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Toy Ban Proposed In New York

Child-targeted marketing by foodservice operators, and the toys that go with it, continues to run into trouble. A bill based on toy bans on the West Coast has inspired a similar proposal in New York City. The city councilman who introduced the bill last week said it would create an incentive for restaurants to cook up healthier options. Meals with which a toy is offered would be required to have less than 500 calories, as well as be low in fat and sodium, according to the proposed law. Any single food item would have to contain fewer than 200 calories. Violators would initially be fined $200 to $500.

The New York State Restaurant Association stated its opposition to the legislation. A spokesman for the city chapter, Andrew Rigie, said the bill "robs parents of choice" and will be a burden on restaurants.

"We need to find a more effective way to combat obesity than by taking toys away from children and choices away from their parents," he said.

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