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FER Top Dealer Survey Due April 2

We’re sure you have an excuse. Like, business has been so good that you just haven’t had the time to fill out the FER Top Dealer survey. Or you had to take the kids (or grandkids) somewhere on spring break. But it’s time to get your act together. The survey is due next Monday, April 2.

Remember, our survey is different. You need to verify your revenue with a signature or letter from a certified public or other independent accountant for a simple reason: The numbers are put on display for our more than 20,000 multiunit operator and consultant readers.

Our verified “third-party” listing provides you credibility when you call on potential customers. We rank any dealer that verifies, no matter your sales volume. And we also detail your service offerings. So those big operators not only get to see your scale, but also what you do. For those who verify, we have some new benefits this year which we’ll disclose soon. Let’s just say the opportunity will be useful and fun.

We’ve e-mailed the form several times, but you can download it now here. Drop me a note if you have any questions at the e-mail below. Or call me at 800/986-9616.



Robin Ashton


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