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February 2008
More From The NAFEM Show
By: The Editors

Welcome to Part II of our NAFEM Show coverage. The biennial event sponsored by the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers rolled out the best new products and technologies last fall in Atlanta. Here's another sample of what we saw on the show floor.

Yes, finally you can get the visual appeal of flame along with the unmistakable cooking quality of a stone hearth on your countertop! Wood Stone's new Vashon Stone Hearth Countertop Oven offers a fully sealed chamber with live flame and electric/gas cooking, sized to fit almost anywhere in a compact 30" x 27" footprint just 32" tall. Inside, the ceramic cooking surface is 20" x 15". The Vashon heats up quickly and offers programmable controls for any variety of menu items from fresh or frozen pizza to hot sandwiches and appetizers.
Wood Stone Corp.

If you're tired of frequently replacing water filtration cartridges, a new system from Everpure may be for you. Designed for locations with high-volume filtration needs, the HSD 440P self-flushing system reduces particulate while maximizing the life of carbon filters. The system uses hollow-fiber membrane technology to trap particles as small as 0.02 microns with low pressure drop and high flow rates up to 10 gpm. The system also provides point-of-entry or point-of-use reduction of bacteria and cysts. A multi-programmable controller initiates self-cleaning cycles, and the membrane can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. High-capacity carbon filters reduce chlorine and poor taste and odors for up to 120,000 gals., says Everpure.

Step up for a look at the new Mirage Induction Ranges and Warmers from Vollrath. They utilize what the company calls Quad-Bridge circuitry for temperature control and durability, and a multi-speed rotary knob that easily moves you through 100 power levels in Fahrenheit or Celsius settings. All of these features are packed into a low-profile housing that provides a natural cooking height. Other features include a digital readout, overheat protection, small particle protection, safety auto shut-off and empty pan shut-off. The 1.8kW unit runs on 120V and 15 amps.
Vollrath Co.

The new FDWD-1 Flav-R-Fresh hot holding and display cabinet features a rotating four-tier rack and accessory pan. The unit uses controlled, moisturized heat to extend your product's display time and does it in a minimum of counter space. Features include digital temp monitoring, a new Euro design with tempered glass doors and sides, and shatter-resistant incandescent lights to illuminate product. Unit accommodates half-size sheet pans and comes as either a single- or double-sided-opening model. Optional designer colors include warm red, black, gray granite, white granite, navy blue and hunter green. Also available: three-sided sign holder. Footprint: 19 3/8" W x 20 7/8" D. If you're looking for two doors, ask for the FDWD-2.
Hatco Corp.

From Mars Air Systems comes the new LoPro Commercial Series Air Curtains. These low-profile models—just 8" high—offer a lightweight design, variable speed, quiet operation and easy installation. In addition to standard black your color options include pearl white, titanium silver and Spartan bronze. Units are ETL certified for use where light air flow is needed to deter insects: drive-up windows, concession stands, walk-in coolers, etc.
Mars Air Systems

McCall Refrigeration has reengineered the MGM revolving merchandiser to create a more energy-efficient showcase for prepackaged products. Inside you'll find more than 27 cu. ft. of display space surrounded on all sides by glass. Bright vertical fluorescent lighting shows off products, and three gold-colored wire shelves turn while the door is closed. When the door opens, the shelves stop turning so you can easily remove or add items. Magnetic gaskets around the frame keep doors closed with a tight seal to save energy. The MGM comes standard with a ½-hp compressor and oversized self-contained refrigeration system that McCall says will deliver a constant flow of 35° to 40° F humid, low velocity air. Housing is solid oak.
McCall Refrigeration/Manitowoc

At last, a way to offer your customers two ice options at the self-serve beverage dispenser. Servend introduces the SV-200 Selectable Ice/Beverage Dispenser for delivery of either cubed or crushed ice. This selectable feature, which Servend calls icepic, can crush ice on demand using a built-in crusher or deliver the cubes as requested. The SV-200 provides as many as 10 beverage valves, and a Flex manifold makes it easy to change from carbonated to noncarbonated flavors in minutes. Storage for 200 lbs. of ice is standard. Servend's patented rocking chute ice dispenser technology is included.

