February 2008


We opened this month's product gallery to the major manufacturers of soft-serve machines and contacted them in December. We invited them to submit models that had been introduced or significantly updated between February 2006 and this month, a 24-month time period.

The suppliers below took up our offer and sent us materials as well as statements outlining the features and technologies they feel set their units apart in the marketplace.

For a full list of soft-serve machines makers, consult our online Buyers Guide at www.fermag.com.

Note: Supplier statements are not to be taken as editorial endorsements.

The UC-193 P-SP twin twist machine will be re-leased during the first quarter of 2008.
Freezing cylinder capacity: N/A
Dimensions: 21 3/5" W x 31" D x 31½" H

  • Two 2.8-hp compressor motors
  • Two 1.2-hp beater motors
  • Air or water cooling
  • Refrigerated mix cabinet
  • Night mode safely refrigerates mix in the freezer cabinet overnight

Warranty: parts 1 yr.; beater motor 2 yrs.; compressor, hopper, freezing cylinder 5 yrs.
Supplier statement: Carpigiani's dual-barrel machine combines simplicity with easy-cleaning efficiency. A semi-hermetic compressor delivers power, increased performance, and low energy consumption. Independent pump transmissions extends pump and gear life. Hot gas technology reduces stress on components, eliminates freeze-ups, and improves consistency. The UC-193 P-SP produces smooth soft-serve in individual or twist flavors and features programmable technology for a variety of frozen dessert products. This sleek countertop model offers unprecedented high capacity in a small space. No clearance is nec-essary due to the rear exhaust chimney; machines can be placed next to each other or on a black wall.

Overview: As part of the Freedom 360° Series, the 88T-RMT pressurized twin twist machine was introduced in late 2007.
Freezing cylinder capacity: two cylinders each 3.75 qts.
Dimensions: 23" W x 30½" D x 68" H

  • Two 2-hp compressor motors
  • Two 2-hp beater motors
  • Air or water cooling
  • Refrigerated mix cabinet
  • Night mode safely refrigerates mix in the freezer cabinet overnight

Warranty: parts 1 yr.; compressor, evaporator, auger and drive motor 5 yrs.
Supplier statement: The 88T-RMT from Electro Freeze is designed to produce the highest quality soft serve products possible. The patented peristaltic pump design offers precise and consistent overrun control, resulting in superior product quality. It does this with no mix contacting any moving part, no air compressor, and the fewest possible parts for a pressurized system. Our electro/mechanical design offers consistent, dependable operation with low lifecycle costs. The proprietary refrigeration system leads to exceptional energy efficiency. All this is packed into a store friendly footprint where your profit per square foot is unbeatable.

Overview: SaniServ released the Model 521 twin twist machine in September 2007.
Freezing cylinder capacity: two cylinders each 5 qts.
Dimensions: 26" W x 30" D x 59½" H

  • Two 1-hp compressor motors
  • Two 1-hp dasher motors
  • Air or water cooling
  • AccuFreeze solid-state controls use viscosity, not temperature, to control the quality of the product

Warranty: parts 1 yr.; compressor and evaporator 5 yrs.
Supplier statement: The SaniServ Model 521 Soft Serve and Frozen Yogurt Machine provides a high volume of two individual flavors, as well as a two-flavor twist. The 20-quart mix capacity for each flavor ensures product availability for peak business periods. This floor machine saves space while providing up to five 4-oz. serving of each flavor per minute. SaniServ's AccuFreeze Controls deliver the same consistent, creamy product serving after serving. In addition, SaniServ soft-serve equipment makes the job of disassembly, cleaning and sanitizing easier with few parts to manage.

Overview: Stoelting introduced its new single-flavor O411 soft-serve machine in September 2007.
Freezing cylinder capacity: 4 qts.
Dimensions: 19 1/8" W x 37 3/8" D x 67½" H

  • One Scroll compressor rated at 13,000 Btu
  • One ¾-hp beater motor
  • Air or water cooling
  • Refrigerated mix cabinet
  • NAFEM Data Protocol-enabled IntelliTec controls feature LCD display

Warranty: parts 1 yr.; compressor, evaporator, auger and drive motor 5 yrs.
Supplier statement: The O411 is a soft-serve model that uses a scroll compressor. This compressor is 20% more efficient than older style compressors, and there's very little loss of efficiency in higher ambient conditions. The O411 machine also features:

  • Slim design to maximize front-of-store space.
  • Optional Bag Connection System that allows the mix to be drawn directly out of mix bags for easier cleaning and to minimize mix exposure to contaminants.
  • A clean-in-place U3 pump design.
  • A positive displacement air pump to ensure consistent overrun.
  • A pull-out mix drawer for easier adding and cleaning.


Overview: The Crown Series, including its latest addition—the twin twist C717—was upgraded in March 2007 to improve refrigeration and capacity.
Freezing cylinder capacity: two cylinders each 3.4 qts.
Dimensions: 25 7/16" W x 36 3/16" D x 60" H

  • Two 3.75-hp compressors
  • Two 1.5-hp beater motors
  • Air and water cooling
  • Standby feature maintains safe product temps in the mix hopper and freezing cylinder during long no-use periods

Warranty: parts 1 yr.; beater motor and drive gear 2 yrs.; compressor 5 yrs.
Supplier statement: Taylor is proud to announce the newest addition to the Crown Series of soft-serve equipment, Model C717. Modular in design, this slim twin twist unit offers our unique Heat Treatment system. Engineered to simplify the operation and enhance performance, the C717's touchscreen technology, universal symbols, and diagnostics in multiple languages minimize labor and training requirements. The high-efficiency refrigeration system is quiet and enhances overall capacity to meet heavy demand periods. Taylor's innovative Heat Treatment system is the only one of its kind to earn NSF approval. Manual cleaning is required every 14 days, saving time and money while ensuring proper sanitation.