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February 2010

Satellite Brewer Gallery

Throughout the month of December, we put out several calls to suppliers of 1.5- and 3-gal. satellite brewing system, asking them to submit materials on their newest and/or most updated models.

The suppliers below took up our offer. You'll find details on their products and recent upgrades, as well as their own statements on the features that define their lines in the marketplace.

For a full list of all coffee brewing makers, turn to our online Buyers Guide at

Overview: Introduced last month, the Multi-Function Brewer from Boyd Coffee Co. allows you to brew coffee or tea, hot or cold, from one unit. Note: Available for lease at no charge as part of a coffee program.
Dimensions: 10.25"W x 22.5"D x 26.375"H
Capacity: accommodates a variety of containers up to 3 gals.

  • Automatic temperature and altitude calibration.
  • Internal system alerts when water filter needs changing.
  • Anti-drip brew basket to reduce residual drips after brew-cycle completion.
  • Customizable on-screen messaging about the coffee or tea being brewed.
Supplier statement: The Multi-Function Brewer from Boyd Coffee Co. is flexible enough to brew hot coffee, iced coffee, hot tea and iced tea into a variety of serving containers ranging from 54 fl. oz. to 3 gals., all without taste carryover. Features include the ability to control all aspects of the brewing process, including formula, temperature, water contact time, dilution, volume and bypass, through pre-programmed recipe selections based on taste preferences ranging from mild to traditional. And the brewer features pushbutton simplicity to reduce labor and training. Another feature: Rather than limiting to “half" or “full" settings, the Multi-Function Brewer has six different brewing settings, can brew into eight different types of containers and provides up to 250 different optimized brewing profiles.

Overview: Bunn's Titan line of satellite brewers recently added a single unit to its line.
Dimensions: 21.30"W x14.25"D x 40.02"H
Capacity: 3 gals.
  • LCD screen and touchpad provide step-by-step programming and diagnostics.
  • Energy-saver mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods.
  • A 7.9" faucet cup clearance allows coffee to be dispensed into a variety of thermal carafes and cup sizes.
  • Custom server merchandising programs are available.
Supplier statement: Bunn says brewing and serving large volumes of fresh coffee is easier now that Titan brewing systems come in both single and dual units. The Titan provides pre-infusion, pulse brew variable by-pass and digital temperature control for ideal coffee extraction. Bunn manufactures its equipment to include advanced technology such as BrewWISE, which transfers coffee brewing recipes between the grinder and brewer or among multiple locations to guarantee that coffee flavor qualities will be preserved. Further, Titan's large brew funnels are capable of holding up to 28 oz. of ground coffee and include the Bunn SplashGard for safety. For smaller batches, the brew funnels come equipped with filter paper retainer rings, which keep the filter paper from folding in. Electronic funnel locks come standard to prevent removal of the funnel while brewing. Also available: twin unit.

Overview: Grindmaster-Cecilware offers the PBIC Precision Brew Series of vacuum-insulated shuttle brewers. Shown is the twin PCIB-430.
Dimensions: 22.5"W x 17.75"D x 36"H
Capacity: Two 1.5-gal shuttles
  • Three brew volumes from ½-gal. to 1½-gal.
  • Pulse brewing/pre-infusion allows the brew sequence to extract up to 20% more dissolved solids per batch, says the company.
  • Bypass adjustment allows you to program up to 33% of the total brew volume to bypass the coffee grounds.
Supplier statement: Grindmaster-Cecilware says its PrecisionBrew PB Series brewers feature state-of-the-art electronic controls. The company has also engineered a water-delivery system that delivers a volume variance of less than 2 oz. in brewing 1.5-gal. batches. The PrecisionBrew brewing systems have a 99% brew-volume accuracy, compared to the industry average of about 95%, says Grindmaster-Cecilware. This accuracy guarantees a consistent, predictable taste profile. In practical terms: If the brewer is set to brew for 4 mins., with a bypass of 25% the delivered spray volume will be 144 oz. ±1 oz. and the bypass volume will be 48 oz. ±1 oz. Grindmaster-Cecilware's combination of electronics and the finely tuned water-delivery system makes the PrecisionBrew Series brewers one of the most accurate systems in the market. Also available: PCIB-330 single unit.

Overview: Newco's TVT Series brewers offer Econo Servers with a new feature that monitors how much coffee is inside.
Dimensions: 9.5"W x 20.25"D x 32.1875"H
Capacity: 1.5-gal. model shown
  • Mechanical level indicator to monitor volume inside container.
  • Auto Arm system will not brew until hot water has reached correct brewing temperature.
  • Vis A Brew, a brewing alert system adjustable from three independent times to match the brewing process you select.
Supplier statement: TVT controls the three vital aspects of the coffee brewing recipe: water temperature, water volume, and water contact time. Newco says TVT opens up a new world of taste profile control by allowing you three different settings. Now you can brew into three different size dispensers and/or three different strengths with the same machine, and you always control the time, volume and temperature. TVT-equipped brewers greatly enhance account profitability by allowing multiple beverages to be brewed with a single unit while dramatically reducing installation and set up time. Also available: models with 3-, 2- and 1-gal. capacities.

Overview: The ThermoPro TP15S single from Curtis offers digital control and vacuum-sealed servers.
Dimensions: 20.25"W x 16.75"D x 35.125"H
Capacity: 1.5 gals.
  • Universal Control Module, which features color-coded buttons and an LCD display with scroll-through programming.
  • Users can choose from pre-programmed recipes for ideal out-of-the-box operation, or fine-tune settings for gourmet options at the touch of a button.
  • Selectable for 1-, 2- or 3-batch brewing.
Supplier statement: With advanced Generation Three (G3) Technology and state-of-the-art servers, ThermoPro Brewing Systems make gourmet coffee brewing easy, says Curtis. This system quickly brews up to 1.5 gals. of gourmet coffee into high-tech ThermoPro vacuum-insulated and stainless steel servers. Not only does it provide precise control over all critical brewing functions thanks to the G3 digital controls, it keeps coffee quality and flavor consistent and delicious. The ThermoPro server offers optimal heat retention and freshness that will keep customers coming back for more. Because of the size and thermal efficiency of the vacuum server, this type of system is ideal for restaurants, hotel lobbies, c-stores, or applications where several different coffee roasts need to be merchandised. Also available in a twin model, TP15T.

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