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June 2008


For our feature story on approaches to waste management, click here.

If you haven't investigated waste management equipment lately, now's a good time. Some tried-and-true offerings are being redesigned for better efficiency and greater effectiveness, and some new options are now coming to market.

This month's product gallery includes 15 items to help you dispose of both food and nonfood waste. Here you'll find disposers, pulpers and compactors, as well as a biological waste decomposition unit and a controller to moderate the amount of water consumed by disposers.

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Note: Supplier statements are not to be taken as editorial endorsements.

BIO HITECH AMERICA—2007 Kitchen Innovations honoree!
Product: GohBio 1001, a high-volume organic waste decomposition unit formerly known as the BioX system.
How it works: Inside the GohBio 1001 wastes are broken down through biological decomposition. As many as 100 microorganisms decompose a variety of foods safely and naturally. This process converts all solid materials into liquids, which can be disposed of directly to the drain.
Supplier statement: This blend of science and technology enables units to consume hundreds of pounds of organic waste in a very small machine and in very short periods of time. These stainless steel units can be installed in kitchens right where organic wastes are generated. Heavy wet wastes no longer need to be transported by staff. Having far less weight to haul also saves your operation thousands in carting costs while reducing the size of landfills. Four models are available.

Product: P7-30 waste pulping system
Specs: Pulper offers a 7½-hp grinding motor, 30"-dia. slurry chamber, and four stationary blocks with four cutting surfaces each.
Supplier statement: The Champion P7-30 Pulper features three steel rotating shearing blades, a large water extractor chamber with removable door, and an external drain handle. Other standard features include a flushing valve-to-pump motor seal, a remote-mounted control box with overload indicator lights and circuit breaker, and water level control. Champion pulpers are freestanding, self-contained units designed to process food, paper and other waste into a semi-dry pulp for disposal. A strong magnet located underneath the machine keeps flatware away from the cutting assembly.

Product: Model 1600 trash compactor
Specs: Compactor measures 20" W x 23" D x 51" H and features a ½-hp pump.
Supplier statement: Model 1600 trash compactor provides an 8:1 reduction in trash size, says Fox Wastepack, which in turn helps lead to reduced trips to the Dumpster and less time spent empting trash during busy times. You'll also cut trash pickups by one-half to one-third. In operation, the compactor's front door automatically opens as a customer approaches, which limits touching of trash door. An easy-to-pull trash cart can be pulled right out to the dumpster. Fox also offers larger models that will bail cardboard.

Product: WastePro 1200 waste pulping system
Specs: Pulper offers a 6-hp grinding motor, 25½"-dia. slurry chamber, and 5½"-dia. s/s pulping disc with mounted cutting edges.
Supplier statement: The WastePro 1200 pulper reduces waste volume by up to 88%, says Hobart, including such foodservice waste as Styrofoam, plastic, food soil and paper. The WastePro comes standard with a clean cycle and a chemical pump to help control bacteria and maintain an odor-free environment. The WastePro can also be engineered as a remote system. In operation the discharge chute would lead directly to a Dumpster, helping you create a garbage transportation system to automatically take out the trash.

Product: Waste Xpress food waste reduction system
Specs: Package includes a 2- or 3-hp disposer motor and flow control valve for 3 gpm or 5 gpm.
Supplier statement: The Waste Xpress will help you decrease labor costs, reduce waste handling charges and increase kitchen efficiency. Kitchen waste, consisting of food and nonfood items, is ground into small particles in the disposer grind chamber. This ground waste is then transferred to the dewatering unit where the waste is compressed, allowing the liquids to be sent down the drain line and dispensing the solids through the chute into a standard 10-gal. trash can. InSinkErator says the Waste Xpress can process up to 700 lbs./hr.

Product: Aqua Saver controller to regulate water flow in disposers
Supplier statement: InSinkErator says you can reduce your water bills by 70% using the Aqua Saver Controller. The unit saves money, is good for the environment and does not require any training. The patented controller senses the load of an InSinkErator disposer and regulates the amount of water needed for grinding and nongrinding situations. If you purchase an InSinkErator disposer package that includes the Aqua Saver control (AS101) panel, you'll receive an additional 2-yr. warranty for the entire system (disposer and AS101 control panel).

Product: Eliminator 900 pulper/extractor system
Specs: Pulper offers a 5-hp direct-drive cutting motor, 24" -dia. slurry chamber and 12" -dia. cutting mechanism. Extractor offers a 2-hp bottom-mount TEFC motor.
Supplier statement: The Eliminator 900 Waste Handling System, designed to reduce waste up to 90%, is capable of handling the most demanding kitchens, says Insinger. It can process 900 lbs./hr. of mixed waste including food scraps, Styrofoam, plastic utensils and cardboard. The Eliminator 900 is constructed completely of stainless steel and has a 5-hp direct-drive cutting motor. The unique cylindrical extractor simplifies daily maintenance and saves labor costs. A trough magnet for silverware reduces costly replacements, and a security package is available for high-risk facilities.

