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April 2008


In February we sent out a call to the major fryer manufacturers, asking them to submit models that had been introduced at or upgraded for the 2007 National Restaurant Association or NAFEM Shows. We also accepted models that had been honored with an industry award for technology during '07.

The suppliers below leapt into action, sending us specs and details on what are today's most efficient, sensibly designed fryers on the market.
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You've surely heard about the Fry-Tech ASF-75G, which relies on a design that increases the surface area of the heat exchanger and an enclosed forced-air modulating burner to achieve an efficiency rating of 71%—a rating confirmed by testing at the PG&E Food Service Technology Center of San Ramon, Calif. Impressive, to be sure, but maybe you aren't looking for a fryer as large as the 73-lb. ASF-75G. Good news, then: Alto-Shaam introduced a smaller version, the ASF-60G, at the NRA Show last May. Sporting the same efficient heat exchanger technology, the new fryer holds 62 lbs. of oil and features a Btu rating of 120,000. It offers optional automatic basket lifts, programmable mem-ory, and programs for seven synchronized or 12 individual menu items. If you want to learn more about the technol-ogy, read the ASF-75G fryer's energy report here:
Alto-Shaam Inc.
* 2007 NRA Kitchen Innovations recipient (ASF-75G)
* 2007 FCSI Innovation Showcase honoree (ASF-75G)

A fryer that constantly filters your oil—as you fry—came to market in spring 2007. Conotech's continuous filter fryer system promises to increase shortening life, shorten cook-times, improve food quality, allow you to cook multiple menu items in the same fryer with no taste transfer, and simplify fryer cleaning, says Conotech. The filtration system is simple: Shortening flows through a stainless mesh filter inside the fry vat, through the filter pump, and back into the fry vat. The cycle repeats continuously. Constant filtration keeps sediment and food particles away from the heat tubes, which in turn reduces carbonization of the oil. The filters can be run through the dish machine once or twice daily, as needed. Choose from 14" or 18" vats, hold-ing 40 lbs. and 70 lbs. of shortening, respectively, in gas or electric.

Fryers are big moneymakers for most of you, and yet they're big expenses, too. Oil is costly. Filtration requires attention. Hot oil is hazardous. Now Frymaster's new Protector Electric Fryers with SMART4U technology offer multiple solutions. In-troduced at The NAFEM Show and available in 14-, 17- and 22kW versions, the units do the work of a typical 50-lb. fryer with just 30 lbs. of shortening, says Frymaster. Essentially eliminating the cold zone—and the oil needed to fill it, and the energy needed to heat the additional oil—Protector opts for an automated Oil Attendant, which reads a sensor and only replenishes oil as needed from a jug-in-box container residing inside the fryer cabinet. The effect extends oil life, and a monitor built into the Footprint Pro filtering system signals when the oil needs filtering. Plus, Protector's patented swing-up electric elements allow full access to the frypot for cleaning. Energy Star approved.
* 2008 NRA Kitchen Innovations recipient
* 2007 Electric Foodservice Council Innovation of the Year honoree

New for Giles in 2007: the GEF-400-VH Ventless Hood Fry Kettle. The unit can cook 40 pieces of crisp, moist fried chicken in a jiffy relying on a low-pressure frying technique. But the real star of the show is the ventless hood, which allows you to deep fry in areas that can't accommodate a traditional hood. In addition to built-in fire suppression, the hood relies on an air filtration system that operates in three stages: First, exhaust air is drawn through a baffle filter, which traps large grease particles. Next, the air passes through an electronic air cleaner, the precipitator, which contains an ionizer that charges particles so they can be collected by an electrostatic force. Finally air passes through a charcoal filter, which helps eliminate odors and traps any remaining grease particles.
Giles Foodservice Equipment

If your menu calls for a variety of fried items produced in small batches and you're using the same fryer to do it all, it's time to consider a split-vat model. Henny Penny's new OFE-320 Series split-vat open fryer stops potential cross-flavoring by keeping your products separate in their own vats. Introduced at The NAFEM Show, the OFE-320's split vats each offer 6-lb. capacities for those who want separate frying spaces, but you can also order a full vat with a 12-lb. capacity. Computron 1000 electronic controls come standard on the new series and allow you to set cooks times and temps with the touch of a button. An idle mode helps you save energy and reduces the stress on shortening when the fryer isn't fully heated. Another push of a button quickly brings the unit back up to temperature when needed. In all you can choose from 14 combinations of full and split vats, and a built-in filtration system filters oil in less than 4 mins., says Henny Penny, with no separate pumps or pans required. Hot filtered oil returns directly to the fry well. Energy Star approved.
Henny Penny Corp.

