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August 2012 Tools of the Trade


Do you want better-tasting ice while reducing the risk of foodborne illness from unsanitary ice making, storage and handling? Franke Foodservice Systems, Inc. debuts Ice Safety Solution, a compact ozone generator that treats water used by ice machines to continuously sanitize both machines and holding bins without chemicals. The device attaches to the water lines of ice machines (machines rated at up to 1,500 lb./680 kg. per day) and creates ozone in the water using electrolysis. All water flowing through the ice machine acts as a sanitizer, cleaning the lines, evaporator and more. The ozone cleans the ice-bin surfaces, bin drain, drain line and anything else it touches. Because it destroys compounds that cause odor and affect the taste of water and ice, ozone makes for better-tasting beverages.

Franke Foodservice Systems, Inc.


Are you spending more than necessary on ingredients? Detecto’s new RP30 series digital ingredient scales with 360° rotating stainless-steel platforms increase productivity and decrease ingredient costs by allowing food prep to be performed directly on the scale while weighing each stage of the process plus providing the total weight of the food item. Featuring a 30 lb. capacity with 1/10 oz. accuracy and choice of either 17”W x 13”D rectangular or 13”D round stainless-steel U.S.-made platforms, the RP30 series is designed for retail bakeries, sandwich delis and pizza kitchens.



CREW stands for Clean, Reliable, Eco-friendly Warewashing. The exclusive EnergyGuard control system cuts idle energy use by allowing the machine to operate only when a rack is being washed or rinsed. A Rainbow Rinse feature incorporates a patented rinse arm design that provides superior rinse action for 218 racks/hr. while reducing water consumption to 0.32 gal. per rack. Incoming water pressure regulator ensures proper water pressure for optimal performance. Other features include a patented inline heater for the wash tank, self-cleaning wash arms, a large service access at the front of the machine and an insulated cabinet that provides quiet operation. Two models are available, the CREW 44 and the CREW 66, which has a 44” conveyor with a 22” pre-wash section ideal for foodservices with menus high in protein and grease. The pre-wash section has 4 wash arms (3 upper and 1 lower) that remove and isolate the majority of food soil before the wares enter the wash zone.

Jackson MSC/Manitowoc


Simpli-Flex Ice Cream Cone Dispensers organize and dispense 1 3/8”- to 3 3/8”-dia. cake, waffle and sugar cones. The dispensers are self-adjusting to hold cones snugly yet gently enough to prevent breakage and waste. Cones are protected from contamination and moisture and stay fresh longer. Manufactured from FDA-approved materials, customers can choose from heavy-duty, polished stainless or tough gray tinted plastic. The dispensers are NSF-listed and all components are dishwasher safe. A complete line of mounting accessories is available from Modular, including the popular Z-stand and countertop rotary stand.

Tomlinson Industries


Glastender’s new Bottle Disintegration System (BDS) saves money on waste-disposal fees by reducing the volume of glass bottles up to 85%. The 20”W x 22”D x 38”H BDS unit disintegrates beer, wine and liquor bottles up to 4” in dia. and 14” in height. The crushing action lasts seconds and is no louder than a standard blender.



The highly popular HLC Bosque Collection, a rustic casual dinnerware line, now includes specialty pieces from HCL-acquired Hall as well as a new color. Bosque is available in five woodland-themed colors: Rich Moss, Maple, Chestnut, Goldenrod and now Blueberry. The new pieces in the Bosque Collection are a creamer, a sugar-stick holder and two platters, one in a square shape and the other a triangle.

Homer Laughlin China Co.


American Panel’s new foamed-in-place walk-in coolers and freezers offer high efficiency plus design flexibility. The foamed-in-place urethane reduces operating costs and offers structural rigidity, dimensional stability, uniform density and compliance with nationally accepted building codes. The modular panel system offers a versatile array of standard panel sizes to maximize the amount of available cold storage space. The standard overall outside height for walk-ins with floors is 7’6”. Additional available heights range from 6’ to 28’. The fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) door perimeter and frame protect your investment. FRP is a corrosion-proof, impact-resistant, non-conductive material that will not absorb moisture. Top-quality commercial hardware, premium-grade metal finishes and attention to manufacturing detail contribute to the overall appearance of the finished product.

American Panel


Specifically designed to handle the high production demands of a varied menu while conserving oil, energy and space, Frymaster’s 1814 Gas and Electric Fryers are new additions to the company’s conserving family of fryers portfolio. Through the oil-conserving technology developed for Frymaster’s 30 lb. OCF30 fryers, the standard large-capacity frypot was redesigned. The frying area was optimized at 63 lb. for gas and 60 lb. for electric to create an 18” x 14” frying area. This is the perfect size to cook three twin baskets of food at once while saving up to 20% on oil costs. The 1814 gas fryers have a Thermo-Tube heat-transfer system that uses 6” vs. 4” tubes to provide heat to oil transfer, using more than 50% less energy than standard large-capacity fryers. The 1814 electric fryers have flat-bar, low-watt-density, ribbon-type, self-standing elements that transfer 89% of heat into oil, resulting in 30% savings.



