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November 2007
By: The Editors

Whether you need a microwave oven or a higher-tech combination microwave unit, there are plenty of options out there. We opened this month's product gallery to the major sup-pliers of both microwave and combi microwave ovens and invited them to submit their leading models. The suppliers below responded to our invitation and provided specs and features for their models.

For a full list of microwave and combi microwave oven makers, go to our online Buyers Guide at

Note: Supplier statements are not to be taken as editorial endorsements.

Overview: At The NAFEM Show last month Amana introduced the AXP20, which combines radiant, convection and microwave functions.
Model: AXP20
Microwave power: 2200W
Pan capacity: one quarter-size pan; metal pans accepted
  • UL certified for hoodless applications
  • Catalytic converter filters grease and odors
  • Up to 360 programmable menu items
  • Footprint 25" W x 25 5/8" D

Supplier statement: The new Amana Commercial AXP20 high-speed combination oven features a small footprint with a generously sized interior. The ergonomic, easy-to-clean design features programmable controls that streamline efforts in busy foodservice envi-ronments. Intelligently designed inside and out with a host of thoughtful details, includ-ing the ability to use standard metal pans. Best of all, the AXP20 helps operators achieve amazing results in a fraction of the time of traditional cooking methods. The unit cooks food up to 15 times faster than traditional cooking methods and does not require place-ment under a hood.

Overview: While walking the aisles at The NAFEM Show, our editors found the brand new convection-microwave Speed Oven. It's so new, in fact, that we have just these lim-ited details.
Model: Speed Oven

  • UL certified for hoodless applications
  • Catalytic converter filters grease and odors
  • Up to 64 programmable menu items
  • Footprint 26" W x 25 5/8" D

Introduced in May 2006, the air-o-speed from Electrolux Professional uses convection, steam and a patented form of microwave technology the company calls "multiwave." It was named 2006 FCSI Product of the Year.
Model: High Speed Combi Oven 101
Microwave power: up to 3000W available depending on application
Pan capacity: 10 full-size pans; metal pans accepted

  • Waves travel in a parallel path, applying concentrated energy to each pan of food
  • Unit automatically aligns the food load with the quantity of energy required to cook the product
  • 58 pre-programmed menu settings
  • Footprint 41" W x 25¼" D

Supplier statement: Reduce cook time by up to 50% and meat loss from 10% to 15% with the air-o-speed by Electrolux Professional. The first high-speed combi oven that of-fers convection, steam, combi and multi-wave technology, the air-o-speed can take food from frozen to ready-to-serve in one continuous cooking program and it comes with an automatic cleaning system. The air-o-speed holds allows operators to choose from auto-matic, manual and program modes. Each unit comes pre-programmed with more than 58 recipes and is covered under the Electrolux Professional Platinum Star Service Program.

Overview: Hobart Corp. offers two high-performance microwaves for applications that require versatility, capacity and productivity.
Models: HM1200 and HM1600
Microwave power: 1200W and 1600W
Pan capacity: one 6" tall half-size pan (HM1200) or
two 4" tall full-size pans (HM1600)

  • 6 (HM1200) or 16 (HM1600) memory functions
  • Electronic timer with digital display (HM1600)
  • 3-stage cooking (HM1600); two power levels (HM1200)
  • Stainless steel interior/exterior
  • Footprint 16¾" W x 19" D

Supplier statement: Hobart's high-performance microwaves are made for high-volume operations that demand versatility, capacity and productivity. Flexible programming, even heating and high capacity make them a great choice for every kitchen. Benefits of both the 1200W cooking power model (HM1200) and the 1600W cooking power model (HM1600) include: " All stainless steel oven cavity to make cleaning easy " Programming for frequently cooked items " See-through door and lighted oven cavity " Electronic timer and digital display " Dual magnetron energy-feeding system
Hobart's service backs every microwave.