Product: C Series disposer line
Specs: Continuous-duty motors available in 1½, 2, 3 and 5 hp; throat sizes of 8¼" ; rotor diameter of 8 5/8"
Supplier statement: A key feature of Master Disposer units is an adjustable rotor/turntable which allows the 45º interface between the stationary and rotating cutter to be adjusted in the field. This adjustment feature allows the end user to maintain tight tolerances on the cutting mechanism without replacing expensive components. This feature also allows for adjustment to wider tolerances in applications where larger particle size is desired (e.g., when mated to a solids extractor). Units also utilize a shaft extension on motors that allows for easy un-jamming.

Product: AZP 80 waste pulping system
Specs: Pulper offers an 8.8-hp grinding motor, vertical dewatering press chamber with self-flushing system, and
grinding disc with tungsten carbide cutters.
Supplier statement: The new AZP 80 is an advanced, high-capacity waste pulper that reduces food and mixed waste volume by up to 85%, says Meiko. Normal kitchen waste, with its high water content, is an ideal carrier for disease and odors. The AZP 80 solves these problems by reducing food waste to a dry, odorless pulp, using a tungsten carbide grinding mechanism and a dewatering press. An automatic flushing mechanism keeps the unit operating at maximum efficiency during peak loads. Reducing waste volume decreases the time needed for trash removal.

Product: BusBoy disposer line
Specs: Dual-directional motors available in ½, 1, 1½, 2 and 3 hp; throat sizes of 3½" and 6" ; grind table diameters of 5 9/16" , 6¾" , 8" and 10 7/8".
Supplier statement: BusBoy commercial food waste disposers are built tough to work long and hard in the busiest foodservice kitchen environments. Exceptional grinding performance comes from cast chrome alloys and oversized grinding tables that improve speed and reduce motor strain for faster, more efficient pulverizing. Meanwhile, for lasting durability, sealed shafts prevent motor damage and noncorrosive parts virtually eliminate the chance of a sudden breakdown. Convert your current disposer into a BusBoy system with ease, choosing from Nemco's full line of adapter kits and mounting assemblies.

Product: A Series disposer line
Specs: Reversing continuous-duty motors available in 1½, 2, 3 and 5 hp; throat sizes of 4½" and 7" ; rotor diameter of 8".
Supplier statement: Red Goat has been manufacturing heavy-duty disposers for more than 30 years. Red Goat units have seen duty in rendering applications, supermarkets and all other typical disposer applications where heavy-duty design and longevity are a requirement. The one issue that can disable any disposer is a leaking motor shaft seal, which eventually destroys the motor. Red Goat says it has virtually eliminated this problem with a redesign several years ago that utilizes an extreme-duty mechanical seal. Red Goat also offers a hard chrome option on its cutting mechanism that makes it an ideal choice for marine or supermarket applications.

REX COMPACTORS—new in April!
Product: DA1100 Dining Area Compactor
Specs: Compactor measures 22¼ W x 21 D x 51 H, features a deposit door of 16 W x 13 H, and runs a compaction cycle of 7 secs.
Supplier statement: The Rex Model DA1100 Dining Area Compactor employs new electronics and hydraulics to speed up the compaction cycle and help avoid backups during peak dining times. In addition, smart relays are deployed to run the machine logic. This change improves reliability and allows field modification of compaction parameters such as level of compaction and compactions per door opening. Lastly, a new design for the machine face provides a bigger and deeper waste opening for customers to deposit the many shapes and sizes of waste going into the compactor.

Product: Dispoza-Pak trash compactors
How it works: Turn on the unit, insert refuse, close the chute and press a button to start a 20-sec. compaction cycle. A "full" light and audible signal indicate when it's time to remove the cube, bag, box or bale of compacted refuse.
Supplier statement: Robar now offers an improved chute door counter-balance system for its Dispoza-Pak trash compactors. In addition to this safety feature, Dispoza-Pak also offers solid-state circuitry with a 10-year warranty and a power-boost cycle that increases power by 50% for maximum compaction pressure when needed. The Dispoza-Pak compaction system will reduce refuse volume by up to 90%, says Robar. With ever-rising fuel prices driving up trash hauling costs, reducing the frequency of trash pickups has become even more important.

Product: Scrap Collector scrapping, pre-flushing and food waste collecting system
How it works: Unit washes soluble food waste through to the sewer using recirculated water. Collector consumes 2 gals. of new water per minute while the pre-flushing water plume recirculates at a 30-gal. rate.
Supplier statement: The upgraded Salvajor scrapping, pre-flushing and food waste collecting system has an enlarged scrapping basin that accommodates dishes, school trays, pots, pans and even 26" sheet pans. The system includes a removable top which may be forwarded separately to an alternate location for fabrication. Also, the systems electrical control may be mounted on either side of the Collector tank or mounted remotely making it extremely user friendly.

SOMAT—new this month!
Product: eCorect waste dehydration system
How it works: eCorect uses a multistage indirect heat and dry decomposition process that dehydrates food waste and compostable disposables in approximately 12 to 18 hours.
Supplier statement: The eCorect machine rapidly dehydrates food waste and compostable disposables to produce a humus-rich soil amendment without the use of enzymes, fresh water or venting and with no other byproducts. The result: zero sewer and landfill impact. The eCorect machine reduces the weight and volume of food waste and scraps by up to 90%, says Somat, and recycles those food wastes into a high-quality organic soil amendment in less than 24 hours. Featuring an integrated odor management system, the eCorect does not require plumbing connections or ventilation.

For our feature story on approaches to waste management, click here.

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