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SPECIAL REPORT: Ice Machine Gallery


From Follett comes the new Horizon 1800 Series remote-condensing icemaker for high-volume applications. The unit produces as much as 1,580 lbs. of chewblet ice in a 24-hr. period, and its compact design allows you to install under counters, on floor stands, over fountain dispensers and over bins. Construction is s/s frame and exterior, and a slide-out dock station allows for removal of the evaporator without disconnecting utilities. Other features include displays for LED operating status and diagnostics, automatic self-flushing to reduce scale buildup, and semiautomatic cleaning and sanitizing. Horizon is also compatible with Follett’s Satellite-fill system, which allows you to deliver ice to a bin or dispenser up to 75’ away via a flexible tube delivery system. You can clean the dispenser hopper without removing the icemaker, and service can carry on without shutting down the drink machine. Warranties are 3 yrs. parts and labor and 5 yrs. parts for compressor.

Follett Corp. * 610/252-7301


Launched in August, the space-saving FS-1500MLH-C Serenity Series Cubelet Ice Machine generates up to 1,491 lbs. of ice per 24 hrs. The FS-1500MLH-C flushes every 2 hrs. to remove sediment and improve efficiency, and serviceability is convenient with front or back access to the machine. The unit comes with a shallow depth that allows easy access to the dispenser bin, and all models in the Serenity Series feature condensers and compressors stationed outside the kitchen so heat and noise are reduced for customers and employees. In addition, the FS-1500MLH-C features s/s construction and fewer moving parts than previous models, which Hoshi says will lead to greater dependability over time. The model also offers Hoshi’s Advanced CleanCycle 12, which activates a 15-min. flush/clean of the reservoir and evaporator every 12 hrs. This process washes away impurities and minerals so you get consistently clean, odor-free ice. All this, and the unit’s smaller, quieter and more energy-efficient than its predecessors. Warranty is 3 yrs. parts and labor and 5 yrs. on the compressor.

Hoshizaki America * 800/438-6087 


The new GEMU090 Undercounter Pearl Ice machine packs the power needed to produce soft, chewable ice in any tight space. With a footprint of 14 7/8”W x 22¾”D, the GEMU090 is designed for cafés, executive offices, sports suites, kiosks and outdoor kitchens. The unit fits right into standard cabinetry, operates on 115V service, produces 85 lbs. of ice a day and stores up to 22 lbs. Ice-O-Matic’s Pure Ice antimicrobial—a silver-based ion compound—is incorporated into critical food-zone components of the machine to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus. Features of the icemaker, which was introduced in September, include an optional pump kit that’s ideal for applications where a gravity-feed drain is impractical. Warranty is 2 yrs. parts and labor.

Ice-O-Matic * 800/423-3367 *


Some of your customers want crushed ice, and some want cubes. What do you do? Check out the T270 Ice Crusher, which combines with any Kold-Draft GB Series Classic Cuber to provide both types of ice on demand. An external knob on the crusher allows you to order the production of cubes or crushed ice, which turns your ice machine into a dual-purpose unit that meets a variety of needs. Ice is stored in side-by-side bins, with half or full cubes on one side and crushed ice on the other. The crusher offers heavy-duty s/s construction for corrosion resistance and long life, and a safety interlock prevents crusher operation when panels are removed. The T270 crusher is serviceable from the front and comes with a 5-yr. warranty on all parts and labor. Kold-Draft ice machines meet the California Energy Commission’s 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

Kold-Draft * 800/840-9577  


The newly launched Indigo Ice Machine combines intelligent diagnostics, self-monitoring, easy-to-read display screens, easy-to-clean food zone, and water and energy management features in one KI Award-winning package. State-of-the-art diagnostics offer constant monitoring of refrigeration and sub-system controls, and ice production levels can be scheduled by day-of-week or time-of-day to take advantage of lower nighttime energy rates. Meanwhile, a LuminIce Growth Inhibitor recirculates air inside the ice machine’s food zone over an ultraviolet light. This active air then passes over all exposed food zone components to inhibit the growth of mold, yeast, bacteria and other common microorganisms. On the diagnostics side, the IceConnect USB and RS485 communication ports transmit ice production, energy usage, water usage and service data, which help you monitor from across the room or anywhere in the country. Indigo models—83 to date—can make 100 lbs. to more than 3,000 lbs. of ice per day. Warranty on ice machine is 3 yrs. parts and labor.

Manitowoc Ice * 800/545-5720 


Introduced in October 2011, the Prodigy Advanced Sustainability line of icemakers offers a variety of features to support sustainable operations. Integrated controls help optimize water and energy efficiency as well as provide enhanced service diagnostic data. A programmable seven-day, 15-point system allows you to manage ice levels so you can choose the amount of ice you need and when you want to make it. An advanced network control system provides information about machine performance history, and if an operational issue arises, Advanced Sustainability controls can self-diagnose the problem. Current machine status is easy to assess with five LED-lighted universal symbols, and a tone/buzzer feature supports those lighted symbols. Meanwhile, the patented WaterSense adaptive purge control reduces scale buildup for a longer time between cleanings, says Scotsman. Easy-to-remove panels provide clear access to internal components, and a reusable air filter removes easily from the outside. Icemaker components carry a 3-yr. warranty on parts and labor.

Scotsman Ice Systems * 800/726-8762  

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