Infinity Pre-Mix Gas Fryers utilize a pre-mix burner system coupled with a heat exchanger to deliver superior effi-ciency. In the G2845, for example, the 35-lb. fry pot can out-produce a conventional 50-lb. fryer, and do it using less gas and oil, says Infinity. Every Infinity fryer comes with built-in filtration that can be activated with a flick of a switch even at operating temperatures. The Infinity fryers also reduce free fatty acid formation in shortening, says the company, so your fried product comes out with less saturated fat. Other features include electronic ignition and melt cycle, solid-state controller, a flat-bottom pot and stainless dust cover. Meanwhile, an integrated paperless and powderless oil maintenance system allows your kitchen staff to filter oil in less than 4 mins. without coming into contact with the frying medium. Other models include the G2848 with eight-button programmable controls and the G28416 with 16-button controls. Energy Star approved.
Infinity Fryers/Ali Group
* 2007 Energy Star Manufacturing Partner of the Year for Ali's Aga Foodservice Equipment group

Japanese manufacturer Paloma has developed a fast, efficient fryer for high-volume operators. The Pulse Combustion Gas Fryer's speedy secret lies in its unique pulse combustion heat exchanger technol-ogy. Gas enters the chamber at the front of the fry vat where it's ignited. The resulting combustion gases flow into a tube running through the fry vat, transferring heat directly to the oil. The 50-lb. fryer takes about 10 mins. to heat the oil to 350°F from room temperature. In efficiency tests conducted by the PG&E Food Service Technology Center, San Ramon, Calif., the fryer repeatedly cooked 3-lb. loads of French fries in just over 2 mins., with an average 18-sec. recovery time between batches. On the gas consumption front, the Combustion fryer is rated at 70,000 Btu/hr. and its idle energy rate at 350°F is 3,420 Btu/hr., says Paloma. The Nagoya-based company is currently looking for U.S. distribution partners.
Paloma Co.
81-52-824-5031 or
* 2008 NRA Kitchen Innovations recipient

Clean burners are key to efficient fryer operation, and Pitco has become known for its approach to keeping its Solstice Supreme Fryer burners super clean everyday with no labor. With the push of a button, a pilot is ignited and begins a 30-sec. self-cleaning process. A flame shoots through the burners, burning off all the airborne lint, breading, flour and other contaminants that can clog. It's quick, and because it happens every day, the burners operate at peak performance levels, saving you energy costs over the long term. An automatic safety shutoff, called Down Draft Protection, kicks in if temperatures get too hot. You can retro-fit any existing Pitco Solstice fryer with the self-cleaning burner. Other features in the Supreme line include tube-style heating for even heat transfer, a simple filter assembly and magnetic drain valve power cutoff switches. And now you have even more choices in the Supreme line. In 2007 Pitco increased the Btu-per-hour rating on three SSH55 models and added two new models to the line, the SSH60 and SSH60R. Some models are Energy Star approved.
* 2007 NRA Kitchen Innovations recipient

The big news from Ultrafryer last year was The NAFEM Show introduction of the high-efficiency PAR4 gas fryer. The PG&E Food Service Technology Center of San Ra-mon, Calif., is still conducting tests on the PAR4, but initial results show the unit achieving an efficiency rating of more than 71%, thanks to an advanced heat exchanger that routes hot gases through several tubes to transfer the maximum amount of available heat to the frying medium. The unit also delivers everything you need in a high-production unit: a Btu/hr. rating of 110,000, solid-state programmable cook times, a melt cycle, a production rate of 123 lbs. of product per hour, and, says Ultrafryer, energy savings of 30% to 60% compared to traditional fryers. Fast recovery contributes to the high production and energy savings and gives you the option of cooking at lower temps to achieve the same results. Also available: central filtration.
Ultrafryer Systems

In 2007 Vulcan-Hart released the 2XG45DF Combo system, which combines a single GR45 fryer with the newly upgraded KleenScreen Plus filtration system and the newly introduced VX15 Frymate dump station. Rated at 120,000 Btu/hr., the 45-lb. capacity fryer offers electronic ignition, solid-state control and four heat exchanger tubes positioned for ease of cleaning. Meanwhile, the redesigned Kleen-Screen Plus offers a choice of two filtering options—a pa-perless stainless mesh screen or an FDA-approved fabric envelope for filtering heavy debris—that can extend oil life by more than 50%, says Vulcan, depending on which you choose and the type of product you're frying. And the new VX15 Frymate dump station allows you to attach it to the fry battery on the right or left side, or to use it as a stand-alone unit. The station includes a removable perforated sloped scoop liner and removable grease tray. Also, starting in March, Vulcan now offers new solid-state controls mounted behind the door for both gas and electric fryers. These controls maintain temps within +/-2°F and feature two melt cycles for solid or liquid shortening.
* 2008 Energy Star Manufacturing Partner of the Year for ITW's Food Equipment Group

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