Overview: Asbury Foodservice will release the Maxximum line of microwaves next month.
Models: MWD1000 and MWE1000
Microwave power: 1000W
Pan capacity: one half-size pan

  • 10 memory functions (MWE1000)
  • Dial timer unit (MWD1000)
  • 8-min. electronic light-up dial (MWD1000)
  • 3-stage cooking (MWE1000)
  • Double and triple quantity keys (MWE1000)
  • Footprint 20" W x 14 "D

Supplier statement: The new Maxximum MWD1000 and MWE1000 microwaves from Asbury Foodservice offer stainless steel interiors and exteriors for durability and ease of cleaning. Each offers a capacity of 1.0 cu. ft. and a sturdy grab handle. The MWD1000 features a front panel with heating time guide. One year warranty is standard on both units.

Overview: In May 2006 Merrychef introduced the 402S, a high-speed, microwave-assisted impinger oven.
Model: 402S
Microwave power: 1500W
Pan capacity: one quarter-size sheet pan; metal pans accepted

  • Catalytic converter filters grease and odors
  • Program up to 256 menu items
  • Removable top and bottom impinger plates enable convection-only cooking
  • Footprint 23" W x 30" D

Supplier statement: Merrychef 402S offers a combination of convection heat, im-pingement pressure and up to 1500W of microwave power that allows it to cook 10 to 15 times faster than conventional convection ovens with typical cook times of 15 secs. to 1 min. 30 secs. A built-in catalytic converter eliminates the need for a ventilation hood so the oven can operate in virtually any environment. The 402S comes with the trademark Merrychef MenuKey technology that lets you program up to 256 menu items. Precise in-structions for combination and convection cooking may be programmed into the oven's memory.

Overview: Marketed as a steamer that uses microwave technology, the Sonic Steamer from Panasonic offers two models.
Models: NE-2180 and NE-3280
Microwave power: 2100W and 3200W
Pan capacity: two 4" -tall full-size steam-table pans

  • 16 pre-programmed menu pads
  • 3-stage cooking, 5 power levels
  • Drop-down door " Footprint 26" W x 20¾" D

Supplier statement:
The Sonic Steamers are the only steamers powered by microwave technology that can accommodate two full-size 4" deep steam table pans with covers, or four half-pans, or four 12-inch plates, at one time. These energy-efficient ovens require no water hook-up, drains, sewage systems, extra filters or vent hoods. There's no recovery time, and less load is produced on air conditioning and refrigeration systems. A top and bottom energy-feed design, using four separate magnetron heating elements, achieves speed and even heating. Constructed of stainless steel inside and out.

Sanyo Commercial Microwave Ovens provides two options for microwave cooking.
Models: EM-D100S and EM-E1100S
Microwave power: 1100W
Pan capacity: one half-size pan

  • "Action wave" system for delivering microwave energy
  • Side- feed magnetron
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Footprint 22 3/15" W x 18 4/5" D

Supplier statement:
Sanyo's EM-D100S offers a 0.8-cu.-ft. capacity and features a side-feed magnetron sys-tem with one power level and a 6-min. dial timer. Meanwhile, the EM-E1100S comes with a turntable and 1.0-cu.-ft. capacity. It has 10 power levels with electronic controls and 10 programmable buttons, as well as three-stage memory cooking and 2X and 3X multiple quantity keys for multiple dishes. Both models come with a stainless steel inte-rior and a 3-yr. warranty. The magnetron is covered for an additional 2 yrs.

The Tornado from TurboChef Technologies combines forced-air convection, an infrared browning element and microwave energy. The unit won an NRA Kitchen In-novations honor in 2005.
Model: Tornado
Microwave power: 3500W
Capacity: varies; consult supplier for options

  • UL certified for hoodless applications
  • Catalytic converter filters grease and odors
  • 128 pre-programmed menu settings
  • Footprint 26" W x 25 7/10" D

Supplier statement: Tornado, the well-known rapid-cook oven from TurboChef, is be-ing adopted worldwide by numerous foodservice operators who seek the competitive ad-vantages of speed cooking. The selling point of the TurboChef Tornado oven is simple: It evenly and consistently toasts, browns and crisps food up to 12 times faster than tradi-tional cooking methods, resulting in a high level of throughput without compromising quality. Additionally, with the capability of pre-programmed cook settings, food is al-ways consistent and cooked perfectly every time, and ensures that the cooking process is less dependent on back-of-house variables.

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