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May 2008

By: The Editors

At lunchtime, a steady stream of sandwiches, potatoes and even pastas is sent trundling through the two stacked Lincoln Impinger Ovens anchoring Jason's Deli production line. The speedy heat power is delivered through adjustable "air fingers" on top and bottom that send super-hot air around the product. The result is rapid heating, cooking, baking and crisping of foods—up to four times faster than conventional ovens, says Lincoln. The conveyor oven lets your staff place the sandwich, then step away to handle other tasks, so there's no constant tending needed. Temperature settings go from 200°F to 550°F, while the conveyor speed can be adjusted to cook times ranging from 1 min. to 24 mins. Choose from a platform length of 31" or 50".
Lincoln Foodservice Products/Enodis

The twin conveyor ovens, convection ovens and panini grill at Jason's Deli put out plenty of heat and vapors, but the restaurant captures it all using Captive-Aire canopy hoods. The ND2-PSP unit comes as a wall-type configuration or a two-piece back-to-back island configuration. The unit's double-wall front increases rigidity and helps guide hot, moisture-laden air to the riser and away from the front of the hood. The grease drain system features a removable cup for easy cleaning. And speaking of cleaning, the ND's aluminum filters can be removed for cleaning, although you also can choose optional s/s and ETL-listed high-velocity cartridge filters. The hood is approved for use over appliances that generate heat of 450°F to 700°F. A 4' hood can operate at 150 cfm/ft. or 600 total cfm.
Captive-Aire Systems

Handy access to cold ingredients helps service zip along at Jason's Deli. The restaurants rely on four Delfield undercounter refrigerators throughout the production line, all of them part of a suite of related Delfield equipment used at the restaurant. The 4400 and 4500 Series units are front-breathing so you can push the unit against a wall, or build it into a cabinet or an existing line up. The units use R-404A refrigerant and are insulated with high-density foamed-in-place polyurethane. Durable stainless steel covers the sides, top and front; inside, dent-proof ABS material lines the sides.
Delfield Co./Enodis

Be it weighing ingredients for sauces or for sandwiches, Edlund scales keep Jason's Deli on track. The PE-20 digital scale measures items of up to 22 lbs., and shows the weight as decimal pounds, decimal ounces, fractional ounces or grams. The indicator can be mounted on the wall or table. The sturdy 11" x 11" unit features moisture-resistant components, a stainless steel platform, a quick-response LCD display, and touch pad on/off tare and unit controls. NSF certified.
Edlund Co.

The humble wrap sandwich soars to new heights thanks to the Star Pro Max panini press. After about 2 mins., the wrap emerges as one of Jason's signature "wrapinis." The panini press features hinged cast iron platens that heat the sandwich from the top and bottom, bringing it to consistent perfection. Grooves on the platens bestow grill marks for an aesthetic touch. The 10" x10" cooking surface holds two regular sandwiches; larger platen sizes are also available. The unit features an infinite control to adjust the heat. You can also opt for timers, electronic controls, aluminum platens, smooth platens or splash guards.
Star Mfg./Middleby

A slim but efficient ice machine hums quietly away in the background at Jason's. Hoshizaki's KML-600, to be precise. The low-profile modular unit turns out about 630 lbs. of crescent ice daily. Jason's opted for the efficient air-cooled model. The machine's innards are protected from potential contaminants by the HoshiGuard antimicrobial agent built into the machine. The CycleSaver allows the cuber to produce the same quantity of ice in half as many cycles as competitive units, says Hoshizaki. Fewer cycles equal a longer life with less maintenance. The cuber gets its chill-power from R-404A. And a built-in EverCheck alert system lets you know if maintenance is needed.
Hoshizaki America

Water in many parts of Texas leaves much room for improvement. That's what prompted Jason's Deli to spec Everpure's EV9437-10 water filter, which improves the water used for soft drinks. MicroPure II media inhibits bacteria growth while reducing chlorine odors. Inside the filters, submicron technology traps dirt and particles less than a micron in size. The filter also reduces the amount of contaminants such as cysts. Best of all, the system increases the overall efficiency of foodservice equipment by inhibiting scale buildup. Replacing cartridges is simple, quick and clean, since internal filter parts are never exposed to handling or contamination. Rated capacity is 36,000 gals.; flow rate is 6.7 gpm. Unit is NSF certified.

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