Meiko's Waste Air Heat Recovery System, which reclaims hot waste air to preheat incoming water, is available on K-Tronic Series single- and multiple-tank rack conveyor washers. Recovered heat increases the temperature of incoming cold water from as low as 50°F up to 130°F. From there the internal booster heater only has to kick it up from 130°F to 180°F, which translates into energy savings. Prerinse temps reach about 165°F and the final rinse 180°F to ensure proper sanitization of ware. K-Tronics also offer a low water consumption rating of 84.7 gals./hr. and feature Meiko's Mike 3 controller for fully automatic operation and system diagnostics. Double-wall, insulated construction retains heat inside the units, further conserving energy and improving the working environment in the dishroom. Units wash 310 racks/hr. NSF listed.
Meiko USA

Thermo-Kool reps were on-hand to explain the Durathane construction found in the company's walk-ins. Durathane's high-density urethane structural members provides strength and rigidity to prefabricated panels without loss of insulation value, says the company. Insta-Lok positive camlock devices with a self-centering pin-strike assembly allow for instant panel alignment during assembly. You can choose from prefabbed panels in nominal 1', 2', 3' and 4' sizes and 1' x 1' corners, and finish options include standard stucco aluminum, smooth aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel. You also can choose a top- or side-mounted packaged refrigeration system or remote refrigeration. For extra support and rigidity, a heavy, reinforced steel U-channel frame is foamed in place to help prevent distortion and warping of the door section.
Thermo-Kool/Mid-South Industries

Halton's new automatic balancing damper is designed to fit into tight spaces. Half the size of its existing 30" damper, Halton's compact unit takes direct pressure readings from an exhaust hood and automatically opens or closes to provide proper airflow, allowing you to calibrate exhaust from multiple hoods using a single exhaust fan. Grease won't collect on the unit, says Halton, and it has a nighttime setting that closes the damper completely to prevent backflow of outside air into the kitchen. Also available in a manual model, the damper is just one small piece of the company's focus on total kitchen ventilation HVAC solutions, including its high-efficiency Capture Jet hood and forthcoming demand control ventilation system.
Halton Co.

If you're looking for serving line options, Multiteria by Lakeside Mfg. boasts a super-clever interlocking system you won't find anywhere else. It's so clever it's patented. A solid, stainless steel slider unit pushes in and tightly brackets and braces two modular counters together. You'll get none of that wedging apart that you see on top-locking units. Multiteria units come in four lines: X-Streamline is the basic model in six sizes with colorful front and side panels that can change out. Essence has a stainless steel frame and assorted front and side panels, countertops, drop-in tops and interchangeable food protectors. Bravura fuses modular design with custom touches, dramatic lighting, signage options, tray slides and more. Top-of-the-line Mirage offers an assortment of wood fronts, stonetops and European-styled food shields.

Artisan breads are hot (read: profitable) and you don't want to ruin your freshly baked efforts with a clumsy, crushing bread slicer. The TBS-618 floor model automatic bread slicer is safe and efficient, gently slicing all kinds of breads neatly and quickly. You can slice 400 loaves an hour of soft or hard crust breads. Just place the loaf in the chamber and pull down the safety shield; the unit won't turn on unless the shield's in place, making it safe even for customer self-service. The 38 blades produce ½" -thick slices and other widths are available. Great for groceries, bakeries and pastry and gourmet sandwich shops.
Thunderbird Food Machinery

The three burners rated at a combined 140,000 Btu/hr. on the new VST4B Chophouse Broiler deliver even cooking that can reach 950°F across the cooking grid. That cooking grid is 45½" W x 34½" D, enlarged at the request of a major steak chain to achieve higher volumes. The grid locks positively into five different levels to accommodate every thickness and delicacy of product. The top of the broiler is griddle certified, meaning you can sear and cook your cuts at the same time.

Talk about a knock-out display: Can you imagine guests' reactions when they see food warming on top of a granite slab? SmartStone engineered granite is 99% natural material paired with state-the-art induction technology. Unlike other granite induction tops, the induction plates are completely hidden below the surface and require no rings on top of the granite slab (rings that can get lost). Choose any induction-compatible display ware, pans or dishes to hold hot appetizers, dips, fondues, paellas, casseroles and any other assortment of hot foods. The slab can be set to hold foods at 150°F, 160°F, 170°F or 180°F. Choose from a wide variety of granite colors.
Spring USA

