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The government giveth, and the government taketh away. Or maybe it taketh away first, and giveth back when forced. Bureaucracies cut both ways. And while we’ve spent a lot of time lately dealing with the folks pushing bills legislating interior design and whether dealers are allowed to do it, something more to our liking needs your vocal support right now.

As our sister newsletter FER Fortnightly reported April 12, both the U.S. House and Senate have introduced bills to make the 15-year depreciation schedule permanent. Something has to be done because the current measure, which accelerated depreciation to 15 years from the longstanding 39-year schedule, expires at the end of the year.

The new bills introduced March 30 would pertain to structural components of restaurant improvements and to new construction, leasehold improvements and retail improvements. Under the wording, S. 687 and H.R. 1265 would cover such things as interior walls, wiring, partitions, plumbing and energy-efficient HVAC.

Now, it’s true that kitchen equipment isn’t an “improvement” in real-estate parlance, but even so, the 15-year depreciation law would put money straight into your pocket. Anything that helps operators afford anything takes the pressure off, and leaves them freer to invest in all aspects of their businesses, including the kitchen.

So, make time to make some phone calls to your representatives in the House and the Senate. Emails are good, too, but phone calls are harder to ignore. Do both—maybe more than once. Make sure your legislators know that you’re on top of this, and it matters, and it’s needed to help your business, your suppliers’ businesses, and everyone you employ.

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