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California Food Truck Ban Bill On Hold

California legislation which would have set limits on where and when food trucks could park during school hours has been withdrawn by its sponsor from consideration by the state legislature. Assembly member Bill Monning (D.-Monterey), introduced AB-1678 requiring food trucks to park no closer than 1,500 feet—later amended to 500 feet—from any school during school hours; he withdrew the bill last week.

As detailed in our last issue of FER Fortnightly, AB-1678 raised an outcry around the state because of its potential economic impact on street food. Opponents in San Francisco estimated that the bill would have banned food trucks from 80% of the city.

Associations representing the mobile-food business met with Monning and conveyed concerns that they were being criminalized when other food vendors, such as fast-food restaurants and c-stores, were spared any restrictions.

On March 28, Monning released a statement that he was withdrawing the bill but not giving up trying to prevent food trucks from selling unhealthy snacks to students. He asserted he will continue to work with stakeholders—including the bill’s sponsors, California Food Policy Advocates, and supporters such as the state Parent Teacher Association—to better understand the impact of these practices and the necessity of a statewide legislative solution.

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