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May 2008


Welcome to this month's product gallery, focused on the latest in ventilation hood and filter technology. We've included the newest products on the market that we're aware of, all of which were introduced in or updated for 2007, plus two coming to market this year.

These suppliers are by no means the only makers of ventilation hoods, fans and related products. Our Buyers Guide at lists more than 40 suppliers in this category.

So if you're an operator looking for more suppliers, consult our Buyers Guide. And if you're a supplier who released a new ventilation product or technology last year and you haven't told us about it yet, send materials on the item and we'll cover it in a future issue.

Note: Supplier statements are not to be taken as editorial endorsements.

Background: The XVPR packaged rooftop unit from Accurex came to market in May 2007.
Snapshot: The XVPR uses direct-drive supply fans to eliminate the issues sometimes associated with belt-drive systems, including noise and vibration.
Certifications/listings: ETL
Supplier statement: Accurex introduces the XVPR packaged rooftop unit as an alternative to traditional kitchen ventilation supply design. This unit offers the opportunity to introduce 50% to 100% outside air into a unit that heats, cools and dehumidifies, says Accurex, thus producing a safe and comfortable environment for diners and employees. Other features include air cooling with a six-row DX coil, modulating hot gas reheat, modulating indirect gas-fired heat, direct-drive supply fans with VFDs, 5 to 40 tons of cooling, and air volumes up to 12,000 cfm. You can choose from three cabinet sizes and through-the-curb gas and electric connections.

Background: The EcoArch Energy Efficient Ventilation system from Avtec/Unified was introduced in May 2007 and has been named a 2008 NRA Kitchen Innovations recipient.
Snapshot: EcoArch combines a smooth, aerodynamic arch inside the hood, a front-mounted exhaust plenum and high-velocity exhaust.
Certifications/listings: NSF, UL, NFPA 96
Supplier statement: The EcoArch is unique because the aerodynamic arch top design dramatically reduces the amount of turbulence created by the cooking operation within the canopy. This design reduces the amount of exhausted conditioned air from the kitchen up to 45%, says Avtec, reducing utility costs. In combination with the EcoArch exclusive arch design, a high-velocity exhaust slot is another key to capturing heated contaminated air at very low exhaust requirements. Additionally the exhaust plenum is located in the front of the hood, further assisting low exhaust requirements but also providing easier and safer access to the filter medium for cleaning purposes.

Background: Captive-Aire introduced its Captrate Filter Line, including the Solo Filter and Combo Filter, in February 2008.
Snapshot: New baffle designs result in options for single-stage and multi-stage grease filtering.
Certifications/listings: ETL
Supplier statement: The Captrate Solo filter is a single-stage filter featuring a unique S-Baffle design in conjunction with a slotted rear baffle design, to deliver exceptional filtration efficiency of single-stage devices. The Captrate Combo filter uses the latest technology in multi-stage grease filtration. The first stage consists of an optimized S-baffled designed to remove and drain the larger grease particles. The redesigned second stage features a packed-bed of porous ceramic media, designed to capture the smaller grease particles associated with commercial cooking.

Background: Component Hardware Group's retrofittable filter debuted in April 2007.
Snapshot: CHG says this new baffle filter increases the capture rate of smaller grease particles with minimal static pressure change.
Certifications/listings: UL in progress
Supplier statement: CHG has designed and developed a line of economical high-efficiency baffle-type grease filters that the company says double the capture rate of smaller grease particles under 8 microns without measurably increasing static pressure. Because there is no need to increase the fan size of the canopy hood, our high-efficiency filter is ideal for replacement applications on existing hoods. Our filters also tout an aesthetically pleasing bright stainless steel finish, which makes them well-suited for use in front-of-house cooking hoods.

