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October 2008

Technologies from Denmark, Germany and the United States get the spotlight in this month's feature product gallery.

Unitray from Germany's Blanco is a new system that offers hot-air regeneration and convection cooling in one transport cart. Two thermally separated temperature compartments ensure that the set temperature will be maintained in both zones. The design is oriented toward small tray sizes, allowing for Euro-size GN format (530 x 325 mm) or a special format (565 x 332½ mm). With the direct-loading option, trays are inserted directly into the Unitray, and the thermal partition wall is integrated into the cart to ensure separation of hot and cold compartments. With indirect loading the trays are loaded into a separate tray rack with a permanent partition wall, and then the rack is rolled into the Unitray via a transfer trolley.

The newly redesigned Fresh-O-Matic food steamer generates super-heated steam to penetrate product and transfer heat faster, says Lincoln/Enodis. Its outer skin is heavy-duty stainless steel, and its compact, portable design allows the unit to fit on nearly any counter. A water filter eliminates the need for distilled water, and the design includes illuminated power, heat and water-level indicators. Use for heating or reheating baked goods, meats, seafood, sandwiches and pasta as well as preparing multi-portion and off-hour meals.
Lincoln Foodservice Products/Enodis

Danish combi maker Houno A/S has added a new oven to its line, the 2.20 combi oven. Featuring a capacity of 2 x 20 trays, the oven is designed for hotel and conference centers with high throughout requirements. It comes equipped with a roll-in trolley that stays in the oven during cooking, which speeds loading and unloading of product. The 2.20 combi oven, which is available in four different models, is the largest combi available from Houno in a complete line of more than 50 models.
Houno A/S

If you're in the market for a packaged rooftop ventilation system, take a look at the new Accurex XVPR, which can introduce 50% to 100% outside air to the heating, cooling and dehumidifying process. Designed for applications requiring 5 to 40 nominal tons of cooling, the XVPR's six-row DX coils ensure efficient cooling and moisture removal, says Accurex, while modulating hot-gas reheat allows for good humidity control. The unit's standard features include direct-drive supply fans, through-the-curb gas and electric connections, and hinged, tool-less panels on the cabinet for ease of maintenance and operation. Available in three cabinet sizes, the XVPR's performance ranges up to 12,000 cfm.

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