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April 2008

By: The Editors

A generously sized cold zone, a self-contained filtering function and direct plumb-ability are a few of the reasons why Harvard's Bob Leandro chose Pitco Frialator's SG14 High-Efficiency Solstice Fryers for the shared Dunster-Mather kitchen. The kitchen serves many hand-breaded fried items, which is why he likes the Solstice's large cold zone, which keeps crumbs from burning and affecting oil quality. Leandro worked with Pitco to add the direct-plumb lines to pipe used oil directly into a holding tank, with no spills. The Solstice series comes with an optional filtering drawer down below—turn one valve to send oil through the filter, then turn another valve to return oil to the frypot. The pump cycles up to 8 gals./min. Solstice also offers Intellifry computer control with touchpad functioning, a solid-state integrated circuit design, and a "lifeguard" system that limits fryer cycling to prolong life. Frypot capacities range from 20 lbs. to 75 lbs.
Pitco Frialator/Middleby

The Melink Intelli-Hood controller used with a Captive-Aire hood proved such an energy-saving success at Dunster-Mather that Leandro has installed the combo at the other 11 House kitchens. The Melink unit uses a laser beam to monitor smoke in the range hood and then adjusts its variable-speed drive exhaust fans according to actual conditions. This feature is ideal for college kitchens since cooking tends to center around three specific times per day, with lulls in activity between meals. The hood's exhaust fan is tied to the makeup air units by controls that adjust air intake accordingly. Typical annual operating savings are $1,500 to $5,000 per hood with a payback of one to three years, according to Melink.
Melink Corp.

Dunster-Mather's fryers are directly plumbed to a Frontline Waste Oil Tank so that used vegetable oil can be filtered and collected without risk of spills. Since the tank is located indoors at the Dunster loading dock, there's no need for secondary containment as called for by EPA regulations. The stainless steel freestanding tank measures 30"W x 66"H and holds 1,100 lbs. of waste oil (150 gals.). Features include a level indicator with safety overflow protection, a control panel with power indication, and easy-access for service components.
Frontline Int'l.

Dunster and Mather are both equipped with Hobart CRS86A conveyor-type dishwashers with Opti-Rinse. The machines are expected to reduce consumption by more than 500,000 gals. of hot water per year, saving more than $18,000 annually based on 2006 utility rates. The C-Line warewashers have a 244-rack-per-hour capacity. An auto-timer automatically activates the warewasher when a rack enters the machine; after the last rack has passed, it shuts off the pump and conveyor while maintaining tank heat temperature. This extends machine life, requires less operator attention and saves energy. The Opti-Rinse spray nozzles use low and high pressures to cause an S-pattern of oscillating water stream, which Hobart says produces larger drops with better heat transfer.
Hobart Corp.

Like the Maytag Man, plumbers don't have much to do at Dunster-Mather's kitchen operations—thanks in large part to the Somat pulper with Hydra-Extractor. The pulper grinds all organic kitchen waste into slurry, which is piped to the Hydra-Extractor near the loading dock. At that point, water is extracted and circulated back to the pulpers for re-use. The nearly dry pulp is then relatively odor-free and ready to be composted. The Hydra-Extractor can be configured to accept food waste slurry from a number of remotely located pulpers. Harvard's Leandro expects the pulper-extractor system to divert more 240,000 lbs. of waste from landfills each year. And since the food waste is not going into sewer pipes, backups are nearly nonexistent.
Somat Corp.

A highlight of the kitchen tour at Harvard's Dunster-Mather House is the Big Dipper Automatic Grease and Oils Removal System. Its claim to fame is the no-mess, no-touch extraction of fats, oils and grease from wastewater before it hits the sewer system. Using the Big Dipper is effortless: Effluent from kitchen sinks drains into a baffled chamber, where the grease separates and rises to the surface. A timer-operated device skims the trapped grease out once a day and sends it to a collection container, while the "cleaned" water flows out into the drain lines. The Big Dipper's stainless exterior and compact footprint let you install it in the kitchen close to the grease source, or in a remote location. The Big Dipper helps avoid the costs associated with conventional grease traps, and since the recovered FOG is virtually water-free, it's ideal for recycling into biodiesel.
Big Dipper Thermaco

Spec'ing Caroma's ADA 270 Caravelle dual-flush toilets for Dunster-Mather staff restrooms earned LEED points for water efficiency. The two buttons mounted atop the tank provide a 0.8-gal. half-flush or a 1.6-gal. regular flush. No worries about the effectiveness: The Caravelle's bowl-cleansing wash-down technology features a trapway that is nearly twice the size of the industry standard, ensuring virtually clog-proof performance. Maintenance is easy, too, since engineering has eliminated the flapper, ball-cock and chain. On the water-saving front, one of these beauties will save up to 72% of annual water usage compared to 3.5-gal./flush units, and up to 40% compared to 1.6-gal./flush toilets, says Caroma.
Caroma USA

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