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March 2009


This month's new technology roundup covers an oil-sipping fryer, a circular cooktop, a collapsible rack and a waste-oil burning generator.

A penny saved is a penny earned, according to Ben Franklin. Henny Penny thinks so too, and that's just one reason for the recent roll-out of its Evolution Elite reduced-oil fryers. The new fryers can cook equivalent product loads using 40% less oil than standard 50-lb. fryers, the company says. The Evolution line has three key features: a SmartFilter Express system that lets you filter any vat in about 4 mins. while continuing to fry in other vats, an Oil Guardian auto top-off system that ensures consistent oil levels and SmartFilter pads that extract both particulate and soluble impurities from the oil. Evolution Elite fryers are more than 85% efficient and have earned Energy Star approval. Oil management features, including melt mode, idle mode and filter tracking, contribute to energy savings while maximizing oil life. Choose from two-, three- and four-well multi-fryers in either full or split-vat configurations.
Henny Penny Corp.

Big and round and very, very hot. That's the story with Evo's Affinity 30Ge, a circular cooktop that turns ordinary grilling and sautéing into display cookery. The unit features a 30”-wide stainless steel surface powered by inner and outer gas tube burners firing at 13,000 Btu and 24,000 Btu, respectively. You can adjust heat independently across inner and outer cooking zones to manage a range of foods at once. Individual temperatures are digitally displayed for each zone. Temps range from 225°F up to 625°F so you can fry, sauté, sear, poach, roast, bake and even steam as needed. The Affinity is designed for installation in the end-base of a kitchen island, a curved workspace or a traditional angular countertop. The Affinity is also available as part of a refrigerated or room-temperature display service table. Choose from natural gas or propane LP gas models.
Evo, Inc.

Rugged, rollin' and foldin': that's what you get with New Age Industrial's recently debuted Folding Caterer's Bun Pan Racks, a.k.a. Model 98678. This 21½”-wide rack can hold a copious amount of food—up to 18 sheet pans measuring 18” x 26”. When the event is over, the rack can be folded down to a 6”-wide unit and rolled back onto the truck or into a corner for storage. The rack's secret lies in three diagonal cross-bars that disconnect so you can collapse the frame. The easy-to-transport racks are ideal for setup and prep at offsite locations. The units come with a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion, and a 1-yr. guarantee for workmanship and material.
New Age Industrial Corp.

Owl Power Co. has debuted a co-generator called Vegawatt that turns your waste cooking oil into electric power. The system supplies 10% to 25% of the electricity typically used by restaurants, which translates to utility bill savings of up to $800 per month, the company says. The refrigerator-sized unit is installed outside the building. To run it, you simply pour used cooking oil into the tank, close the door and walk away. The system automatically filters and then burns the oil to produce electricity—some 5kW of continuous power, to be precise. The Vegawatt can process up to 80 gals. of oil/week—about the amount generated by a bank of three to five fryers. Restaurants in areas with high electric costs should see payback within two years, the company estimates. Tax credits are also available. Vegawatt should be released to market this spring.
Owl Power Co.

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