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December 2008

Temperature Management Gallery

For our feature on temperature management, click here.

Welcome to this month's product gallery. During the month of October we invited the major makers of temperature measuring, monitoring and recording devices to submit products for this issue. The eight companies below took up our offer and sent in their newest products for your perusal.

Specifically we asked for devices that measure and record the temperatures of prepared foods, as well as units that monitor your walk-ins to safeguard inventory, and even small loggers that track the temps of your product en route to your stores.

For a full list of temperature device makers, please visit our Buyers Guide at

Note: Supplier statements not to be taken as editorial endorsements.

Product: Model INTP626 Infrared/Thermocouple Probe Thermometer
How it works: Combines infrared sensing and thermocouple probe capabilities in one unit.
Introduction date: January 2007
Supplier statement: The CDN Infrared/Thermocouple Probe Thermometer combines noncontact infrared and thermocouple technologies in a single unit for convenience, culinary results and food safety. As two tools in one, it can scan surface temperature or measure internal temperature, quickly and accurately monitoring food inside and out. Integrated HACCP check lights and icons instantly show whether temperatures are within HACCP food safety guidelines. Optional maximum and minimum modes make it easy to detect when temperatures fall above or below a target. The unit is lightweight, compact, waterproof and designed for accuracy and functionality.

Product: DT400 Pocket Digital Thermometer
How it works: Measures food temps via digital technology.
Introduction date: Summer 2008
Supplier statement: The DT400 pocket digital thermometer from Comark is accurate to within 1°F across a wide temp range of -4° to 400°F. Before, you had to purchase a more expensive handheld thermocouple for this accuracy, but now, with the DT400 you can test frozen product or cooking oil temperatures with one economical unit that fits right in your pocket. In addition to being accurate, the DT400 is extra-fast-responding with a 1.5-mm tip, recommended by the FDA for precise testing of thin foods such as burgers, fish or even lunch meats. And in a fully waterproof case, the max temperature hold allows flexibility for checking the rinse cycles in commercial dishwashers.

Product: Intelli-PDA
How it works: Checks product temps, verifies inventory, audits work stations and provides reports via wireless transfer or batch cradle.
Introduction date: Since its launch in 2002, Intelli-PDA has undergone a variety of upgrades. The latest model, Version 4.3, was introduced in June 2008 and features software upgraded to improve overall functionality.
Supplier statement: Intelli-PDA is a pocket PC-based application designed to convert any form into an electronic document. Intelli-PDA will not only know if a temperature is correct, it will know if the temp was stable before the probe was removed. All collections are identified to you and time/date stamped. You can use the browser-based interface to create the form and the software will automatically convert it to run on the PDA and create reports. Intelli-PDA can also handle more than 18 question types: multiple choice, yes or no, temperature data, time and much more.
Editor's note: Intelli-PDA will be featured in the What's Hot! What's Cool! product gallery at the February NAFEM Show.

Product: FlashLink CT Data Logger
How it works: Monitors temperatures while product is in transit from your vendor.
Introduction date: September 2008
Supplier statement: DeltaTRAK has released the new FlashLink CT data logger. This temperature logging device is compact in size, measuring only 3.44" x 2.07" x .57". It offers full cold-chain management functionality along with two unique and distinguishing features. Shadow Log, a patented technology, makes sure that the logger will collect temperature information even if the shipper has forgotten to start the logger. This feature guarantees that a record of temperature conditions is always available when a shipment arrives. The other unique feature is the patented high-visibility packaging that also provides operating instructions in both English and Spanish.

Product: Graph-at-a-Glance Flat Panel Logger
How it works: Tracks temperature and humidity conditions of cold-holding equipment.
Introduction date: January 2008
Supplier statement: These graphing data loggers are ideal paperless chart recorders for monitoring refrigerator, freezer and cooler conditions. With no paper charts or the need to download to your PC, segments of data can be viewed at the push of a button. The large digital graph shows data points and visualizes trends. The 10' probe on the FT325 and FT420 allows for immersion and monitoring hard-to-reach places. Choose Models FT300 and FT325 for temperature only, Models FH320 and FH325 for temperature and humidity. Audio and visual alarms alert to out-of-range conditions. You can also download data via USB or Flash memory card.

Product: Model 9829 Temp Taker
How it works: Records food temps using thermocouple probes.
Introduction date: March 2008
Supplier statement: Taylor's Model 9829 Temp Taker HACCP Food Safety Solution is an automated temperature recording data logger using exclusive Temp Taker Software. A plug-and-play design makes the unit ready to use right out of the box with a pre-programmed HACCP menu plan and HACCP control points. Features include an easy-to-use patented three-button key pad to avoid user intimation. The unit includes an FDA-recommended 1.5 mm-diameter Type-K thermocouple probe with Taylor's Safe-T-Guard probe sanitation system. Secure database does not allow for the manipulation of critical temperature data; unit stores and archives data for years. NSF listed.

Product: Check-Temp Calibrator
How it works: Verifies the accurate calibration of onsite thermometers.
Introduction date: February 2008
Supplier statement: Designed for HACCP coordinators, quality assurance managers and environmental safety and health professionals, the Tel-Tru Check-Temp Calibrator provides accurate verification of thermometer accuracy at the temperature points critical to the user's actual application. The Check-Temp offers several factory-set single- and dual-calibration points, and specified models fit probes measuring up to .250", .125", .187" and .375" in diameter. A tool is built into the calibrator that can be used for recalibration of dial thermometers, if required. For digital thermometers, performance can be checked against accuracy specifications. Use with thermometer probes of all sizes.

Product: XWEB Monitoring and Control Systems
How it works: Monitors cold-holding equipment, provides reports, controls defrost, sends alarms to your service provider and allows for remote corrective action.
Introduction date: The XWEB300-6 and -18 systems for small applications will be launched at The NAFEM Show in February.
Supplier statement: When your refrigeration system sends you an alarm, the XWEB provides remote access so you can take corrective action, such as starting a defrost or adjusting set points, from any PC. You can review history graphs of temperatures, compressor run times, defrost intervals and more to determine the cause of the alarm and solve the problem without sending service personnel to the site. XWEB offers both wired and wireless capability (up to 1,500 ft. indoor range) in any combination, and there's no software to install. Instead you use a standard browser (Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.) to access the secure system.

For our feature on temperature management, click here.

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