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Starbucks Expanding North And South

Starbucks Corp. continues to grow the roster of countries in which it operates. This year the chain has already debuted in Costa Rica and Norway and is ordering extra coffee brewers and espresso makers for expansions north and south of the U.S. border. Target Corp. is breaking ground on its first Canadian stores, and a majority of the 135 locations it plans across the country will feature Starbucks licensed outlets. The first Canadian Target store will open in spring 2013. Target started adding Starbucks units to its U.S. stores in 1999; there are now 1,097 units in the nation’s 1,763 Target stores.

At least 50 new Starbucks units will open in Mexico this year under a joint venture with casual-dining operator Alsea SAB. With 341 stores, Mexico has more units than any other country in Latin America.