No matter how you slice it, Nemco's redesigned Easy Onion Slicer II is now easier to clean. The pre-tensioned blade assembly is now a cartridge that's been properly set, aligned and tensioned at the factory. No blade tightening is needed and the unit is ready to go right out of the box. And rather than having to unbolt the assembly, operators simply lift off the entire cartridge to wash the stainless steel blades or change them out. Cartridges are available in four slice thicknesses. Easy Onion Slicer still features a top-down cutting motion, sturdy stabilizing legs with rubber feet, and a pin release on the pusher assembly for thorough washability.
Nemco Food Equipment

Run your tray line in advance and maintain hot and cold foods on one tray for extended delivery times with the Model MOC20 Meals On Command meal delivery system. It relies on any 120V outlet so you can roll it to the patient floor and plug it in. The unit combines state-of-the-art technology with the classic hot/cold tray cart system. No more hot pellet bases or lukewarm entrées; the Meals On Command system keeps plated hot entrées hot while keeping the cold foods cold on the divided tray. Hold and deliver up to 20 trays at temp for 30 to 60 mins. The cart is easy to maneuver thanks to a six-caster system that lets the unit pivot. Use in conjunction with the MOC20RC used-tray retrieval cart.
Dinex Int'l.

Sure, you'd like to serve pasteurized eggs, but at about 5 cents an egg extra to buy them that way, it's a pricey food safety measure. Now you can pasteurize eggs in house, and cook 'em to 14 levels of doneness (including soft, medium, hard, Asian style and more) with this all-water/steam process. The Pollux 60-egg countertop or 360-egg institutional-size pasteurizers pasteurize eggs to a level 100 times greater than required by the FDA. Unlike commercially pasteurized eggs, the whites of Pollux pasteurized eggs whip up just like raw eggs. Now you can safely create myriad recipes calling for raw eggs such as mayonnaise, sauces, dressings, pastries, mousses and egg-fortified beverages. Serve up eggs over easy with no worries. Pollux is ideal for chains and noncommercial facilities with compromised-health populations.
Bettcher Industries

Ozti operates seven factories in Istanbul, Turkey, and is a big player overseas with a full line of kitchen equipment from pots, pans and sinks to ranges and undercounter refrigeration. Now the Ozti heavy-duty countertop line is available here, including a panini grill and conveyor toaster. The OTM Series of panini grills features a stainless steel body, easy-to-clean design, heavy-duty-handled grill top (single or split models), grooved or flat platens and simple controls. The OEK stainless steel conveyor toaster toasts 420 slices/hr., bottom and/or top, and is easy to clean.
Markham Sales for Ozti

You've heard of ding n'dent doors, those classic, thin-metal swing doors between the kitchen and dining room. If you're looking for a swinging door that stands up to the impact of constant use and abuse, check out Aleco's ImpacDor. Model FS-250 is a lightweight ¼" -thick ABS plastic with a reinforced spine, while Model FS-500 bonds 1/8" ABS panels to a ½" -thick wood core to withstand even the onslaught of palletized loads. Both models swing 125° in both directions with the EZ hinge system. Available in 13 colors and with peek-through windows standard, the FS-250 and FS-500 are easy to install, washable and stand up to constant use without showing wear, says Aleco.

The kitchen footprint is tiny, but your executive chef still insists on an island suite cookline. Keep her happy with a single-depth island suite from Montague Co., previewed in Atlanta at The NAFEM Show. The Excalibur measures 42" to 48" in depth, and its length is based on the company's 36" -wide modular ranges. Features include a pass-through oven, convection oven, seamless top surface for quick clean-up and double-sided ranges and burners that let cooks work efficiently from both sides. Options include 12" or 18" open top grates, 18" ring and cover hot top, a two-sided plancha grill, and a variety of end cabinets with shelves or doors. Overshelves, pass-through cheesemelters and salamanders are also available. The Excalibur will be available in mid-2008, says Montague.
Montague Co.

You may have spotted a Holman Countertop Convection Oven when it debuted at the NRA Show last May. The collection now includes four models: one full-sized model (four-pan capacity), two half-sized units and a quarter-sized. The countertop convection units, Star's first, give you maximum baking capabilities in a minimum footprint—approximately 32" -square for the largest, 24" -square for the mid-size and a compact 19" -square for the smallest oven. Features include high-performance, reversible rear fans to distribute heat evenly; a steam injection system; a temperature range of 175°F to 500°F; and heavy-duty s/s construction.
Star Mfg. Int'l.

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