Background: Gaylord's Model XG-UV Ventilator was introduced at The NAFEM Show in October.
Snapshot: The XG-UV's extractors utilize what Gaylord calls "capture and drain" technology.
Certifications/listings: NSF, UL
Supplier statement: The XG Extractor utilizes "capture and drain" technology, providing superior grease extraction performance compared to the current "capture and hold" industry standard, says Gaylord. Each XG Extractor is monitored with a reliable proximity switch that immediately shuts off the UV lamps if an Extractor is removed. A unique and passive "Super Capture Lip" provides extremely low exhaust rates, from 90 cfm to 270 cfm per lineal foot, and does not rely on additional supply fans to provide air to the hood interior to reduce exhaust rates. "Green" Listed low exhaust volumes provide up to a 40% reduction compared to code values.

Background: Dummy copy here...dummy copy here...dummy copy here.
Snapshot: The Type 1 Environmental Hood uses a five-stage air purification system that incorporates an electrostatic air cleaner and ultraviolet light.
Certifications/listings: CUL, NSF, UL
Supplier statement: As it has become increasingly important for restaurants to make eco-friendly buying decisions, Giles has taken steps to provide environmentally conscious options for ventilation. Giles says its ventless hoods clean the air safely and re-circulate it into the room, without the need for a permanent, vented system, and the Environmental Hoods take this patented system one step further by cleaning the air exhausted into the environment. Not only does this effectively reduce the location's carbon footprint, but ducts, roofs and building exteriors are kept cleaner as well, thus reducing the need for building maintenance due to waste emissions that are a result of standard ventilation systems.

Background: Halton released the Capture Jet hood with Side-Jet technology in June 2007.
Snapshot: The Capture Jet hood uses capture-air jets to induce ambient air at all critical open sides of the hood.
Certifications/listings: ETL, NSF
Supplier statement: Halton's Capture Jet technology provides a dynamic air jet around the open sides of the hood that increases face velocity, allowing for reduced exhaust rates and full capture and containment, says Halton. This jet pushes the thermal plume toward the extractor while preventing spillage to the space. In addition all Capture Jet hoods come with high-efficiency (93% to 98% for grease particles less than 8 micron) Multi Cyclone grease extractors with low sound and pressure loss. Built-in testing and balancing ports make commissioning fast and accurate by reading direct pressure from the hood.

Background: Hobart's Air Filtration System was first seen at The NAFEM Show in October 2007.
Snapshot: The Air Filtration System uses disposable wool filters to filter grease particles before they enter the ventilation ducts.
Certifications/listings: ETL
Supplier statement: When installed on a commercial kitchen ventilation hood, the Hobart Air Filtration System can improve grease filtration efficiency dramatically over typical listed metal grease filters, sometimes by 400% to 500%, says Hobart. The Air Filtration System also offers several eco-friendly attributes. First, you save water because you don't have to clean metal baffles as often. Second, when you reduce the needed cleanings you also reduce the amount of dirty, greasy water draining into municipal waste water systems. And third, you experience improved air quality by capturing grease that would otherwise be ventilated into the atmosphere. Finally, the Air Filtration System is 100% biodegradeable, says Hobart.

Background: Melink released new monitoring features to its Intelli-Hood controls in March 2007.
Snapshot: Intelli-Hood controls reduce fan speed during idle periods by monitoring levels of heat and smoke, then increase fan speed as needed during cooking.
Certifications/listings: UL
Supplier statement: Melink Intelli-Hood controls are the latest in energy-efficient controls for commercial kitchen hoods. The Intelli-Hood monitors the heat and smoke load from the cooking process and varies the speed of the exhaust and makeup air fans to save fan energy as well as conditioned air during the no-load or idle cooking times. Some of the new features include advanced algorithms for greater energy savings and remote access for monitoring and diagnostics. Typical savings can be from $1,000 a year to more than $20,000 a year depending on the application, with paybacks in the one- to three-year range, says Melink.

Background: The Universal Ventless Hood from Wells Bloomfield/Middleby will be released later this year.
Certifications/listings: not yet available
Supplier statement: Wells is currently developing 22" and 44" wide Universal Ventless Hoods for locations and applications where a conventional ducted hood is cost or design prohibitive. Wells is taking its proven ventless design, currently used only with Wells equipment, and expanding it to allow use with other electrical appliances that require a ventilation and fire suppression hood but don't require ducting to the outside. This illustration shows a Wells 22" wide ventless hood over a high-capacity fryer.

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