A new free-standing exhibition cooking station, The Ultimate Chef’s Table, packs an amazing amount of flexibility, production and efficiency into its compact 96”W x 32”D x 34”H wheeled frame. Hot tops, high-production induction cookers, heat lamps, condiment trays, cold pans, warming drawers and power outlets set the stage to serve a wide range of menu specials. There’s ample storage and counter space for blenders, panini presses, juicers or toasters, as well. This turnkey café serving station, which is ideal for B&I, hospitals, colleges, conference centers, resorts and senior-living centers, was developed by Bon Chef and Star Culinaire. Marketing kits include POS signs, recommended station layouts, ingredient lists and chef’s tips for breakfast, hot foods, cold foods, beverages, desserts, snacks and frozen cocktails. Removable front and side graphics allow the exterior appearance to be changed in less than a minute to match a theme.

Bon Chef


The new Balti Dish is not just for Indian cuisine. Try appetizers, individual servings of macaroni and cheese, shared vegetables and even desserts. Measuring just 5½” in dia./1½”H, the dish is perfect for a wide selection of individual portions or as serving ware for condiments and more. Made of stainless steel, the dish features a wide flat bottom and beautiful mirror finish that reflects nicely on whatever food it contains. Smooth, round handles enhance the look and make the dish easy to carry. Look for three more sizes later this year: 4” in dia./1¼”H; 5” in dia./17/8”H; and 6½” in dia./21/8”H.

American Metalcraft


Are your kitchen thermometers accurate? The new ValCup makes it simple to find out. No more wasting disposable cups trying to create a 32°F ice bath or guessing how much water and ice to use. With the ValCup, you will never have to guess again! Easy-to-follow instructions and a fill line are printed on the ValCup, which helps mix the perfect ice bath every time! Just fill with crushed ice, add water and insert a thermometer for fast results. The removable top makes the ValCup easy to clean and the lid’s insertion hole keeps the thermometer centered so you get the most accurate reading. This dishmachine-safe, clear plastic cup and lid should be a permanent addition to every commercial kitchen!

Cooper-Atkins Corp.
860/349-3473, Ext.154


Garland introduces its induction line with RTCSmp (Real Time Temperature Control System with Multi Point sensing). It contains powerful coils within the induction unit that produce a magnetic field. This induces a current within the cooking vessel causing it to heat up. With heat generating from the pan itself, there’s no wasteful release of heat energy into the atmosphere from burners. Garland offers portable and built-in induction in a variety of configurations from hobs and cook tops to wok tops to a heating-and-warming line. Additionally, Garland offers the only commercially available induction griddle line for cooking right on the surface. The induction griddle has three layers of metals that uniquely facilitate induction energy and temperature management. The RTCSmp software control delivers the precise amount of energy required for fast recovery and even heat across the entire surface.



Dur-A-Flex, Inc., manufacturer of commercial, industrial and institutional seamless, resinous flooring, debuts Mica-Flex E and Mica-Flex M in its lineup of decorative flooring systems. The new Mica-Flex systems use Dur-A-Flex’s epoxy and methyl methacrylate (MMA) resins combined with the look of beautiful, natural mica flakes. Mica-Flex E is a 1/16” epoxy-based, broadcast application system finished with Dur-A-Flex’s hard-wearing Armor Top urethane topcoat. Mica-Flex M is a 1/16” all-MMA broadcast application system. With a natural, metallic luster, the Mica-Flake systems’ UV stability ensures consistent color for the life of the floor. Both systems are available in six standard colors and three blends of micro and macro flake sizes.



For patient tray makeup or meal assembly in any setting, Burlodge’s B-Lean meal assembly system recently was declared “lean” by an independent, third-party firm specializing in lean practices. B-Lean is comprised of a range of different mobile components that combine to create work cells or PODS configured in a way that best suits the setting and meal-assembly logistics. Equipment can be added or removed as needed to ensure the components used maximize the current meal service’s efficiency. Change up the POD workstation at a moment’s notice to improve workflow. The design also ensures that restocking is an effortless process. The components are easy to move and clean. The POD-based approach effectively puts everything an employee needs to assemble a meal within easy reach. In addition to hot and cold food-storage options, components keep beverages, trays, flatware and condiments efficiently racked and ready to assemble. Beverage slides and condiment bins operate on gravity-feed design while tray glider tables, basket and tray lowerators, entrée stations and dishware carts are all easy to position and access.

Burlodge USA
905/790-1881, Ext. 110


These stainless wire shelves are ideal for any storage application, dry or wet. Hundreds of shelving configurations become possible with shelves in 14 sizes. Assembly is quick and easy with no special tools required. Wire shelf ribs run front to back, allowing you to slide items on and off shelves smoothly. Shelves can be adjusted at 1” (25mm) intervals along the entire height of the post. Each shelf up to 48” in length is rated to support up to 800 lb. of uniformly distributed weight. Shelves longer than 48” include a center truss to support up to 600 lb. New solid stainless shelves feature a subtle marine edge and die-cast corners for structural strength and durability. Both wire and solid shelves are NSF-rated. Shelves have a 12-yr. warranty against naturally occurring rust and corrosion.

Focus Foodservice LLC

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