing melons is time consuming, but not if you're using the Melon Seeder & Slicer from Amco Smallwares/Focus Foodservice. After the melon has been cut in half, use the spoon-shaped end to remove the seeds. Then flip the tool and use the slicer blades to scoop the flesh of the melon into uniform pieces. Made of stainless steel and high-temperature nylon material, the melon slicer is dishwasher safe.

The folks at G.E.T. Enterprises sent in creative solution for your hot and cold food displays. Melamine Food Pans come in the same sizes and dimensions as stainless steel pans, yet dress up your displays with colors and durability. The pans conform to Gastronorm specs and can withstand wet heat up to 212°F. They are ideal for cold or wet-heat applications. They're also dishwasher safe and stackable for storage. "Nice design!" said one of our judges.

Along the same lines, G.E.T.'s Melamine Square Salad Crocks give the salad bar a shot of color and style. The melamine salad crocks combine visual appeal with the useful service of a standard crock. Dishwasher safe and stackable for storage, the crocks come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Here's a worker safety product that can go a long way toward eliminating steam burns from steamtable pans. HowiGripp Corp.'s eponymous HowiGripp tool lets you pry up, grip, lift and move everything from sheet pans and bakery pans to pizza, chafer, buffet pans and more. These modified pliers take the place of towels, mitts, spoons, tongs or knives. Dishwasher safe, easy to clean, manufactured with stainless steel, and NSF certified.

Kitchen work space, where you need it, is the whole point behind InstaPrep Space's InstaPrep Table. This sturdy sheet pan-sized platform clamps securely onto the top of a clean trash receptacle. The 8" clearance between receptacle and work surface meets health department standards, the company says. Add a cutting board and you're ready to do food prep. Or use the surface as a staging table for sheet pans. A 7" utout hole in the surface holds mixing bowls or serves as a handy opening through which to send food waste. The InstaPrep Table fits atop 23-gal. rectangular receptacles and 32- and 44-gal. round receptacles; the unit folds flat for storage. "I own three, and they're nearly always in use," noted Chef Lake.

Nemco submitted a tool that turns ripe tomatoes into perfect slices with a single hand movement. The Easy Tomato Slicer II is a redesign that features a new pretensioned cartridge blade-set. Since the cartridge is disposable, it maximizes worker safety, blade life and replacement speed. Changing blade cartridges is as easy as popping out the old and inserting the new. Ditto for washing: pop out the cartridge, wash and reinsert. There's no chance of misaligned blades, which can be dangerous to the user and can damage blades. The body is made of commercial-grade aluminum; the cutting board of high-density polyethylene treated with Microban. "These pay for themselves quickly," said Chef Sandberg.

Cleaning surfaces becomes a (chemical-free) snap with Pinta Foamtec's line of green and white Eco Eraser/Sponge Block products. Use the white eraser side to clean tough dirt, soap scum, scuff marks and more. The absorbent green side mops up excess water and light spills. Eco Erasers do their gentle scrubbing either dry or dampened with water—no chemicals needed. And they're reusable and disposable.

Polar Ware fielded a stronger, easier-to-lift version of the traditional steam pan. The Edge features a ½"-high Grip-N-Lift rim that lets you more easily grab, hold and remove the pan from the steam well without having to pry the pan up with a tool. The ½"-raised rim design also makes the pan structurally stronger—especially in the corners, which tend to suffer the most abuse. The Edge comes in conventional sizes so you can nest it with existing pans and use it with other steam table accessories. Its generously curved corners make for easy scooping with utensils.

Display sweet treat toppings in colorful style with the EZ-Serv Ice Cream Topping Dispenser from Rosseto. The company's portion control mechanism eliminates mess and keeps toppings fresh. As an added bonus, the rubber paddles of the dispenser are flexible enough not to crumble even the more delicate toppings. The portion control wheel turns both left and right, 360°, and, in a few simple steps, you can disassemble the unit for cleaning. Choose from two portion sizes of dispenser wheels, dishing up a 1-oz. serving or 1-tbsp. serving.

The judges loved products that boost food safety, which is most likely why they appreciated the Digital Dishwasher Safe Thermometer from Pelouze/Rubbermaid. This pocket thermometer combines speedy 7-sec. temperature reads with enough waterproof durability to travel through commercial dishwashers for sanitizing and dishwasher temperatures monitoring. Other features include pushbutton calibration (using ice slurry); minimum, maximum and hold modes; a large digital display; and auto-off.

It's an ingredient scoop! No, it's a measuring cup! No—it's BOTH! Rubbermaid Commercial Products' Safety Portioning Scoop sets itself apart thanks to a flat front/ round back design that stops the scoop handle from rolling into the product (i.e., less chance of cross-contamination). The polycarbonate material lets you use it in hot or cold applications. Permanent, textured lines marking cups, ounces and milliliters allow for quick portioning and precise measuring. Choose from 2- to 8-cup sizes. Ideal for portioning side salads, chips, pasta dishes and more.

A spilled stack of plastic beverage lids at the service counter is messy, wasteful—and completely preventable if you use the EZ-Fit Lid Dispenser from San Jamar. This simple, one-at-a-time lid dispenser protects beverage lids from cross-contamination while keeping your counters clean and organized. One-handed operation is fast and easy. Guests touch only the lid they'll use, so it's a cleaner dispense, too. Available in two sizes to dispense most cold beverage cup lids; can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

San Jamar's Saf-Check is a health inspector's dream. It combines a thermometer with sanitizer test strips into one handy package to make it easier to follow HACCP food safety practices. The bright blue hand-held device holds a stem thermometer (analog or digital) plus a 15-ft. roll of sanitizer test strips (quaternary or chlorine). A built-in color chart lets you immediately interpret sanitizer test strip results. Saf-Check can be carried in your pocket, on a clip board, or hung on wire shelving. So handy.

Server Products submitted a super-accurate Dry Product Dispenser that's ideal for smoothie powders, iced coffee powders, cocktail powders and mix-ins for blended ice cream drinks. The dispenser's portion control knob has two key features: First, a rigid (rather than flexible) portion plug gives you accurate, consistent portion sizes. And second, you can adjust the portion size in 1/8-oz. increments anywhere from ¼ oz. up to 2 oz. The handy dispensing lever works with a single pull. Choose from 1- or 2-liter capacity models with a single, double or triple wall bracket.

Here's a smart way to eliminate the need to wipe knife blades with (less-than-clean) side towels—or hands—during the cleaning/drying stage. SmartBucket, made by SmartBucket LLC, combines a bucket featuring a center-mounted cleaning brush with a disposable sponge mounted on the edge. Fill the bucket with a sanitizing solution, and then you can quickly clean knives and utensils, then wipe off excess moisture on the attached sponge. The system comes with pre-measured quaternary ammonium sanitizing tablets. Health inspectors love this!

Jazz up your serving lines with Spring USA's Ergonomic Tongs. Measuring 8.5 and 10.5" in length, the tongs are easy to maintain and clean since they're made of a single piece of 18/8 stainless steel—no rivets or hinges to collect food. Subtle structural designs cause the tongs to resist bending out of shape and maintain tension even in extreme use. Stylish AND functional.

For non-stick cookware surfaces, The Vollrath Co. has introduced Nylon Tipped Tongs. At the business-end, the flexible, scalloped nylon tips are heat-resistant up to 450°F. Meanwhile, the heavy-gauge s/s body resists corrosion and rusting, while the one-piece construction is easy to keep clean. An optional black Plastisol-coated handle provides cool, comfortable grip and is heat resistant up to 180°F. Dishwasher safe.

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